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Sign the Petition to end the dumping of fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride into our drinking water!
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Also! Join us at the Denver Water Board on September 12 as we bring once again this impactful and revealing information. We will be talking directly to the people actively allowing the poisoning of the population. Will stream Live if Possible. Comment Below for more info! or follow us on facebook. WeAreChange Colorado!

The Following is Material Copied from the Fluoride Action Network

Fluoridation is UNETHICAL because:

  1. It violates the individual’s right to informed consent to medication.
  2. The municipality cannot control the dose of the patient.
  3. The municipality cannot track each individual’s response.
  4. It ignores the fact that some people are more vulnerable to fluoride’s toxic effects than others. Some people will suffer while others may benefit.
  5. It violates the Nuremberg code for human experimentation.

Fluoridation Is a Danger to Our Health: Recent science shows that fluoride is a neurotoxin that damages the developing brain, and an endocrine disruptor that impairs thyroid function. Neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors simply have no place in our drinking water.
Fluoridation Is Unnecessary: Unlike chlorine, fluoride does not treat the water to make it safe to drink. It is added for the sole purpose of reducing tooth decay. But fluoride is now readily available in toothpaste and other dental products, so there is no need to force it on people through the water supply.
Fluoridation Violates Our Rights: By medicating the public water supply with a drug, fluoridation violates the right to informed consent. No other medicine is added to water, and there is no reason to make an exception for fluoride.
Fluoridation Is Ineffective: Fluoride's primary benefit comes from topical application, not from ingestion, so there is little meaningful benefit from swallowing it. The vast majority of industrialized nations do not fluoridate their water and their tooth decay rates are just as low as heavily fluoridated nations such as the U.S.
Fluoridation Contaminates Our Food: Fluoridation chemicals are industrial waste products (hydrofluorosilicic acid) from the phosphate fertilizer industry. Once they are added to public water, they not only contaminate every glass of tap water we drink, but every food product and beverage made with that water.
There are far safer and less intrusive ways of protecting dental health than mass fluoridation of our water and food.

I am writing today as one of your constituents to urge you to protect our children's health by stopping the addition of dangerous fluoridation chemicals to water.

A growing body of peer-reviewed science shows that fluoridation chemicals are harmful to children's health. For example:

-- 41 percent of American kids now have dental fluorosis, according to recent CDC surveys. Fluorosis is a defect of tooth enamel that occurs when children swallow too much fluoride. The fact that 41% of kids now have fluorosis is visible proof that American kids are receiving too much fluoride. Fluoride causes fluorosis by poisoning the cells that form the teeth, which begs the question of what other tissues in the body fluoride is damaging. http://fluoridealert.org/issues/fluorosis/

-- Fluoride damages the developing brain: Nearly 50 studies have found associations between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ in children, and a 2015 study found a significant correlation between fluoridation and ADHD rates in children . The evidence is now so substantial that, according to The Lancet, fluoride is one of only 11 chemicals that can be classified as a "known developmental neurotoxin" in humans. Neurotoxins have no place in our drinking water. http://www.thelancet.com/journals/laneur/article/PIIS1474-4422(13)70278-3/abstract

-- Fluoridation has been linked to childhood bone cancer: In 2006, Harvard scientists published the results of a national case-control study that found that boys exposed to fluoridated water during the ages of 6-8 had a five-fold increase risk of developing bone cancer (osteosarcoma) during adolescence. Despite some ill-informed claims to the contrary, this study has never been refuted.

-- The vast majority of western countries have already rejected fluoridation (and have not suffered any adverse effects on their teeth as a result). http://fluoridealert.org/studies/caries01/

For more reasons why fluoridation should end immediately, I recommend that you read: http://www.fluoridealert.org/article/50-reasons/

As your constituent, I implore you to take whatever actions you can to help stop water fluoridation. Our children's health deserves nothing less.

Fluoridation Chemicals
The fluoride chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are: fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride. Unlike the fluoride compounds found in toothpaste or supplements, fluoridation chemicals are not pharmaceutical grade quality. They are, instead, unpurified industrial by-products that are collected in the air pollution control systems of certain industries.
Due to the lack of processing, these chemicals are known to contain elevated levels of certain contaminants, particularly arsenic. In addition, recent research — including both epidemiological and laboratory investigations — have detected associations between the fluoridation of water with fluorosilicic acid and elevated lead exposure, particularly those living in houses with old pipes.

  1. The Industrial Sources of the Chemicals
    Until recently, all fluoridation chemicals were obtained from the wet scrubbing systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry in central Florida. In recent years, however, an increasing number of water departments have begun purchasing their fluoride chemicals from China. Based on recent incidents, it appears that the quality control of the Chinese chemicals is even more lax, and variable, than the U.S.-produced chemicals.
    Phosphate Fertilizer Industry (Florida, US)
    In the process of converting phosphate rock into soluble fertilizer, two very toxic fluoride gases are released: hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride. In the past, the phosphate industry used to let these two gases vent freely into the atmosphere. This, however, caused severe environmental damage among downwind communities, including widespread cattle poisonings, scorched vegetation, and various human health complaints.
    Eventually, as a result of both litigation and regulation, the phosphate industry installed “wet scrubbers” to trap the fluoride gases. The collected liquid in these scrubbers (hydrofluoroslicic acid) is entered into storage tanks and shipped to water departments throughout the country

In Closing-

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