BREAKING NEWS: Impeachment Inquiry Launched Against Trump

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There’s 14 months left to the presidential elections in the U.S. and the “Trump derangement syndrome” victims are feeling worse than ever…

So called “Democrats” are trying — for the reasons known only to them — to thrust their worst candidate, a corrupt and discredited Joe ‘Everyone loves’ Biden, against the incumbent president Donald Trump. Their first ‘bench player’ is a false Indian Elizabeth Warren, while two candidates who would easily defeat Trump — Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard — are practicall eliminated from the race in a massive polls fraud. Victims of the “Trump derangement syndrome” decided to formally start impeachment inquiry into Trump’s “betrayal”, as their pack leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Caifornia) announced on Tuesday evening. Of course, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) immediately said he will back Pelosi’s decision.

So, what did Trump done this time? As revealed by the “anonymous whistleblower”, Democrats accuse Trump of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate 2020 candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his business dealings with thw “Burisma” company in that country, during a July phone call. Well, isn’t that the same what DNC has done in oder to help Clinton campaign pressuring Petro Porosenko to investigate Paul Manafort? Unfortunately for the “Trump derangement syndrome” victims, that affair only have shown that it was not Russia that was meddling into U.S. election, but — Ukraine!

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Trump even before Pelosi’s announcement authorized release of complete transcript of call with Ukraine’s Zelensky, and added his megaphone Tweet reaction:


As usual, “Trump derangement syndrome” victims are trying to divert the public attention from their crimes by blindly attacking. The problem for the DNC is — on one hand there is not even one prove of Trump’s “crime”, while Biden publicly bragged about his corrupt business in Ukraine! It is a news only to the corporate media which were trying to cover up the story with hysterical Russofobia:

Duration: 03:52

You want more details about the affair? Glenn Beck can help:

Duration: 12:02

RNC pointed on the situation with a many members sending thanking tweets to Pelosi for another Trump’s mandate. It was obvious that favoring Biden would backfire, but “Trump derangement syndrome” victims can’t see the obvious…

‘Deep State’ is in deep trouble with the executives suffering from the “Trump derangement syndrome”, so much that its survival comes into question. It would be nice to see them on their way to the penal colony — on Mars — but more likely scenario would be that the ‘Deep State’ is going to ditch their inefficient, discredited and infected servants, and start searching for someone with at least half a brain…

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