Even liberals didn't know it was "derogatory," why should conservatives be required to keep up with what the left sees that way?

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This has gotten beyond ludicrous. I can now be censored into oblivion for using terms that HuffPo contributors didn't even know were politically incorrect:


If liberals think I am going to bother myself to try to keep up with how/when/why they make the terms they create "derogatory," they got another thing coming.

Oh...and btw...I am being told today by someone who apparently has my main accuser and serial/automated downvoter's ear that what you see happening on my blog the past 26 hours is NOT CENSORSHIP...lol.... So, we can all take comfort in that...lol...

Also, my accuser was apparently also "triggered" by my careful explanation that I am not anti-Muslim, and that I was not calling out a freshman Congresswoman's degrading of her office and the office of The President of the United States (by calling the President a "mother f---er") simply on the basis of her religion. Despite taking inordinate care, my accuser still feels that I was somehow being anti-Muslim for insisting I am not anti-Muslim.


Nah, I reached out to tell you I could still see your posts (including this one).. so no need to repost them repeatedly. As this is a blockchain and when things are flagged, they don’t disappear. I have no ones ear, I was just trying to explain how the blockchain worked.

Your response was that your rewards were being taken that you “earned” and that due to this you were being censored and this was “theft”. I of course disagree with the statement and rewards are not yours until payout and you have “earned” nothing until then.

I’m sorry if you saw me trying to explain how blockchain technology and the ins and outs of Steem worked as ludicrous. Won’t happen again. And also, for the record, I’m not a liberal 👀 not sure which parts of this post are directed at me or not and why someone’s political party has anything to do with what I said at all. Feel free to tag me next time to make it easier to follow if need be.

As I said, my DM is open for any questions you have as well. Have a good day and Steem on.

If you are tight with a socialist I think it is a fair call to say you are a liberal. I didn't call you that, but yea, I think that would be a fair assumption to make. It does amuse me how some liberals and some socialists still don't want to own what they are-- I'll say that much.

As to the rest of this, your claim of being open-minded and simply trying to (lol) explain how the blockchain works doesn't cut it, LL. As I told you, you're a nice person, but that doesn't give you the right to dispense your truth as legitimate, if it is not.

What has happened to me the past 27+ hours IS CENSORSHIP, and shutting down my ability to make my lousy $2-3 per day IS LEGALIZED THEFT. You go ahead and call it like you see it, and I will go ahead and call it as I see it.

I am sure there are some people who are "butt hurt" (as they put it) that some principled people simply will not come to them, kiss their ring, and ask for "forgiveness" and a bogus promise to be left alone until the next P.C. term they've made "derogatory" triggers them. They probably aren't used to being stood up to this way.

I just don't play those types of games.

I am a REAL FIRST AMENDMENT GUY, not an "if-I-like-the-particular-speech," or, an "if-it's-P.C." guy.


Well, I mean.. I call my brother a socialist.. give him hell at family events, but I mean.. I can’t disown my brother for being silly can I?

Just like I haven’t flagged you for your inability to read anything on how this platform works, or listen to anyone trying to nicely explain it to you.. and then you scream foul. So, as I said.. your content is still there, no need to repost over and over. Otherwise this is most definitely spam and will get most spam fighters on your blog. I was trying to help you and explain they were still there.

I kiss no ones ring, ask around 😉

Good luck on trying to make a few bucks, glad you’ve made it clear that is your intention.


Please mind your own business. I know how the platform works. I simply reject your understanding and "explanation" of it. You would have had a right to be upset for me not listening to you, if I HAD ASKED FOR YOUR ADVICE. But I didn't. What has been happening (and continues to happen) on this blog is BLATANT CENSORSHIP no matter how you and your fellow travelers seek to justify or rationalize it away.

Go now, and tell everybody I "spammed" the blockchain by fighting back the only way a minnow could against all the automated/spammed down votes from a whale with thousands of times my SP (and that will hit this reply the second I hit "enter.")

Yea, and I'm sorry people trying to earn a few bucks triggers you. Maybe you should think through that a bit more, and it might not offend you so much.

Edited to add: And I stopped re-posting articles before you even suggested it. So, that's old news. I also care far more about getting the truth out about the globalist/socialist/Communist agendas, than making a few bucks; so, that is now straightened out, for the record, as well.

'Your response was that your rewards were being taken that you “earned” and that due to this you were being censored and this was “theft”. I of course disagree with the statement and rewards are not yours until payout and you have “earned” nothing until then.'

I would call it payout rigging . And its so funny how there is always somebody 'defending' flagging .

bernie is the guy on the right and lifearms is chick on the left

Are you serious?

don't take my word for it , do your own research ....

Thats because most people understand flags and their use. Flagging is pretty selfless.. as you are giving away your rewards to the pool as well, which I’ve tried to explain to you before as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️

the bigger question here is WHY are you so desperately trying to convince victims of flagging abuse that 'its ok to get flagged' ??????

I've been warning everyone for a while now that you are destroying people's inve$$$tment . flagging is no different than lets say breaking starbucks window because coffee was cold . you'll see

Oh good lord, I’m not. This author was reposting his same post over and over and over again because he said they disappeared. I reached out to tell him they were still there, no need to repost.. as this was spammy and would even get steemcleaners on your case.

Your ideas on flagging are not correct in my eyes, but to each their own. I’m not going around telling people “it’s ok you got flagged”... even though, I sort of think it is.

I’ve only responded here.. well I’m not sure why, probably because I was raised right.. but anyways.. I’ve made my points pretty clear. Have no interest in shoving my opinions down anyone’s throat.. I’m too busy actually contributing to the platform for that.

Go flag me, I’ll tell myself it’s acceptable as well. Otherwise, have a good day!

only steemit inc can say what kind of content is allowed here and the platform should deal with unwanted posts . they are advertising this place as 'freedom of speech' platform and by the way you have to buy some steem just to post here .

flagging , and especially bot-flagging causes serious financial loss to ALL users and it will bring serious legal consequences to those who are behind such actions (steemit inc will also pay the price for allowing this to occur)

LOL...pretty hard to have a discussion when even your comments are maliciously auto-downvoted, huh? Is that photograph really of those two you claim, btw?

no , that is only one of the possible explanations of what is going on here

I think I debunked that 'selfless' myth to you . steem reward pool logic is not complicated

I agree to some extent. Where to you draw the line with micro-aggressions and all that.

At the same time if the world didn't fling around so much hate and discrimination then stupid backlashes like this would never happen in the first place.

Hate without incitement is free speech. (there is no definition of hate speech, its purely subjective.)

It's all the postmodernist marxist dialogue that has duped the senses, and subdued critical thought processes

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He's a Christaphobic Nazi. Not your fault his parents failed. He's simply projecting all his failure and self hate onto you. Hold up a mirror to him. He's a reality runner.

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