Corporativism, the Highest Stage of Imperialism

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[Текст на српском] In his book “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism” at the beginning of the last century, Lenin described the way in which financial oligarchy necessarily lead the state and society to destruction. In the United States, this process has just entered the final stage…

The most effective means of social control is certainly money. American imperialism had from 1944 and the famous Bretton Woods conference a unique historical opportunity to control world money over its currency, the dollar. The Imperial Summit — a group of banks which founded in 1913 Federal Reserve System (FED — the fully-fledged private US central bank), the “international” financial institutions (World Bank, IMF) and mechanisms (SWIFT, stock exchange) — today they make financial oligarchy described in Lenin’s book. For the past 106 years, the FED has built a system of global and ruthless robbery, thanks to the monopoly on the issue of currency, which had no gold backing since 1971, but had a support in the largest military machinery in the history of the World. That monopoly came to an end.


In the classical sense, the state no longer exists in the United States. It is now a financial oligarchy and alienated ministries of force (military-industrial complex and intelligence community), through corporations which control them, and this conglomerate is becoming commonly known as the “deep state”. For example, the military-industrial complex consists of the corporations Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics and others from the branch. The intelligence community controls major technology corporations: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Twitter… The US financial oligarchy has been at the top of this system for over a century and has controlled the military-industrial complex and the intelligence community through money. But time has changed — the world is no longer big enough for everyone.

The case of Facebook’s “cryptocurrency” called Libra, has revealed the proportions of conflict between corporations within the empire — the intelligence community is trying to become a new financial oligarchy! And in this light, you should observe the events surrounding the struggle to control the two opposing, but both completely fraudulent value exchange systems — the dollar and the libra.

If we replace the word “America” ​​with the essence of its power, the term “financial oligarchy”, then it immediately becomes clear to us that “America” ​​(read “financial oligarchy”) will defend its currency by all means, including armed forces. And that can be done, since it still has control over the military-industrial complex. The announcement of the use of force has arrived on July 15th — a bill has been submitted that would absolutely prohibit technology corporations from entering the financial sector!

So, it is clear that the financial oligarchy (read “America”) will not allow anyone to jeopardize the monopoly of the dollar. A problem? No one from the financial oligarchy and their Congress puppets do not have a slightest idea about technology. Technology corporations have extraordinarily many ways to prevent the passing of this bill and to strike the blow where it hurts the most. The intelligence community, thanks to its monstrous surveillance system, has all the data on corruption within the bureaucratic structures of the “shallow state”. In this fight, it is possible to expect large quantities of “dirty laundry” very soon. The dollar is already losing global confidence, as can be seen from the almost panic buying of large amounts of gold, undertaken by many central banks around the world. But the dollar will not collapse before the Euro collapses, and it cannot be destroyed by libra, but — by bitcoin!

Bitcoin was made to expose scams. While doing so, there will be great joy to watch the clash between the dollar and libra. If Facebook’s scam survives alongside the dollar, it will probably help those two and a half billion sheeple caught in their network learn the difference between fraud and real stuff much faster, and learn how to switch to decentralized cryptocurrencies. And this would be an unexpected and unwanted contribution from the fraudulent consortium gathered around Facebook, or should we say “collateral gain”, in establishing a more humane world.


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crony capitalism would be more accurate. Not true capitalism, which is simply voluntary exchanges made between willing parties exchanging their private property, without coercion from the state.😄

There is no “good” and “bad” capitalism, my dear @doitvoluntarily. Those are only phases of one oppressive and exploitative system that can only be sustained with state coercion. That was brilliantly described by Karl Marx, but the most of the people under the Western propaganda refuses to read… or to listen people who did read Marx:

Refusing to learn — the best way to disaster.

Capitalism isn't capitalism when the state is involved. 'Crony capitalism' not 'capitalism', is the accurate economic term to describe the current environment. We haven't had true capitalism yet, and it's mind boggling why anyone would be against voluntary exchanges mingled with private property ownership.

LOL Marx.

You should read it, @doitvoluntarily. Karl Marx is so far away from the stamps and labels given by the capitalist corporate propaganda.

imperialism has nothing to do with voluntary exchanges. When there is no government involved in that market, it cannot extend its influence and power.

What you call “voluntary exchanges” is actually world of consensus and cooperation — that has the correct expression already given by its theoretician, Karl Marx. It is called “socialism”.