Proudly Gagging the Truth — by CNN & Facebook!

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Deep State media found themselves mortally endangered. Anything connected to Russia is obviously dismantling their lies, and is therefore dangerous. CNN decided to exercise its “power over Facebook” in a most blatant act of censoring competing narrative…

In another burst of “investigative journalism”, C(F)NN again found the obvious: “In the NOW”, “Soap Box”, “Waste-Ed” and “Backthen”, all operated by Berlin-registerred Maffick Media, are partly funded by Ruptly, a “Russia Today” network subsidiary. Then Clown News Network went into a hysteria claiming it was “a deliberate attempt to hide their connections with Russia”. Only, it was never the truth — info about the Maffick Media ownership was always publicly available:

Company Info-2019-02-18-23h10m59s5_cr.jpg

There is nothing illegal if a state is funding media. UK does it with BBC. Germany does it with Deutsche Welle. US is doing it with a myriad of outlets in other countries, like for example “Voice of America”. What is the problem, then? It’s “The Russians”! And they have…


…tens of millions of views since September! They beat CNN by far! Wonder why? Is it because they are doing some real journalism, and that is not allowed in the Corporatocracy? Creator of the Maffick Media, Anissa Naouai, has Tunisian father, German-American mother and U.S. citizenship, so — she is obviously a Russian! And so, right after CNN ran its “brilliant” report, Facebook has suspended several accounts operated by Maffick Media without prior warning. “In The Now” Facebook page, with almost 4 million followers was suspended over the weekend, because of the big corporations (CNN & Facebook) coordinated attack after the Venezuela story that was deeply different from the corpo lies.

Duration: 6:44

There is one comforting thought in all of this — censorship is the last resort of the declining “powers”. The neocon&neoliberal world order is crumbling, and CNN & Facebook are the best indicators of their certain demise…

Thank God.


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I saw this yesterday on RTs own webpage.
They start shitting their pants ;)
Keep on! Good post! Resteemed.

Thanks for the support, @luca1777 :)

You're welcome, Brother :)
Gotta spit out the TRUTH!

One thing censors never seem to realize: intelligent people that want factual information will find it.

CNN and Fakebook don't want intelligent people to get factual information, so they don't share it. This is why intelligent people get their information elsewhere.


One thing censors never seem to realize: intelligent people that want factual information will find it.

And more — censors never seem to realize that when you censor something, not only intelligent people, but EVERYBODY WANTS TO SEE IT! The effect of forbidden fruits :)


You are welcome, @valued-customer. and thank you for your support :)