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Unfortunately, we didn't have as much startup funding as we would have liked to for this project. So, there is no intrepreneur.life front end yet, and I swear that we are very sorry! It will be setup as soon as we can raise at least 1000 ENG. Then we'll need to make sure we have enough ENG staked to support the userbase, which will grow alongside the influx of new users.

These are exciting times for Entrepreneurs, since the invention of the internet, life has already become several times easier than it was before. When people actually had to go outside of their own residences to find employment, or shop for groceries, things were a lot different.

Thank goodness we don't have to do THAT anymore! Just kidding, I know many people still do, I just don't want to be forced be one of them. Luckily, I'm not.

Now that we have STEEM and all the glorious inventions it has inspired!

Like Steem-Engine for example. A new, but successful and multifaceted exchange on the STEEM blockchain that was built and is being operated by a few of STEEM's hardest working top witnesses, including @aggroed, @yabapmatt, and some other great guys too.

Thanks to all the bright minds, who are consistently working to improve Steem-Engine, we have seen some ideas come to life that were promised to us a very long time ago. What am I talking about? Well, SMT. Steem-Engine didn't make SMT but what it did make is probably very similar to what Smart Media Tokens (SMT) would have been, or will be? Some day?

Who likes waiting? Most people don't. Which is one reason why I am such a big supporter of Steem-Engine and their ability to deliver on their promises with a timely approach. Thank you @steem-eng!

Enough passive-aggressive complaining about Steemit Inc. I'm sure they're all great people with busy lives.

What I am really here to tell you is that it is of my utmost pleasure to be able to welcome all of you to the freshly launched community of Intrepreneur, one that has a token you can stake, and now be rewarded with when using the #INT tag on your posts relating to just about anything entrepreneurial .

Our wonderful community is now over 300 strong! Which isn't too bad for only being 8 days old! And we've added a couple more people to the team too! I feel like there needs to be some more community involvement in this area so I have selected not to list anyone's usernames until everyone's is included.

If you have any PAL staked, check your token wallet.

There was just an airdrop of INT to every single user that had staked PAL in their account, which was a divided total of 300,000 INT, split between every account based on each account's PAL stake.

The next airdrop will be going out to users with INT staked!

In 30 days there will be another airdrop of 50000 INT which will be divided the same way as the last airdrop, only based on your stake with Intrepreneur.

The airdrop will work as follows:

  • Your account(s) must have at least 10 INT staked to qualify.
  • Intrepreneur Team Members are excluded from this airdrop. Sorry, guys.

That's it!

Which brings me to the end of this topic, and on to the beginning of the next superquest!

Superquest time!

How to participate:

To be rewarded for participation in this superquest, all you have to do is make a video that is at least 20 seconds long and post it on d.tube.

I would like you to make a video about the upcoming INT airdrop that is in 30 days .

Make sure to use the #int tag. Be as creative as you want, and related to the niche of this community. In an effort to make sure to not leave anyone out, I understand that not everyone's way of "making a living" can be what everyone else would consider normal. And since so many vastly different opinions are bound to be within one community, just make sure it's tagged properly. eg. #nsfw. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I would recommend using this video not only as a way to bring people in to the #INT community, but also as a means to introduce yourself to the rest of the INT tribe, and everyone else who manages to see your publication. Feel free to tell people who you are, and what it is about Intrepreneur that interests you. Make it as long as you want, just no less than 20 seconds.

When you are done uploading the video, share your d.tube link in #superquests on Discord.

Qualified completed entries will reward each user with 25 INT.

Again the niche is about mostly everything related to being an #entrepreneur. If you don't already know what entrepreneurship is, here's a wiki.

Looking forward to seeing those videos!

Follow @intrepreneur and @crystalhuman for updates!

Make sure to join our Discord too! We would love to have you with us!

Support our vision by getting your own INT on the Steem-Engine market.


As always, thank you for your time. Your support is appreciated.


I think it's a wonderful idea to get to know all the entrepreneurs better ...
Congratulations for this new initiative!
PS: Is there a limitation regarding the language used in the video?

No, use any language! :) Thank you!

Thanks to you.

Best of luck with your launch and moving forward! Thanks so much for the Airdrop of 55.74 , which are all ready Staked. 😎👍❤

I knew we could count on you! :)

Congratulations on the launch of your token, and thank you for the airdrop.

Good luck on raising enough money to start your community. I'm not sure if entrepreneurship is perhaps too niche though. I'm not sure. Tons of people start businesses all the time...but how many really post about it regularly? Maybe this will be an incentive for them to do so.

There are certainly a number of people that do post on entrepreneurship regularly...but honestly, when I think about it, I think about the worst among them. There are a lot of people trying to convince people they will become millionaires if they only buy their book on how to start a drop shipping empire.

But, I guess I actually am technically one, and have wanted to be one with various businesses over the course of my life...so...I guess I'll stake my token and wish you the best with your community. Maybe we'll see some stories about all sorts of people's ventures in starting their own businesses. That might actually be pretty awesome. There's a lot hidden about what it's really like running your own business.

Also put in a buy for if the token goes a bit lower.

Thanks! It's a funny thing but the more I look around, the more entrepreneurs I find! :D

As an entrepreneur myself I understand the funding issue and how difficult it can be launching a product. If I can be of help please reach out.

I will send you a DM on Discord. Thank you! :)

Alright, I'll start working on that video, right now!

would like to do a video! in that way i can put clearly ideas about what's even a token and reach that to new potential users to the plattform.

Looking forward to it :)

@intrepreneur, If you are lacking ENG then look into the below blog post which is shared by @aggroed about Distribubot alpha.


Good wishes from my side.

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I read that as soon as he posted it, thing is that I'm not much of a developer lol


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Congratulations on the launch, hope the funding for the website will soon be resolved! I also wanted to let you know that the airdrop distribution didn't take into account the delegated PAL.

Thanks! And we are aware of that :( It was a little late to realize, and I only first did when I got a DM asking if there would be another drop. There will be an airdrop coming for users with INT staked, in about a month.

Staking Completed and Thank You for the AIRDrop !! @intrepreneur

Hey, thanks for the air drop! I just came looking because I found it in my wallet. :D

Awesome! Hope you will be a part of our community! :)

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