Requiem for the American Dream

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We may argue about the babbitry elements in the statements of Noam Chomsky, regarding his World views, but it is indeniable that this professor of linguistics at MIT, has deep knowledge about the U.S. society, and that he is rightly considered one of the most influential American intellectuals of our time…

In this documentary, he is explaining the real World outside of the corporate media created matrix of lies. This is a perfect lecture about the nature of capitalism and crumbling U.S. empire — encompassing politics, economics, sociology and history. A testimony how American Dream has been raised as propaganda hype, and how it has died. This is the story you have to hear…


  • [4:40] Concentration of wealth yields concentration of power. Described by Adam Smith in 1776, in his “The Wealth of Nations”:

All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.

  • [7:00] Principle 1: Reduce Democracy
    Why constitutional system was set up to prevent democracy.

  • [12:58] Principle 2: Shape Ideology
    There has been an enormous concentrated, coordinated business offensive beginning in the '70s, to try to beat back the egalitarian efforts, that went right through the Nixon years. Trilateral commission.

  • [16:32] Principle 3: Redesign the Economy
    Financialization and off-shoring. By 2007, right before the latest crash, financial institutions had 40% of corporate profits… Far beyond anything in the past. Policy is designed to increase insecurity. Alan Greenspan, when he testified to congress, he explained his success in running the economy as based on what he called, “greater worker insecurity”.

  • [27:01] Principle 4: Shift the Burden
    International “plutonomy” and the profit at any cost
    Creating precarious proletariat and shifting the tax burden.

  • [32:08] Principle 5: Attack Solidarity
    Solidarity is quite dangerous from the point of view of the masters. So therefore, there's a concerted attempt to destroy it.

  • [37:10] Principle 6: Run the Regulators
    Sooner or later, the business being regulated, take over the regulatory bodies and start running the regulators. Natural tendency and consequence of distribution of power. Nanny state and “too big to fail”. One set of rules for the rich, opposite set of rules for the poor.

  • [43:50] Principle 7: Engineer Elections
    Concentration of wealth inevitably yields concentration of political power. 14th amendment and corporations as state created legal fiction. Noney as a form of speech.

  • [48:08] Principle 8: Keep The Rabble In Line
    Organized labor as a barrier to corporate tyranny. If you're in a position of power, you want to maintain class-consciousness for yourself, but eliminate it everywhere else. Wage labor as not very different from slavery.

  • [54:56] Principle 9: Manufacture Consent
    The public relations industry, the advertising industry, as a way of controlling population by “fabricating consumers”. Directing people to the superficial things of life. Markets are supposed to be based on “informed consumers making rational choices”. Instead, The point of ads is to create uninformed consumers who will make irrational choices. That's what advertising is all about. Marketing political candidates like toothpaste.

  • [1:01:05] Principle 10: Marginalize The Population
    About 70% of the population has no way of influencing policy. And the population knows it. Origins of popular mobilization and activism in a very self-destructive directions. The point is to make people hate and fear each other, and look out only for themselves, and don’t do anything for anyone else.

Duration: 1:12:49

In accordance to his age, Chomsky is able to see all the mistakes from the past experiences, but is not able to see a blockchain society that is giving so many answers to his dilemmas. On the other hand, the new society is a natural job for the new generation. But if they want to keep up good job, they have to learn from the experiences of the previous generations. That is why this story is an obligatory watch.

This movie has been shut down on Netflix. Download it before it vanishes from YouTube.


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