Why patriots should start using Steemit - A three month old repost and share request

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Please share on your social networks, folks!

I have been pushing Steemit.com as a social media site from some time. For a moment, forget completely about the rewards system to the platform. I'll go more into this in a moment, but here are more important reasons to move your political posting to Steemit...you may find Steemit of value in other areas of interest as well, but here I focus on the political side of it.

Censorship Resistant

While your material can be voted down (flagged) for less visibility, it can not be edited or deleted by a site adminstrater; your account can not be banned, or deleted, or shadowbanned. We have seen abuses of social media systems on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit when posting material contrary to The Narrative results in censorship, have we not?

Your data is on the Steem blockchain

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain – originally block chain – is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography.
Blockchains are secure by design
The first blockchain was conceptualised by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and implemented the following year as a core component of the digital currency bitcoin
From Wiki

Additional explanation...
What is Blockchain Technology?

What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Basically, your post is copied entered onto the chain, copied onto multiple record sets/databases/computers, and passed onto each to verify that all databases are the same...
the record keeping is "Transparent and incorruptible"

The original crowd - ancap and libertarian

The first adapters of this website are anarchist-capitalists (ancaps)...really, pure anarchists...and libertarians. They do not flag (downvote) for political differences...mostly ;>

In the beginning, these were the bulk of users. Steemit is still in Beta (testing) mode, but has opened up to many users, most of whom see it as an opportunity to make money (I'll touch on this in a second).

By getting onto the platform before it becomes widely accepted, patriots can build their reputations and networks before the platform is infested with leftists/liberals, limiting the effects of their down-voting...which history shows they will do.

See Conquest's Second Law of politics

Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

Beyond Politics

Politics is not the largest segment of Steemit users; the most popular categories include photography, travel, art, cryptocurrency, and many others.

My highest paying out post was a smartassed recipe for making hot buttered rum ;>

OK now to the payment part.

Yes, you can make money on Steemit. Until you have built a following of readers, it is not likely to pay much.

The payment system is complicated, other posts explain it better than I can, but I will simplify...
The more Steem Power a user has, the more their upvote (i.e "like") is worth in terms of system payments to the post creator.

The payments are issued based on a cryptocurrency called Steem

That is another reason I urge patriots to start participating on Steemit, to start building our networks.

I have been here over a year, in that time, I have taken some 1000s of dollars (under the tax limit) out in rewards. However, a good deal of that was profit from when the price of Steem went from .14 per Steem to 2.80, and I had accumulated a great deal of it from my writing.

I say this to illustrate it is not easy money, and it is not get rich money, and it is not money you will see soon.

Steem is currently at $3.32; it was at $1.11 three months ago...

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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I am on steemit only because I can spend time writing about the things I love to read.

So it is a lot more about money to me.

You are right, steemit is a very big picture and money is a very small part of it.

everybody has their own priority in using Steemit, right?

so great it provides so many benefits to choose from...or, to take them all

Yes, they do.

Beep! Beep! @shadow3scalpel at your service. I am here to assist all military members on Steemit. This HumVee will be scouting posts from a list of Veterans that is maintained by @chairborne. If you are a Veteran and new to Steemit, and you have questions or want to join the Veterans community, reply to this comment. We got your six, unless you are in the rear with the gear. Ooh-Rah!
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I spose you could add me to your veteran list (US Army 93 - 96... no great accolade)... but also add me to your "in the rear with the gear list" because, MRE's go good with donuts.

Haha, is comedy free in this group?

I shared it to my twitter: https://twitter.com/jbgarrison72

thanks! followed you from Grad School Fool

Whoop whoop! :D

Curated for #informationwar
Relevance: Use of social media in informationwar

On it. I'll throw it up on my Blogger blog and another social media site. Also, CANUSA PATRIOTS would like to contribute to the #informationwar group. What areas do you need help in?

The tag informationwar, and posts that would be classified under that tag include methods of Information War, Propaganda, and Disinformation. The discussion would include governmental doctrine, historical application, Information War on the spectrum of warfare modes, recognition of fakenews, public OSINT, the concept of a Deep State and reaction to it, and critical thinking in analyzing these concepts.

By necessity, conspiracy theory can be discussed under this tag as they often address what many view as Deep State disinformation; this means that discussion of PizzaGate could fall under this discussion. However, I don't want to make this type of discussion the focus of the tag, but rather discussing these issues in terms of method

The ultimate purpose of my focus on InformationWar is to provide you with the tools to defend liberty within this mode of war.


Right now, it's me and @openparadigm as mods

The best way to contribute is to research and write subjects that would be relevant to the tag, and then include the tag on your post.

I put out a call for additional mods 6 weeks ago, and then immediately went off the Steemit grid...oops.

I may make an additional call for mods in the future, but right now I'm trying to get back into writing mode.



Okay, this is the post, and it went out on my social media site also. Pretty much all my content is related to this group, lol. I can likely help with the research end of things. Done daily. And, likely there will be an article or 2/day min on relevant content. Thanks!

Good luck here on Steemit, and looking forward to your posts. I'd also mirror your posts on your blog ;)

I went back and shared the whole article, with full credit and links to your name. No response necessary, just getting it done correctly.

Thanks, Steve. It's an honour to be in good company.