Mindstates Of Agenda 2030: And The Rise Of The Manchurian Climate Candidates

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The Journey So Far

Firstly, (as highlighted at every step of this journey) the purpose of my multi-part investigation has not been to discuss either the validity or indeed invalidity of global warming. Whatever your perspective, the issues I have highlighted are going to affect us all. Equally, I have taken the time to readily acknowledge that the vast majority of individuals within these institutions are not involved in acts of malfeasance. The new form of governance doesn’t require vast arrays of people all working towards a nefarious intent, indeed it hides behind perceived virtue and a good intent.

I have unveiled the true face of corporate environmentalism and displayed how a myriad of inter-connections all filter back to the same control structure, this is documentable fact. It is for the reader to ponder the narrative control mechanisms these connections enable, and thus general direction were being nudged towards.

So far my investigation into the modern environmental movement has consisted of 8 (including this one) posts, which are comprised of 34,000 plus words. These posts come complete with hundreds of reference links, source information, verified quotations, and numerous arrays of official documents and hidden Easter eggs. I have tracked scores of environmental movements all the way back to the same control structure and highlighted media affiliations.

I have followed (and fully documented) this agenda through the world bank, the WHO, the world economic forum, United Nations, affiliated religious institutions, Luciferianism, secret societies, the upper echelons of corporate and governmental control, military intelligence, the privatisation of the worlds infrastructure, corporate colonialism, interconnected funding mechanisms, the fallacies of a centralised (greenwashed) energy policy, the commoditisation of the natural order, and onwards to the street level and the classroom. At every point, I have shown how each aspect is connected to the same interconnected greater whole.

I have broken down and elucidated the narrative control mechanisms of the Delphi technique and highlighted the machinations/methodology of the social change operative. I have also explained the socially engineered (centralised) psychological control mechanisms that are fuelling these movements. I have one more post to write on this subject and it will comprise of first hand/street level observations, activism, and conversations that I have had throughout the summer, and then (for now) it is time to move on.

By all means read this article in isolation, but if you want a comprehensive breakdown that will add a far deeper (referenced/sourced) layer/context to the points/connections relayed in this post, I advise all with an interest to read the articles (in the order that they’re displayed) at the bottom of this one. For anyone that has read my Guardian of wolves post, I will be adding another important section in the next week or so.


The Conflux

At this critical juncture in human history; I observe a conflux of psychology and social movements, slowly nudging us towards (what I believe to be) an orchestrated revolution. As I have stated on numerous occasions, it is my belief that the air of revolution that blows upon us is a socially engineered construct, it is an expression of how the control mechanism works, false promises, false choices and the lure of change hidden behind a predetermined narrative. People will fight against and pull down the old system and welcome the false virtues of the new, alas in their haste for change they may find themselves sleepwalked into a blind alley.


With a control structure that has generations of military grade social engineering and propagandic refinement at their fingertips, did people really think this was going to come down to a simplistic us vs them scenario, good vs evil? No, the intent is to tie us up in so many knots that we don’t know if we’re coming or going, which is left or right or good or bad, an age of artificially manufactured confusion and psychosis, us vs ourselves. All the while the vast majority will remain cocooned within their algorithmic echo chambers, emboldened by the false promises of their digital realities. Like a collective militaristic indoctrination, society will be broken down in order that it can be rebuilt in the desired image. We are intended to welcome our enslavers as our liberators, and our potential emancipators as the enemy.


Manipulated Mind States

So how do certain mind states feed the narratives of the climate corporatocrcy, the rebellion, and the fake revolution? How do they feed this era of captured polarised perspectives that allude to the decaying vestiges of democracy, but that ultimately offer false choices that lead us to the same destination? I have already discussed how the manipulation of base psychology, youthful rebellion, etc etc are the fuel in the engine of these movements, but before we continue let's have a brief look at how other mindsets can help grease our slide into totalitarianism.

Weaponised Virtue Signalling

The fact that we have been nudged towards an era of what I term “weaponised virtue signalling” has not eluded me. You can follow its formation through aspects of education, the writing style contained within many newspapers, social media and search engine algorithms, self-appointed social media celebrities and increasingly mimicked throughout the wider populace. Once such a mindset has been cultivated you can then begin to attach the perceived virtue to (seemingly) unconnected (but ultimately interconnected) movements and social changes that are expedient to the globalist cause. In essence, you then have vast swathes of the public (many of whom are your would be enemies) whose opinion you have manipulated to such a degree that they become the cheerleaders/foot soldiers of the globalist agenda.

You can observe this same process play out within both corporate environmentalism and the wider sphere of agenda 2030 inspired social engineering. They attempt to create the impression of a general consensus that is demanding change. Under the weight of such demands our ruling bodies/governments/education/social media/social structures etc etc will appear to buckle and elicit (by faux popular demand) the required legislation and social changes. Ultimately, they will use a manipulated/directed and virtue emboldened public discourse to arrive at a predetermined destination.



Equally, alongside weaponised virtue signalling is narcissism (the vast majority of virtue signalling is more narcissistic than altruistic) and a culture of conflated, externalised self-identity. Alas, the mirror of self-reflection heralds no image for the eyes of the narcissist, and so we live in the age of self-righteous indignation. Narcissism also precludes an ability to ponder your mistakes and thus question the political/social/philosophical alignments that you have attached yourself to.

Desperately clawing for recognition amongst the wasteland of their obscurity and mediocrity. Consumed by the illusions of their self-importance, buffeted by the winds of social media-driven change and revolution, the narcissistic virtue signaller will continue to become the self-appointed guardians of perceptual indoctrination. Of course (by virtue of arrogance) if they’re right, then every opposing argument must be wrong.

The Manipulation Of Tribalism & Weaponised Comedy

Another aspect fuelling agenda 2030 inspired social changes and the corporate climatocracy is the weaponisation of our tribal heritage, in the modern era this is relayed as the general consensus. The vast majority of people are hardwired to gravitate towards the choices of their peers (our perceived superiors/experts) and the general consensus. The basis of this hardwiring originates from our tribal past and as we march towards the hive mind, it’s being increasingly weaponised against us. Within the tribe, cohesion, agreement and a common purpose was key to the survival of the individual. Indeed to become ostracised from the collective was both dangerous and potentially tantamount to a death sentence. Within each of us we carry the subconscious vestiges of these survival mechanisms, and as such they are inverted and utilised to create a directed general consensus.


The talk show is increasingly used to point the collective in a preordained destination. Through visual cues the studio audience are told how to react, their manipulated laughter/distain is then used to filter certain ideas/perceptions into the minds of the viewer at home. Indeed alongside fear, comedy is a powerful tool of propaganda. The laughter, applause, boo’s and derision bypasses the minds logic shields and creates a subconscious perception of individuals and events. By incorporating the orchestrated group think messages into their perception, individuals are programmed to react negatively to people whom are either not part of the group or the groupthink perspective.

Infiltrating The Minds Of Children

Beyond the youth marches this new era of eco-inspired social programming is quietly moving into the primary and pre-school classroom. As I type, perceptually beguiled children are being taught to unquestionably welcome the social changes and false promises envisioned by the elite architects of agenda 2030. I have already spoken of the UNESCO inspired dream of a one world education system, and how through their increased classroom presence/influence the corporate technocrats are insidiously drawing the minds of children into the ever-broadening machinations of the reality war.

Is it any wonder that (as I foresaw in this post) children are now beginning to be treated for eco-anxiety? I have categorically proved the interconnected behemothic nature of the corporate environmental control structure that is deliberately fuelling (and capitalising upon) such states of mind, and displayed the fact that our perceptually virtuous fake grassroots movements all answer to the same paymasters.



I have broken down the psychological perceptual control mechanisms that are being utilised to galvanise the minds of children. And I have shown that this is a very well thought out (militaristic in its precision) plan. It is a plan that is predominantly focused upon, directed at the emotionally captured and fear infused minds of children. They are using children as a means of eliciting the envisioned social changes that will nudge us towards a new age of technocratic feudalism and micro management. Ponder the mindset that would heap such a burden of responsibility upon the shoulders of innocents.

The Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) told The Daily Telegraph some children complaining of eco-anxiety have even been given psychiatric drugs. Source

Now (as highlighted below) children are beginning to demand their legislated indoctrination and assimilation into the global hive mind, all the while using the same terminology that (in this post) I tracked back to its original source.

If young people like us are going to have any kind of future, the climate emergency must be a central, core part of our compulsory curriculum. We also want schools across the country to be run sustainably and for this to be a part of school inspections. Source

Outside of the curriculum, teachers that feel their school isn’t doing enough to combat the “climate emergency” can now enrol with the United Nations climate change teacher academy.

Are you a teacher? UN CC:Learn and Harwood Education has partner up to bring an innovative approach to build climate change literacy among teachers and students. Join us and become a climate change leader in your classroom and among your peers. Source

As an aside, In relation to the corporate climatocracy, regular readers will know I also been tracking the terms of Marshall plan & WW2 style mobilisation. As I displayed (in this post within a clandestine recording at the 1992 UN Earth Summit) the first use of the term was utilised by Edmund De Rothchild. Interestingly, the carbon neutral racing yacht (Malizia II ) used by Greta Thunberg to sail to New York, was previously called (yes you’ve guessed it) The Edmund De Rothchild.


Young Voices For The Planet

Another globalist sponsored movement that's predominantly focused upon young children is young voices for the planet. Young voices are part-funded by (amongst others) The Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Family & Associates & The Turner Foundation. They are partnered with (amongst other globalist affiliated movements) imatteryouth, Interfaith Power and Light (who's affiliation might be of interest to anyone that has read part one of my Green Phoenix rising series), The Sierra Club and NASA. Another young voices partner is Climate Institute who's donors include Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller Bros Fund, Shell Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, World bank, Turner Foundation, UN Foundation, UN Population Fund, UN Development Programme, UN Environment Programme and the US Department Of State.

The mission of the Young Voices for the Planet film series is to limit the magnitude of climate change and its impacts by empowering children and youth, through uplifting and inspiring success stories, to take an essential role in informing their communities — and society at large, challenging decision-makers, and catalyzing change. Source

Predominantly focused upon primary age children, young voices are increasingly integrating their films into the education curriculum. Their financial connections appear to offer those children seen as exhibiting future leadership qualities, an ability to network, move onwards through (or help start) associated youth movements and from there, explore career options within an entanglement of affiliated organisations. Some of these connections are highlighted within the (abbreviated) young voices curriculum I have posted below, the full version of which can be found in the source link.

Kids vs Global Warming was the first Young Voices for the Planetfilm. When I described my idea to Earth Island Institute’s director John Knox, he suggested I contact Alec who had applied for a Brower Youth award but was too young. He had also been rejected as a climate presenter for Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” – again, too young. But Alec was just the right age for our film.

Uptown in Manhatten, I introduced Alec to NASA climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, the first scientist to publicly sound the alarm about climate change at a Congressional hearing in 1988, Alec asked Dr. Hansen what was the one most important thing that we could do to stop global warming. Hansen replied that we had to put a price on carbon.

Our film was given to members of congress and, in April 2009, Barbara Boxer introduced Alec at at her Town Hall Meeting in the Dirkson Senate Office Building. Alec unrolled his Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuel signed by thousands of kids.

Alec has spoken at the UN and given a TED talk. His iMatter group has grown and with help from many other young people (such as Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, founder of Earth Guardians in Boulder, Colorado) he organized iMatter marches all over the world.

When Alec was 13 or 14 he came up with the idea of creating a “Climate Recovery Plan and was one of the original plaintiffs in the Our Children’s Trust lawsuits, the brainchild of Mary Christina Wood, a brilliant legal scholar who wrote the book, Nature’s Trust. On Bill Moyers’ show, professor Wood described how Our Children’s Trust is suing the Federal Government for failure to address climate change which threatens all children on Earth and all future generations.

Alec recently graduated from McAllister College in Canada and, now 21 years old, he is on the board of directors of the iMatter Youth movement which calls upon young people to speak out and become involved in local governance. With the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, imatter encourages young people to secure commitments from their local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels “that ensure a healthy planet for ours and all future generations.” As they say, “If we band together, school by school, city by city, we can end the climate crisis in our lifetimes.” Source

Let’s briefly run through some of the connections within the above article, as highlighted here the our children’s trust movement (whom are suing the federal government for their failure to address climate change) are again funded by the Rockefeller Bros Fund. As displayed here, the earth island institute are sponsored by (amongst others) the Ford Foundation, George Soro’s Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Bros Fund, Rockefeller Bros Foundation and The Turner foundations.

The imatter youth’s connections have been highlighted in a previous post and earth guardians are partnered with 350.org, whose connections I have investigated on multiple occasions. I have (in other posts) made a fairly extensive array of connections that lead to the door of Al Gore’s climate reality project, but just to add, they are now also working with National Geographic kids.


The Manchurian Climate Candidates

Whilst the purpose of my multi-part, multi-layered investigation focused upon the multifarious, multiplicity of globalist sponsored and agenda 2030 fuelled environmental movements, it’s prudent to note that a similar process in playing out throughout every sphere of our society. As I type, our future leaders are being picked and indoctrinated into an agenda that (for the majority) defies comprehension. Will the elite dreams of a brave new world ever be expressed as a physical reality? I don’t profess to know and don’t believe question can be answered categorically.

What I do know (and have referenced/sourced) is that the bloodline architects of this agenda are very much putting their money where their intent is. They have also captured the hearts and minds of vast swathes of a populace who appear completely unaware that they marching towards their own potential enslavement. Equally, I’m aware that as these movements increasingly attach themselves to the education curriculum and tap into the energy of youthful rebellion, these narrative and perceptual control mechanisms will continue to gather more power and influence.


The Bait & Switch

What could be considered a good idea today, might very well turn into your worst nightmare tomorrow. History clearly displays that totalitarianism is more common than not, how were previous populaces duped? Why do you think we’re any different? Do you feel that you educated and articulated the machinations of the social engineer and propagandists into obscurity? I can assure you that you have haven’t, I can also assure you that socially engineered proselytisation exists at a level of refinement that remains both invisible and beyond the comprehension of the majority.

Sure many will see right or left wing propaganda, but there is (as I have shown in numerous posts) a level that sits beyond and utilises both control mechanisms, two polarities that are being utilised to create an inverted whole. Indeed, at its most simplistic the world is ruled by the weaponisation/inversion of polarity/duality and torn apart by an evolutionary process of associated societal divisions. Once you put the pieces in place and start the ball rolling, we become progenitors of our own isolation.

And yet in the face of such historically documented atrocity, here we stand 2019. These individuals want to mandate what they can put into your body. They want control over what you eat, what you can say (anything that opposes the agenda will insidiously be nudged towards hate speech), when you can travel, how you can travel, where you can travel, where you live, how you live, how much electricity you consume, how much carbon you emit and the ability to cross reference your life and consumptions against a control grid that has the potential to track your every move. None of this is theory; I have documented all of these statements and they're now slowly being brought into mainstream talking points, follow the trends that are now beginning to unfold.


Final Thoughts

Although many of these issues won’t be affecting you now; right now these discussions are being brought into the mainstream and the technology is nearly there. Equally, the power to change resides within each of us and so I am relaying the intent and in no way defining our future. What I am advising is that we keep a keen eye on how these movements and narratives evolve and don’t judge the world of tomorrow by the definitions/perceptions of today. Indeed the social changes I have observed within my lifetime have drawn me to the conclusion that if given enough time and if it’s packaged in the right manner, they can pretty much convince the general population of anything, literally!

As I draw towards the end of this post, pause for a second to think. At any other juncture in history such a control mechanism would be viewed as fascistic, ponder the perceptual control mechanisms that have led many to perceive their intended totalitarian future as virtuous. Totalitarianism or our sacrifice to the earth is now simply a perception, whether you stick to your preconceptions is your decision to make, personally, I will continue to follow my percepualflaws.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

If you appreciate my voice and perspective and would like to enable to to research and write more, I would really appreciate the support/upvote and/or resteem. Equally, any donations can be given to the litecoin address below.

Litecoin: LdzNy4ZdvTXLCV4ZwbGMx56CmGypar9BXW

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Written by perceptualflaws
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You are a prophet. I can scarcely imagine the breadth and depth of the research, skill, and hard work you have put into this post, merely the culmination to date of the numerous prior examples you have authored.

As a ray of hope, I note that decentralized, individually owned means of production potentiate the eventual success of the inevitable backlash that will form as the coils of the technocratic python become ever more apparent and crush the freedom and prosperity out of our peoples.

I cannot thank you enough for documenting what I have only vaguely suspected, yet knew was true.

But, thanks!

Thank you for your message @valued-customer. Firstly I would like to explain the lateness of my reply, so have copied my explanation. At the moment I am away most weekends, whilst this weekend I was visiting friends, I have actually been putting my money where my mouth is and intermingling with activists .. obtaining a ground-level first-hand perspective that will enable me to travel into areas that may at first seem unconnected. This is needed in order to obtain and relay the true essence of the multi-faceted cultural zeitgeist that is sweeping through our society, and will aid a future post.

I really appreciate that you have taken the time to leave such kind words, I don't feel worthy of such high praise .. but I do very much appreciate your words, they drive me forward and help me to continue pushing new frontiers of thought and research. This multi-part investigation will become larger than a singular platform, I have put a great deal of work into this series, and feel it will find a wider audience when people are ready to search for a deeper understanding and fully comprehend the scale of what I am attempting to relay. Our words of today, will open the doorways of tomorrow.

I do agree with your decentralisation perspective, I see many glimmers of hope .. but first I feel people need to fully, intellectually, philosophically and indeed spiritually understand the enormity of what we face. Although this information can be a bitter pill to swallow, I attempt to do this without fear (knowledge is power) and write in an attempt to unify and not fuel our ever fracturing divisions .. because ultimately, whatever our perspectives .. we're all in this together. Thanks again my friend!

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Damn! Once again, I stop in and can’t decide whether I feel smarter having read the post, or more ignorant for not having recognized the obvious connection of organizations with their linked agendas.

“The air of revolution that blows upon us is a socially engineered construct” is a profound statement and could also be interpreted as one that discourages any thoughts of revolution and change.

Again, once again, I am going to have to read that post a second time and dig into the reference links.

You are a gem.

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Hey my friend, thank you for the kind words .. it's much appreciated :) If you take a look at the other posts .. you will see a myriad of connections all leading to the same place. In terms of change/revolution, all movements can be co-opted .. true change comes from finding the power within and thus becoming our own leaders and leading by example .. to my mind, there are no political answers to our problems, the answers lay within each of us, the choices we make and how we interact with each other and the wider world. That the true revolution comes from within. Thanks again @zekepickleman

"...there are no political answers to our problems, the answers lay within each of us, the choices we make and how we interact with each other and the wider world."


You are once more one of the few people who is eloquent enough to discuss this super hot topic without actually touching this super hot topic. I see other Steemians getting downvotes from yet other big Steemians, just for touching the topic - because they are already in the downwards spiral of propaganda and play social police. It is scary how large this movement has become so quickly. My sisters in the UK adore Greta Thunberg as far as I can tell. They are too young to talk about the shadows behind it and I am too emotional about that topic to explain it to them in an appropriate way. The past year has been a rabbit hole of numbers and stars for me and I am seeing now things in a way very few others do. I just say "Robin Williams" and how his entire life was a ritual. I have 50 Power Point pages about the crazy things connecting him to Osiris Golden Gate and ritual sacrifice. On one hand it is so profound that I could actually show that to people because it becomes undeniable - on the other hand I cannot and don't want to talk with people anymore because I feel that the schism is already becoming too large for any sort of conversation.

My wife and I have decided to return to Germany after my nearly 6 years in Costa Rica. It will be our (last?) chance to earn some money, and be close to my German and English family, before we go back in a few years and buy several hectars of jungle. We are going to build a power place there and I feel that I would VERY MUCH like to meet you in person, over the cause of the next year or so. I cannot put it into words but I think it might be a mystical encounter for each of us. It would also be amazing to connect you with my dad, who is digging himself into the history of magicians but hasn't quite found the bridge to what's going on today. Your knowledge would be a portal to him.

Hey @flauwy thank you for taking the time to read my post and write such a thoughtful message, I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply but at the moment I am away most weekends, whilst this weekend I was visiting friends, I have actually been putting my money where my mouth is and intermingling with activists .. obtaining a ground-level first-hand perspective that will enable me to travel into areas that may at first seem unconnected. This is needed in order to obtain and relay the true essence of the multi-faceted cultural zeitgeist that is sweeping through our society, and will aid a future post.

Some people are not ready to hear my research/analysis and so I have to approach it in a certain manner, hence I also understand your perspective. Personally, I found your work to be fascinating .. I would suggest that even if you don't feel like sharing it at the moment you keep writing it down, because that in itself feeds a greater understanding. I hope you are settling into life back in Germany and I wish you every success. I often think of you and know you have much to offer to this world. Of course, it would be great to meet you .. and although that has yet to happen, you're still a brother to me. I will keep in touch and rest assured in the knowledge that our paths will cross. Thanks again my friend!

Your kind words are very much appreciated. And indeed, I have found the most profound part of my research AFTER stopping writing about these things. I am looking forward to share them with you when the right moment arises! I'll let you know when I come to the UK next time. Hopefully 2020.

Sorry it took me so long to finally read this but loved it as always.

Back a few years ago, I gravitated towards those comedy 'news' programs that gave you information and had forced laughter and all that but once I started to see the programs for what they unfortunately were, nothing more than the regular news with just some punch lines, I was dismayed and turned off. I still tune into one here and there to see what goes on but for the most part I tune it out and stick to people like James Corbett and some others for relevant information of what's really happening in the world.

I heard of a story recently where a young kid classroom, maybe kindergarten or 1st grade, were all asked who was vaccinated with the flu shot and who wasn't? Those who weren't were then told they couldn't stay in the classroom because they would make everyone at risk of getting sick with the flu. How disgusting that this goes in all without the parents knowledge, and people cheer at the gesture! That's completely abhorrent!

The donors aspect is as you stated, it always goes back to the same groups. The money always originates at the top in pretty much everything nowadays, unfortunate that more don't realize the extent of how they are being duped into supporting the same people who willingly poison the environment, extract its resources and cause havoc. I think that's also one of the reasons that they tried to make Tony Stark of the Iron Man and Marvel series appear such a changed person, he's rich and changing the direction, just like the rich people today!.....

I saw another one of your posts, hopefully will get to read it soon! Cheers my friend, stay well and enjoy the holiday and new year approaching!

Hey @cmplxty .. thanks for stopping by, hope you're looking forward to a lovely Christmas with the family! In terms of the talks shows, yes they can be a powerful tool of propaganda and manipulation .. the laughter derides anyone that sits outside of the hive mind, and of course nobody likes to feel ostracised.

As you highlight, the ostracisation aspect is used (to great effect) within the school classroom .. where increasingly you're not allowed an opinion that sists outside of a manipulated general consensus. The flu vaccine aspect is particularly insidious, especially when you ponder how in most years it's clearly been shown to be pretty much ineffective, people are being turned into big pharma cash cows .. alas, most appear to be completely oblivious.

And yes it's the same groups that are into literally everything, every social movement and every aspect of the direction we're moving in .. it's like a web of control (that irrelevant of political changes) grows ever tighter. Thanks again my friend .. all th best and I look forward to catching up with you in 2020!! :)

Yes it is all becoming far too real and speedy in it's progress. Icke refers to the 'totalitarian tiptoe' but nowadays it is more of a quick step, danced by couples delighting in their gender free children, schooled in safe spaces and protected by trigger warnings. Difficult to stand by and watch and even harder to do anything very much about, other than embrace like minds in a silent scream. Most have no idea what I'm talking about and no real interest in finding out. I really appreciate your effort, your committment to critical thinking and the artistry and wordsmithery of your recordings for posterity. Respect my friend.
Did you catch Boris's speech at the UN? I wonder if there was anything genuine about it, or just a case of making intentions clear to absolve bad karma.

Hello @ricia .. I hope you're well my friend. Yes, I think that people are so consumed with the fast pace of life that many don't have time to consider the longterm ramifications of our current trends and cultural changes. Certainly, the key focus seems to directed towards the minds of children .. if you're a student of history, such a focus is indeed troubling.

Thank you for your kind words, to make this series as comprehensive as possible I have delayed writing my book and other philosophical/spiritual perspectives I want to explore .. so I really appreciate your continued support. I think the most important thing we can do is not give into fear and division, remember that despite all that is happening the world is still a beautiful place and that we're all in this together, and at least attempt to reach out to one another. I didn't hear Bori's speech .. but I am keeping a close eye on the cultural zeitgeist. To my mind, in a world of polarising characters and events, they seem to be moving us towards some kind of confrontation between populism and (under a different guise) a virtue emboldened globalism. Indeed, I am trying to step back and look at the big picture and broad perspectives. I am keenly focused upon the increasing divisions within our society and following longterm trends, I think ultimately the world is a theater and whether they know it or not, the vast majority of public figures/politicians are assuming a role. Thanks again my friend!!

Yes, I think that is about right. Looked out Boris - worth a listen when you have 15mins. (Can't say we weren't warned and if we ignore it then they can blame us for failing to object).

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