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I hate cop shows so much that I have to write another article on it, in this article I will detail more propaganda and deception hidden in these shows. It’s mindboggingly evil, so stay tuned.

So we are talking about cop shows, or how they call it “police procedurals”, but not just the serials but simple movies featuring any kind of law enforcement fit into this genre.

Basically it’s a propaganda tool to justify the totalitarian state, simply put, if you haven’t figured it out yet. It’s like watching Joseph Goebbels make a movie about glorifying the Gestapo. I mean it’s almost as bad as that. Just pure fascist apology shoved down your throat.

Now in my last article I talked about my disgust for television in general, briefly talking about cop shows but really there is more to it, and this genre is really the worst thing that you can see on TV so let’s get more into analyzing it.

1) The Bad Guy Stereotype

One faucet of the propaganda is that it refers to real world political enemies or sort of at least political outsiders, thought criminals, people unapproved by the State. These people are always the bad guys in these shows. It gets so obvious once you understand the pattern, that you can almost always guess the bad guy in any movie or serial once you understand what kind of groups the State doesn’t like.

Here are the list of stereotypes, and then just mix them:

  • White Male
  • Big beard & Fat antisocial hacker
  • Redneck violent alcoholic wife-beater skinny/athletic rural guy
  • Drug Addict
  • Confederate supporter
  • Christian extremist
  • Libertarian / Anarchist
  • Lone wolf ex-military
  • Conspiracy Theorist
  • Gun right supporter
  • White motorcycle gangster
  • Russian mobster
  • Japanese/Chinese mobster

Then just pick your favorite bad guy from one of these or a mixture of these. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but in 95%+ of the cases the bad guy is always a mixture of one of these groups.

I’m not a white supremacist, but it’s really ridiculous how demonized white people are in movies, it’s very racist. Plus really Libertarians/Anarchists, anyone with a diverging political stance is demonized. Literally it’s no coincidence that these people are also demonized in real life, so the propaganda is just so obvious.

The Anarchist

I mean take a look at the movie xXx (2002) for example, the bad guys are called “Anarchy 99” and are basically an “Anarchist” motorcycle gang bent to destroy the world, perfectly fitting the stereotype list.

Of course you will not guess to for what government agency the protagonist works for. Nontheless those bastard Anarchists just want to cause chaos all day long according to the movie.

You see it’s these evil Anarchists that are the problem, not the totalitarian tyranny pushed by the military-industrial-security complex.

Of course in reality, true Anarchists are not violent at all, Anarchy is an ideology based on a voluntary society free of coercion. Period. Anyone who tries to paint Anarchy anything other than that is a propaganda perpetrator. Anarchy just means no rulers, not a system of no rules, rules are made spontaneously and directly, not bureaucratically. So Anarchy is a description of a non violent society free of coercion from rulers.

Of course it was 1,000+ Anarchists, 6,000,000 Jews, Gypsies, Disabled amongst the 11,000,000+ exterminated by Hitler in Nazi Concentration Camps.

Basically Anarchists were mostly amongst the political enemies of the Nazis, in some cases fighting against the Nazis in resistance movements, in other cases perishing together with many other victims of the Holocaust.

So according to this narrative it’s the evil Anarchists that are causing problems not the authoritarian fascist thugs that were responsible for the extermination of 300,000,000+ people in the 20th century.

Conspiracy Theorist

There is one other bad guy narrative that is being pushed recently, that of the conspiracy theorist. I mean how dare people investigate the facts surrounding an event and not swallow the bullshit that the TV pushes. I mean you really have to be a Flat Earth-UFO-Reptilian freak to believe that there is Fluoride in the water that was used by Nazis in Concentration Camps.

You also have to be a big freak to believe that Big Pharma was partially created by people like convicted Nazi war criminal Fritz Ter Meer who conducted human experiments in Auschwitz.

I mean who in their right minds would research the facts surrounding certain big events… only freaks do that, certainly…. And of course, you always have to associate a legitimate researcher to a crazy nutjob.

I mean just because you believe in Fluoride in the water, you automatically have to believe in 12 dimension based Reptilians as well. Don’t you?

Just associate every truth seeker with crazy-asylum-fugitives-on-drugs-invented-stories, and it’s easy to discredit every kind of investigative journalism or truth seeking. Thus the lie lives on. Perfect mind control apparatus.

The Libertarian

The other theme is the Libertarian as the bad guy. It’s kind of understandable that people associate “Anarchy” with violent communist thugs that destroy stores and put cars on fire. Well with some help from agent provocateurs at least. But of course Anarchism is obviously not about violence, it’s actually against violence, against the initiation of force.

Now of course the stupid binge watcher Liberal trendy will not know the difference. But they don’t just target Anarchists, they target Libertarians as well.

So you could explain Anarchy and try to discredit it by conflating it with violent communists, but how the hell can they discredit Libertarianism, which is not even anti-State, just perhaps anti big-State, and it’s more popular and more rational-looking.

Well of course you associate them with racism, Confederacy, white-supremacy, and so on and sell this package in the most spinned way as possible.

For instance in movies the Libertarian character will never say anything about TAXES. I guess it’s no big deal that taxes in Europe are hitting 90% now, but no big deal. I mean you can’t let your character talk about anything important or substantive. Taxes are always taboo in any kind of movie, literally. You will never see any kind of movie or TV show even mention taxes.

Instead the Libertarian character will behave like the most unsympathetic crazy person ever, and then throw our some Libertarian slogans. So then the audience will associate those slogans with a bad character, thus the slogan becomes bad too in the mind of the gullible audience.

But of course not about taxes, but something more trivial, talking about taxes is forbidden in movies, literally, the only time I heard some character talking badly about taxes is from the Wallstreet movie when there was a reference towards “Taxes & Death”, also made by an unsympathetic “greedy” character, interestingly. So if the greedy character says that taxes are bad, then taxes are good. Reverse psychology psyop….

But side issue, the Libertarian character will talk about things like “gays are evil” sort sort of like show him as a Christian-extremist. Or perhaps say things like “poor people should starve to death”, or things like that, totally not endorsed by Libertarianism at all, but of course the movie will spin it in this direction to demonize Libertarians.


So these are just the characters being used in movies and TV shows, not just cop shows specifically, but mostly in these shows. There are many more things I have observed so I will make this into a series of articles since there is just so many things I have to talk about.

But the propaganda just from this perspective is astonishing, and believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more things hidden in these movies in plain sight.

But it’s ironical isn’t it, it shows you really what kind of groups the Elite doesn’t like, since they are demonized constantly in all of these movies, trying to incite as much hatred towards them as possible. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, many other groups are demonized as well in other genre movies so I could almost write a book about it, it’s a long subject.

And believe me I barely even watch TV, and I have already discovered this many things. Yet the morons that watch TV every day, can’t even see it, they are so hypnotized by the propaganda.

Yeah it looks like less is more, you can only detect these if you detach yourself from the movie and don’t take it seriously. Otherwise you get sucked into it and brainwashed by it.


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Fuck propaganda. I hate how well and how long it has worked.