101 Ways to happiness - #69 To have a special place in the heart

in #inspiration6 years ago

To have a space for someone in your heart means, that you are capable to walk beside him or her no matter what their journey in life is. You accept the person without condemnation, without giving in to a sense of inferiority, without the need to change or to influence them.

When you have a special place in the heart for someone, it means that you open your heart, offer support, and give up any control. You are able to step aside when they need to make their own choices, offer gentle leadership when needed and give them a sense of security even when they make mistakes.


Talking from the personal experience I can say, that I never had many close friends. Usually just one or two at the time of my life. Looking back I see, that I wasn't confident, and everything was really connected. When I got this job I have now, I gained confidence, I finally acknowledge I can really do something with my life, and that my life counts. With confidence, I opened up to many more people around, and now I can say I met people who mean a lot to me.


With new friends, I found out, that when you have a special place for someone in your heart you:

  • allow them to trust in their own intuition and wisdom

  • offer them as many information as they need and can receive

  • don't take their power away and allow them to make their own choices

  • leave your ego on the side

  • make them safe, even when they mistake because they know they won't be judged by you

  • allow them to show their emotions, and even break down before you without feeling ashamed

  • and finally, respect them as they are.


If you try to be there for them when they need you, even just to be there for them, you will know, they will be there for you if you will need someone. And a thought of this security will mostly make you happier and safer inside you.

Hope I give you something to think about today. Have a nice rest of the day.

Photos for @juliank's #macrophotography were made by me, and Samsung SM-G900I.


I love your photo selection, the most I like the blooming tree. I’m so happy you got so much at work - it is not all just about working 8 hours and going home is it. I’m especially glad you recognized the good aspects that the job gives you.
Have a nice day :)

Thank you. I appreciate your words. I can't say that everything is perfect all the time, but what is a perfection... But yes, with this job I realized a lot and the fact that it made me realize my potential is very important. Now I just need to gain some experience and enjoy some more.

Each of your photos speaks about openness. They compliment your essay today.

When we trust people we are more open and tend to allow them to be themselves. The other side is true also, when someone tries to make you be something you are not, you will close up to protect yourself.

leave your ego on the side

sums up all the other points, doesn't it?

@countrygirl you see things even I don't. Now, when you pointed out the fact about photos complimenting the post... I'm speechless. Believe me, this time I didn't make the connection before. I picked those photos just because they looked good, and because I felt they will bring some serenity with the green color. So thank you! You really make someones day with your wise look at things! I wish you a really pleasant rest of the day!

Right on point. We all clamour for true and real friends. We want to be loved and very much appreciated. How many of us do get that? Very few. The reason? Many. But much depends on how we see ourselves in relation to others. Do we have an open mind, a large heart to accommodate others; to make them feel loved and appreciated. It is a two-way thing. When we love, cherish, respect and appreciate others, they are most likely to return the favor. That is the foundation of true, real and loving friendships. Always remember this quote from me;

Care givers need care

Nice writeup @emmamia. Right now, I will begin this assignment on you. To make you feel cherished and appreciated. Followed you to begin with. Thanks

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Maestral story, thank you

Highly appreciated! Have a good night.

wow very amazing photography ,beautiful post ,i really like it .

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I'm so glad that your job is bringing you confidence @emmamia and that you are learning the joy of friends you can reply upon.

I am fortunate to have had many such friends throughout my life and I treasure them dearly! 😍

It is interesting how little we need to feel better about ourself. Just a few people who listen to you, and appreciate your work. Earning at the same time is just the great addition. And it's really like our journey here on Steemit. ;)

I am really glad you have such friends, and I can imagine you treasure them! Everyone would feel the same, like we do, for sure.

Yes. I really do treasure them @emmamia. In fact a friend rang me today to say he was in town and fortunately I was able to meet up with him. It was lovely to hang out as we've not seen each other for over a year but it feels like I saw him yesterday! 😊

Those are the momemts and friends we all need. Even if you don't see for so long you know that you can talk with them like you spoke with him a few hours ago.

I am glad you had this opportunity, and I believe you will remember those minutes with a smile on your face for quite some time.

Indeed I will @emmamia. Thank you. 😍

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