Venezuela: The True Story

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Before you hear the testimony of the independent UN Investigator for Venezuela, and Human Rights Rapporteur Alfred De Zayas, in the video prepared by Abby Martin for “The Empire Files”, let’s say a few words about the division between the new, multipolar World and the “International Community”…

The “Empire” is in desperate search for its breaking point. While the “Empire” attacked and destroyed countries with far less defensive potential, it looked powerful and terrifying. But, using force is always wrong policy, because it effectively provokes resistance. Covering the use of force as the noble act of “International Community in defense of democracy” has come to an end. Nobody believes it any more. That con is now disrobed and perceived as what it is — neocolonialism. In the example of Venezuela, we can clearly see who truly represents the International Community, and which are a rogue regimes. Let’s start by regions — always diminished Africa:


Maduro 51 — Guaido 1. Only Marocco with the “Empire”.

Then Asia and Oceania:


Maduro 33 — Guaido 1. Only Australia with the “Empire”.

Middle East:

Middle East-2019-03-05_213213.jpg

Maduro 16 — Guaido 1. Only Israel with the “Empire”.

Americas and Caribbean, despite being “the backyard of the Empire”…


Maduro 19 — Guaido 17.

Europe — the only place with old colonial powers that step up with the “Empire” in a desperate attempt to look stronger, and vain hope that with the move they could turn clock back to their old glory:


And what do we get from CNN? A fake news, of course. And a fake map:

Sea of yellow-2019-03-05_212851.jpg

At their map, country that did not explicitly express their disagreement with an illegal coup attempt — are not marked at all! Then, there are Greece and Italy in the “sea of yellow”, and those two countries did not recognize “interim government”. Italy even vetoed EU statement recognizing Guaido as interim Venezuelan leader! Then we have small, but very influential state of Vatican, that did not recognize coup government of Venezuela…

But what else could be expected from the fake news outlet that cannot tell an apple from a banana?

Now, please watch Abby Martin’s report on Venezuela and Alfred De Zayas’ testimony. It’s an eye opener:

Duration: 38:58

So, even if we believe to the US State Department spokesman Robert Palladino about 54 states, and with the current 193 UN member states, the result is 139:54 countries for Maduro, or if we look at the population — circa 7/8 of the global population still believes in the International Law. Multipolar World cannot tolerate rogue power any more and is on the clear collision course with the “International community” proclaimed by the “Empire”, which actually consists of the old colonial powers and a few of their subjugated colonies.

Clash over Venezuela may well be the breaking point everyone is waiting…


e-vizitka - 2017-10-28_131026-mala.jpg

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It's difficult to talk about these issues. People from other continents do not know that Venezuelans face daily. Many times disinformation and the media alter reality.

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I guess it must be easy to defend socialism and totalitarians while living in a non-socialist country that is not kidnapped by totalitarians.

You should be ashamed of yourself, defending Maduro and the destruction they have caused in Venezuela.


You didn’t watch that video, did you?


I am Venezuelan, you don't have a clue about what is happening in the country, and about what the Venezuelan people want, try to speak with some Venezuelans and stop defending totalitarians.

Just because America is against the socialists government that doesn't make them good, you have a flawed logic because you believe America is always in the wrong side, but that is not the case.

As I mentioned to you in this comment: there are good examples of American helping other countries by doing a military intervention, Panama and South Korea are 2 easy examples that are never mentioned by the clueless people defending the Venezuelan totalitarian government.

America can, and indeed does take the good side on some occasions, they aren't always mistaken, and with Venezuela, they are doing the right thing by trying to remove the totalitarians from power.

I didn't answer you before, because thanks to the incompetence and corruption from the socialist totalitarian government you defend (while you enjoy living in a non-socialist country, of course), the country suffered a power blackout that lasted for a few days.


I am Venezuelan, you don't have a clue about what is happening in the country…

That’s why the independent UN rapporteur Alfred De Zayas was in Venezuela, but you didn’t watch the video, did you? You don’t like facts that don’t fit into U.S. propaganda, do you?


You don’t like facts that don’t fit into U.S. propaganda

If you want to talk about propaganda, why don't you talk about leftist propaganda? Like for example, all of the lies that the Venezuela government has said for years?

This is not about propaganda, this is about millions of people being kidnapped by socialist totalitarians, it is very simple.

The people don't want to keep enduring the suffering caused by these totalitarians, and you are defending the totalitarians, again, shame on you.


You don’t have any answers to the FACTS. Only empty words about “socialist totalitarians”. And your propaganda work will be judged by the Venezuelan people. Good luck to you.


Which facts? Why don’t you write about the lies of the Venezuelan government? Do you believe they are honest?

Only empty words about “socialist totalitarians”

Empty words? You have clearly not talked with any Venezuelans, you are defending a totalitarian government by pretending to care about “the empire” here on Steem. Go and talk with Venezuelan, I told you before, I am one, but you can go a find others.

And which propaganda? Do you have some kind of brain damage or something? Why is this so difficult for you to understand? The country is kidnapped by totalitarians, and it is impossible to get rid of them unless applying force, the citizens cannot apply force because they don’t have guns, therefore, other countries (USA, Colombia, Brazil) are the ones that can do it.

judged by the Venezuelan people

Trust me, we will be happy, just like the people from Panama when they were saved from totalitarians, or the South Koreans when they were saved from the socialists soviets, too bad North Koreans didn’t have the same luck.

I wonder, have you ever written something about socialists totalitarians? Or you just invest your time in defending them?

Do you care about other people being free?