Sunscreens leach up to 360 times more toxic chemicals into the blood than the FDA allows, raising risks for liver and kidney failure, study finds

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We might be absorbing more sunscreen chemicals into our bloodstream than is safely recommended, federal health officials say.

Investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested six of the main active ingredients in sunscreen lotions and sprays.

They found that all of the chemicals had higher concentrations in the blood than the FDA's threshold.

One of the ingredients had a concentration that was 360 times greater than what is recommended by the agency.

Good information for people that are going to be enjoying some time in the sun come this summer. More and more it looks like chemicals in sunscreen may be a double edge sword. Sure, they are good at blocking UV rays that can cause skin cancer but it looks like one of the chemicals in sunscreen oxybenzone may actually cause skin cancer and avobenzone can damage the the kidneys and liver if exposed to chlorine which is in swimming pools and even the tap water we drink.

In 2012, the Environmental Working Group released a report recommending that sunscreens be free of oxybenzone due to potential links to cell damage that may lead to skin cancer.

And a 2017 study found that octocrylene caused DNA damage in various aquatic animals.

Another study conducted the same year found that avobenzone can turn toxic when exposed to chlorine and potentially lead to kidney and liver dysfunction.

I personally don't use sunscreen because I feel like it clogs my pores and I break out. If I'm going to out in the sun all day I'll take my shirt off for like an hour to get a tan and then wear it the rest of the day so I don't get burned. I haven't tried this but I heard coconut oil can be used as a sun screen and that would be a lot safer than all these chemical sun screens. Also, taken daily vitamins can protect your body from sun and lower your risk of skin cancer.


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I have declined to use sunscreen because it is not a natural product, and have always reckoned that smearing novel chemicals on one's skin, eating them, drinking or breathing them, was likely to be bad for you. Lo, it seems absorbing industrial chemicals through your skin is bad for you.


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