Inktober day#12 I Draw a Dragon and My First Time To Make a Digital Art

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Good day everyone^^, Today I want to share to you my drawing and digital artwork for Inktober day 12 with the theme dragon..


I love drawing dragons since I was a child so after I see the theme for inktober day 12 is dragon I decided to draw one on my day-off and today is the day.

this is my first time to make an digital art from my sketchpad drawing and I'm happy in the results..

Here are the process of my artwork

20191013_023750.jpg my materials: sketchpad, sign pen, marker and HB pencil no.2 and IbisPaint X android app..

20191014_080354.jpgfirst I sketch the dragon using my pencil

20191014_080943.jpg Then I trace my sketch using sign pen

20191014_081317.jpg and this is the final result of my drawing on my sketchpad

let's proceen on my digital drawing..


20191014_082220.jpgalmost done

20191014_055852.jpg THE GREEN DRAGON is complete

Next is the monochrome dragon



20191014_072117.jpgTHE MONOCHROME DRAGON


My original plan is to draw a dragon on my sketch pad only but I'm not satisfied on the result of my drawing in sketchpad so I decided to edit my drawing and add some filter, but I ended up using my "IbisPaintX"digital drawing app on my phone.

Thats all for now and thanks for dropping by..

And thank you on your time spent reading this content,
See you on my next posts.

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Hi markjason,

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Wow thank you for the support..

ehy dear @amarkjason, when you were a little boy did you have an imaginary friend who was a dragon? I love to see all the steps of the process that leads to the final result of the work: it's like being in your hands and so I can draw too !! did you study graphic art or are you self-taught? what led you to decide to make digital drawings? congratulations on your work and on the curie vote

Haha my parents told me that I have an imaginary friend when I was child but I don't remember that and I don't have any proper studies in graphic art hehe actually this was my first serious try of making digital drawings...

what led me to decide to make digital drawings?

Hmmmm.. honestly I didn't plan to make digital art my only plan is to draw a dragon using my pen then I find my drawing looks boring and I decided to try bring life to my drawing by the means of digital art, and I was very happy with the result and I enjoy the process that's why from now on I will keep on practicing digital art...

Thank you for the compliment and support @road2horizon..

so, very good! keep on and enjoy :-))

Hello Hello!

I think it's great that you work as an artist to maximize it at Steemit, it will bring you many opportunities and also bring you confidence in your art :)

Greetings from Venezuela!

Hi @iamsaray thank you to your overwhelming message, I will keep that in my mind, I will do my best to improve my skills in art..
-thank you my beautiful friend..

Nice job.
It's good that you didn't stay alone in the drawing pad.
So your first experience in digital art was a surprise!
Congrats on a Curie vote.

Thank you @mariita, yes it was a great experience and result was a surprise...

Simply wonderful, both the color, black and white and the monochrome version. The process was well explained and illustrated. I sincerely congratulate you @markjason

Thank you @marcybetancourt, I'm very glad that you like my art...

I have never realized that you can draw something on the paper, then bring it to the software and make a digital painting out of it. Technology is amazing!

I like your drawing. Your dragon looks a little bit angry and I prefer the kind ones :) but as a drawing it is nice. I wouldn't like to meet it in real though :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

Yes, that's the advantage of technology nowadays,

I'm glad that you like my drawing even though it looking angry lol, maybe next time i will draw a dragon with friendly face like barney ^^..
By the way thank you for dropping by and appreciating my art...