DAVOS: A Vampire’s Mirror

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Like never before, this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, was a mirror of the future events…

This year you could barely see a prominent political figure at Davos, which was a stark contrast from the last year, when all of them have come to boast “new global economic rise”. Well, it never happened. Instead, we have a meltdown of the Western “Global Empire” concept and quickening of the state destruction in the NATO Community. US Government has been barely out of the longest shutdown in history (that crisis is not over), UK Government cannot deliver on the people’s will after the Brexit referendum, France Government does not function after the Yellow Vests rebellion, Spain Government has been Catalonia challenged, Greece Government has massive protests because of enforced acceptance of the “Northern Macedonia” name of its neighbor state, Italian Government is desperately trying to repel EU dictat, and the leader of formaly the best economy in EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who came to Davos, is leaving the ship…

At the beginning of the Forum, Angela Merkel ‘remembered’ of national interests, Shizo Abe ‘remembered’ global warming, but the most serious warning sent Chinese billionaire and the owner of AliBaba, Jack Ma. He warned that new technology revolution may lead to the third great war, just as first two big technology revolutions lead to the two great wars in 20th Century…

Duration: 4:21

Only a vampire would refuse to see his own reflection in the Davos mirror. And an old vampire did show up at Davos, and refused to look in the mirror. He actually supported a trade war with China, accusing its President, Xi Jinping as the most dangerous opponent of open societies!

Duration: 2:09

Even a vampire should be aware of contradiction in the attempt to make an “open society” by restricting a trade with the greatest economy of the world. Unless he does not want to look in the mirror… As Max Keiser from our @keiserreport would say: “There is nothing more dangerous than scared billionaire”.

So, what you can expect in the future? Expect savage taxing all over the World. Governments will not dare to tax 1%, so they will put new taxes to the 99% to the point of rebellion. We have an example going on in France. There is going to be more Vests all over EU very soon. And we’ll see more repression with it. Do I have to say out loud where it would lead?


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