Do You Criticize or Are You Being Criticize. This A Story That Will Inspire You To Do Your Goals Even If There Is Criticisms

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Are you being criticize or are you criticize people? Most of us, we do criticize others without reason, or even a very short or low reason. For example you heard from your friend that " that person is weird or his parent is criminal " then you criticize what ever that person is doing right things, you just pull that person down. But not of all is like that, some people making positive criticism. There are two types of criticism, Positive Criticism and Negative Critism

Positive Criticism

According to the Wikipedia " A positive criticism draws attention to a good or positive aspect of something that is being ignored, disregarded or overlooked. People may be able to see only the negative side of something, so that it becomes necessary to highlight the positive side. A positive criticism may also be a type of self-justification or self-defense. "

This is showing your feelings but not hurting others.

Negative Criticism

According to the Wikipedia " Negative criticism means voicing an objection to something, only with the purpose of showing that it is wrong, false, mistaken, nonsensical, objectionable, or disreputable. Generally, it suggests disapproval of something, or disagreement with something – it emphasizes the downsides of something. Negative criticism is also often interpreted as an attack against a person. That may not have been the intention, but it can be interpreted that way. "

This is showing your feelings with an intention to hurt others feelings.

This The Story On How People Do Criticize And How People Should Handle This Criticism That They Receive From Others


As you can see in the story there so many things that the man and the wife do but people criticize them.

Moral Lesson

1. You cannot please everybody

- yes its true because we are a different thinker, you can inspire them but it is hard to control there thoughts.

2. Whatever you do , there will be people who will criticize you

- why we criticize " It's because criticism is an easy form of ego defense. We don't criticize becausewe disagree with a behavior or an attitude. We criticize because we somehow feel devalued by the behavior or attitude. Critical people tend to be easily insulted and especially in need of ego defense " source

3. Just do what you believe is right, and don't be destructed by criticisms

- make that criticisms your motivation to work hard, make that criticisms as a challenge to do more or to finish what you are doing , make that criticisms inspire you to finish or to achieve your goals, and you will see success.

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