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Whenever we, human beings, try to do good as a collective we just don't seem to do very well at all. We've collectively decided that democracy is the way forward toward a better future for all, but trust in democratic institutions is at an all time low.

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Democracy is so popular that even the most authoritarian of regimes tries to at least hold up a somewhat convincing facade of adhering to democratic principles. Unfortunately it seems as if even "the land of the free," the world's most advanced democracy in many people's minds, needs to keep up a similar facade to convince citizens that it still is the land of opportunity... We, as human beings, have collectively decided that something needs to be done about climate change, yet we don't seem to get any nearer anywhere in the world, let alone as a collective of nation states, showing once again how these nation states are a far cry from being representative of their peoples. We've grown closer together as citizens of the global village crafted by modern technology, yet even there, on the new digital public square, we also seem to be drifting further apart, every individual trapped in their own algorithmic-shaped echo-chamber. No matter what level or what scale we look at, it's the profit- and growth-based economy that runs through all of them, creating wedges any which way possible.

To illustrate this glaring, yet widely denied truth once again, I ask your attention for this insightful video linked below. J.J. McCullough explains how our well-intended plans to recycle our waste has been usurped by the for-profit world economy, and how this even resulted in two countries almost going to war with each other. Okay, it was just one verbal threat from one leader to another, but still... Just watch the video to see how recycling, just as any other good intention we ever had, has become an industry of itself;

Recycling is a SCAM!

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Trapped in an algorithmic echo chamber hmm? Perhaps so, but this global citizenry is in its infancy and has tremendous potential to help us collectively realise that the cages are not inescapable once the mind is freed..

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Thanks for responding @skramatters! :-) And yes, I share your hope because we're still cosmic infants indeed :-)

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