“American Values”

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Usually, it all starts with unison corporate media outcry about the bringing “American Values” to the oppressed — protection of liberty, free speech and people in danger of genocide. Then the Empire administration pays “democratic forces” to carry out a coup or to begin a civil war. Or both. Then air raids starts, savage bombings “in order to establish peace”. And then reality strikes back…

The same scenario of ‘velvet’ or ‘colored revolutions’ is repeated many times over since the Chilean coup in 1973. Those instructions how to overthrow a government, are collected into a manual called ‘From Dictatorship To Democracy’ (pdf), authored by Gene Sharp. How did it turn out?


“Defending of Liberty” all over the World caused enormous destruction, pain and death to the millions of people. It all starts with Gene Sharp’s cookbook with a drumbeat from the corporate media (see the example of Venezuela), and finishes like Iraq, Libya (where the slave markets are established again) or Yemen (the worst humanitarian disaster ever, by the UN assessment). In continuation, the Empire sends bombers and troops “in defense of liberty”, or — whenever it can — pays local warlords to do their job. It is usually cheaper and less dangerous from the point of media blowback (see Vietnam). The Empire then just coordinates ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ force to get what it want. And it is never liberty of the oppressed people that they aim. You can clearly see it from the very long list of Imperial interventions and see how many nations did they make prosperous and happy…

Free Speech

Championing “Free Speech” was always among the loudest propagated “American values”. Doesn’t exist anymore. You may argue the day when it cease to exist. One may say it was April 11th 2019, when Julian Assange is arrested inside the Ecuadorian embassy.. You may say it could be the day when the Empire has charged a journalist, Julian Assange with possession and dissemination of classified information. It is journalist job to expose criminal deeds that criminals themselves marked as “classified information”. Or you could chose October 21st 2019, when Imperial colony’s UK Kangoroo Court decided not to allow more time Julian Assange to prepare his case. Of course, we can’t show you the video from the Westminster Magistrates Court. Joseph Stalin had his staged trials televised, but the Empire cannot allow sheeple to see how they are “defending free speech”. You will have to listen a witness who was in the Court that day:

Duration: 13:33

If you think there is no worse treatment of a journalist, just remember the Curious Khashoggi Case. You know, in the meantime, CIA revealed who perpetrated this gruesom murder, and did you see what were the consequences to the murderer? Well, he still didn’t finish his genocide over Yemeni people, the only state of the Arabian Peninsula without American troops in it.

More about “American values” in those cases you can read in the excellent text of the Irish journalist Bryan MacDonald, American values: Embassies are for chopping up journalists, not protecting them.

And now, just imagine what the Empire would do to Edward Snowden, if they could get their hands on him. Just see the treatment of whistleblowers… except if the “whistleblower” blows something about Trump.

People in Danger of Genocide

And finally, the infamous Imperial care of oppressed people in the dictatorship countries… Under the Clinton’s rule, we can remember how they have protected Tutsi against the genocide planned at least a year ahead by the core Hutu political elite… Oh, they didn’t manage to get in time there. They have troops only in 50 out of 54 African countries, and they couldn’t prepare their shiny armors for such a shot notice genocide. But that’s OK. They have protected Iraqi people of genocidal maniac Saddam Hussein by killing 500,000 Iraqi children. That was a spectacular success, right? Almost as good as that Hillary’s success in Lybia which is a continuing success, as United Nations has recorded.

And this is such an ungrateful job to protect people from genocide. Look at the latest example of Kurds in Syria. They never helped U.S. Army in the WWII, they never helped at Normandy, and they are still not grateful to America which is throwing them under the tanks eight time since the Empire came to the Middle East. Unbelievable! People are not worth of a noble Empire protection. Look at their ‘gratitude’:

Duration: 0:59

So, the Empire finally have found something more grateful to protect — OIL! Yes, American troops are in Syria to protect Syrian oil from the cruel genocidal intentions of ISIL and Asad alike, just like Imperial clown at the position of military/industrial defense secretary Mark Esper(anto) has explained…

Duration: 0:44

…and POTUS confirmed:

Duration: 0:44


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Wonderful post. Deep meaning and perspective.

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Thank you, @harmonyval, glad you like it :)

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Hey @lighteye, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

War is business cannot you understand that? You sell weapons first, start a war, shoot them down, play the saviour, drop chocolate and candies, help to rebuild (or not) and start all over again.

They could help Venezuela instead, use less oil, find other ways and tell those oil countries to drown into it. How about that?

This all just makes me said and started long before 2019.

You should use the #cc commentcoin for your post. You have my vote again. I wish you a great day. 💕

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