Digging Down The Rabbit Hole of BCHSV, The Past (Including Crimes and Plagiarism) of Craig Wright + The Final Win of Free Market

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I waited and kept my eye on charts because I didn't want to call victory prematurely. But now I can conclusively say that the free market has won against a hostile lying hijacker backed by a billionaire. Throughout the last few hours the few hours the hashrate of of BCHSV chain has taken a massive dip and it is currently 60 blocks behind BCHABC which was supported by free market before Craig Wright came up with its patent troll company (with over 1000 useless patents allegedly related to blockchain industry - I never bothered to read them) to make Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto)

An Earlier Warning From Kraken

I haven't had the best user experience with Kraken. But they are a large exchange with 320 million USD trading volume at the moment being ranked #14 among all exchanges. Here is a quote from their official announcement of Launching BSV Trading.

Yes, that's from the official post announcing BSV Trading from worlds #14 exchange and it doesn't look good. i'd say BSV would only be available for trading for few days/weeks to give enough time for customers to dump the coin. Kraken was fully expecting a hostile attack which Craig and his cult was advocating.

Even The Block Explorer Went Offline: https://bsvexplorer.info

The cult is currently in the denial phase while trying to get into bashing XRP to cover up the failure to spread tyranny in the free market.

Now Time For The Biggest Joke

We are fighting for real global adoption.
You wont get this anywhere else. only BCH (SV)

These Bitcoin Maximalists/Purists believe in one coin or nothing at all Source and want that coin to be Bitcoin although it will never be able to attempt to compete with EOS and BTC is nothing but a poor joke in the face of Hashgraph.

Calvin Ayre - The Billionaire Behind The Whole Thing

Every 6 months, BCH has a scheduled network upgrade. This is technically a “hard fork” but a non-contentious fork does not result in a split of the chain — it is simply new network rules being activated. Bitcoin Cash has multiple independent developer groups including Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin XT, Bitprim, BCHD, bcash, parity, Flowee, and others.

The nChain group, led by CSW, introduced an alternate set of changes a week before the agreed cut-off date, intentionally causing a huge controversey. These changes were incompatible with the changes being discussed between the other groups.nChain objected to the changes being proposed (cannonical transaction ordering) despite specifically agreeing to it almost a year earlier. The last minute objections were in my opinion, an attempt at sabotage.

An emergency meeting was held in Bangkok to attempt to resolve the differences between the nChain group and the rest of the community. Not only did CSW refuse to listen to the other presentations, he walked out of the meeting after his own speech had been given. The other nChain people refused to discuss the technical issues.

The use of the term "Nakamoto Consensus" is another cultists term for simple PoW. Imagine someone using names like Tim Berners-Lee Network for Internet or Steve-JobsPhone for Smartphone. Calling Vanilla Pow (Originally came with SHA-256) "Nakamoto Consensus" is cultists madness of a similar degree. Read few more interesting details here.

Picking Apart The Mask in Detail With Proof

The article in the link above is simply the best in depth analysis into Craig Wright who is leading the divide and conquer (with added patents) on BCH. The article gives sources for the following:

  • He faked blog posts
  • He faked PGP keys
  • He faked contracts and emails
  • He faked threats
  • He faked a public key signing
  • He has a well-documented history of fabricating things bitcoin and non-bitcoin related
  • He faked a bitcoin trust to get free money from the Australian government but was caught and fined over a million dollars.
  • He is not technically competent in the subject matter
  • His writing style is nothing like Satoshi’s
  • He called bitcoin “Bit Coin” in 2011 when Satoshi never used a space
  • He actively bought and traded coins from Mt. Gox in 2013 and 2014
  • He was paid millions for ‘coming out’ as Satoshi as part of the deal to sell his patents to nTrust — for those who claim he was ‘outed’ or had no motive
  • His paper on selfish mining has full sections copied almost verbatim from a paper written by Liu & Wang.
  • His “Beyond Godel” paper which purports to claim that Bitcoin script is turing complete, is heavily plagiarized.
  • A paper on block propagation was blatantly and intentionally plagiarized.

There is a lot more revealed in the article with sources. One thing I have to mention is that Craig Wright plagiarized a "Hello World" program which is basically something a middle schooler can easily take care of. Source: https://toshitimes.com/craig-wright-proves-he-can-code-by-copy-pasting-hello-world-program

Another interesting fact:

Calvin Ayre proclaimed that he sided with Craig Wright since he has 20 different degrees while Vitalik had none.

Calvin Ayre is nothing but an idiot who bow down to a stupid paper produced by one of the biggest scams on the entire planet.

What If.......

What is the possibility that Coingeek and the bunch has already dumped their BCHSV? We can't know for sure. These people have been lying through their teeth all throughout. The coin they are behind is falling in value 1.5-2 times faster than the ABC upgrade that was meant to be from the very beginning.

Do you research. My sources will lead you to many other sources and they will help you o clarify things better and form an informed opinion. You can also read this article I wrote hours ago that contain some additional information.

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Lots of information here I was unaware of, much appreciated :-)

I really don't know what to do with BCHSV.
I have never had a hard fork where the next day i couldn't find out if i had coins or not.

Well, i'm sorta just HODLing BCH right now, so i guess i am just going to wait.

More time means more truth coming out.
Then i will see what paths are open to me.


I didn't own any BCH. So I don't know how the process would work. Most exchanges listed BCHABC as simply BCH. The situation is like the original BTC-BCH split. You can HODL both or sell. Personally I wold have sold SV and HODL ABC version as it is the chain with most support. https://cash.coin.dance have a good amount of info.

Some people get way to power hungry and start acting like real ass hats. Which is the case here with bitcoin cash from day one. Like I always said having them split off into their own coin was good news because they where no longer a part of bitcoin and their toxic nature could be removed.

We are seeing their actions weigh heavy on markets right now but I have VERY high hopes that every day people will start to see why we need decentralized systems instead of one or two figure heads. Its another reason why XRP needs to fail next as well.


Both Bitcoin and XRP will go down on their own. Both are already facing far better and more decentralized competitors.

This is a huge lot of info. There are lot of links leading to other links it is almost like a Wikipedia page. I'm still a little new to crypto. Thanks for putting it all together. I'm glad ABC chain finally became dominant.

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