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I recently came across a March 3rd article from Murtaza Hussain of The Intercept entitled Trump and Brexit Proved This Book Prophetic — What Calamity Will Befall Us Next?.

It got me pondering and deliberating about the extent to which We (the common people, basically 99.99% of the global population) are currently faring against the “Elites” (basically, the 0.01% highly secretive & reclusive members of the International Banking Cabal who really run/rule the world along with their “Top Commanders” who consist of high level heads of state, mega-corporations, international organizations such as the UN, NATO, and the like).

Information War: Round 1


The Intercept article begins:

Across the world, the reputation of elites and their institutions is in free fall. A flood of online information has given the public unprecedented access to elite individuals in politics, media, academia, science, business, and an array of other fields.

I would certainly concur that the Information War has become quite the cat fight or RockyBalboa’esque in nature – especially in the last decade since the Great Financial Crisis which took place (and actually never really ended) in 2007-08.

Particularly in the last couple of years since the 2006 US Presidential Election, we’ve witnessed the mainstream media – with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, et al., significantly wane in their influence and dwindle in terms of their viewership/readership bases. Like him or not, Trump brought along the ‘Fake News’ phenomenon to the forefront. The masses are not buying their bullshit anymore, nor do they trust them as they once did. You could say that the awakening phase of the general population is near approaching a highly desired turning point or critical mass; but we are not yet there.

So who is winning this phase of the Information War at this particular time?

For a realistic and objective assessment to this question, we need to consider what is the BIGGEST thing that each side currently has going for it / that is in their favor:

  • Elites: The level of covertness and breadth/scale of their operations is beyond what anyone can imagine. I can think of no better resource which encapsulates this than The Psychology Of Control: Social Media & The Frontlines Of The Reality War – the most brilliant piece I’ve ever read on Steemit (or on the internet for that matter). This article/essay really digs into and exposes the (almost infinite supply of) tactics and highly technologically sophisticated means employed by these Machiavellian players. The article also goes into the nefarious schemes employed by the big social media giants such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

  • We: I would surmise to say that the biggest thing we have is that we greatly outnumber them. The number of individuals who have started to question things more deeply, taken the red pill so to speak have increased a lot in the past several years. And the rate at which this mass awakening is occurring is somewhat exponential in its trend line.

  • Verdict (for this round): In my honest assessment and opinion, I think the Elites currently have a very significant edge due to the sheer breadth of their operations as well as the depth and covertness of their machinations. We still have a long way to go in order to reach critical mass big enough to counter and expose the lion’s share of their devious operations.

The author of the article then goes on to demonstrate how a lot of this information revolution was somehow predicted by a fairly obscure author, Martin Gurri, who published a work in 2014 entitled THE REVOLT OF THE PUBLIC AND THE CRISIS OF AUTHORITY IN THE NEW MILLENIUM.


2014 book by former CIA media analyst Martin Gurri

In 2014, a former CIA media analyst named Martin Gurri published “The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium.” Gurri had spent his career analyzing the global information environment and could see that something major was ahead. “The Revolt of the Public” predicted that the information revolution unleashed by the internet would end up destabilizing politics and institutions around the world, perhaps for decades to come. A flood of new online information — along with a series of failed wars and financial crises — would conspire to bleed the legitimacy of elite institutions and their representatives in the eyes of the public, likely beyond repair. [emphasis added]

The author was a former CIA analyst. I tend to like information coming from former insiders (like that of another CIA alumni in Kevin Shipp - see my three part series about his monumental revelations regarding this nefarious spy agency and its level of involvement in the Deep State / Shadow government: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

An interview ensues with the book’s author – Gurri which is both fascinating and revealing.

In answering the first question, Gurri goes into how by the turn of the millennium, the amount of alternative (non-mainstream New York Times’esque propaganda) began to sprout like crazy online, basically doubling in size an scope every single year since 2001. He then states that 2011 was a turning point, as online dissent turned into political action / activism (as with the Arab Spring, Occupy movements, and the like).

The public we first glimpsed when I was with CIA has since toppled dictators, smashed political parties, and of course elected outlandish populists to high office.

It’s not just government either. An overabundance of information has been subversive of every modern institution, from the news media to the scientific establishment, to the university, and the corporation. All have come under siege and are bleeding authority and legitimacy.

And we have indeed witnessed this online revolt and its effects on corporations (e.g., Mosanto), the scientific establishment (e.g., global warming hoax) and so on. The amount of information available online regarding these institutions have had a significant impact on holding such institutions more accountable which is a good thing.

Old System out, New System coming online soon

When asked: How has the new information environment changed the relationship between elite institutions and the general public?, the author responded:

The institutions that sustain modern society were established in the industrial age. They are steep, top-down pyramids, with the industrial elites occupying the top of the pyramid, at a great distance from the public.

The key phrases here are industrial age and top-down pyramid, as we know that the current structure which started at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in the US (and similar central banking structures across the globe). In my post - International Banking Cabal, I outlined (graphically) such a pyramid as was described by former elite Dutch banker (and insider) Ronald Bernard:


In a shockingly revealing interview, Bernard had stated that at the top of this very pyramid were a group of banker elites which consisted of only about 8,000-8,500 individuals and that these were the real puppet masters pulling all the strings; all the others beneath them (including those from the BIS, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, etc.) were merely their generals and soldiers so to speak – those who do not work in the shadows, i.e., the Christine Lagardes, George Soros’s, Mark Carneys, and similar soul’less and Satanic sellouts).

But as the author indicates, this current model was designed for the industrial age. It is no longer effective in this new information age. Moreover, the level of debt generated from it over the past century has reached a level where it is practically unsustainable; it will thus, have to be replaced with a more efficient one that is concurrent / more in line with the speed of this digital age.

The elites will thus bring about a global monetary reset (likely preceded by a crash in the “everything bubble” markets) to shift to a monetary paradigm. Make no mistake this will be one that will sit on the blockchain, most likely with a digital currency (note that I do not say cryptocurrency, as those who are designing this current system – like Christine Lagarde of the IMF – do not want the idea of a true cryptocurrency (private, secure) being available to the masses). They want to be able to track EVERYTHING.

Moreover, with the new cashless system will enable them to do things they can’t currently do with the current system, namely:

  • tax every single transaction
  • more easily impose negative interest rates
  • bail-in any bank account they want
  • “unplug” dissidents by simply freezing (stealing) their funds and locking them out of the system (i.e., they won’t be able to buy anything!)

Talk about a wet dream. It’s coming folks.

I recently heard a related interview by two guests I’ve been following for a while, namely “V” the guerilla economist and one of his frequent guests called “Dex”. Both were recently interviewed on the X22Report Spotlight. Here is the interview:

I think the pair really describe the new system the elites want to implement to a “T”. They are very well spoken and seem to have done their homework. I mostly agree with what they foresee happening, as many of their predictions in years past have turned out to be true. And I don’t think we are talking about too long in the future. It can even come about before/during the 2020 US Presidential elections. Alternatively, it can come about out of “chaos” with another large scale event such as a new 9/11 or the like, perhaps some kind of EMP attack would be fitting given everyone’s near total reliance on electricity, their smart phones, and the internet. Moreover, a new chaotic event is the predictable (and highly effective) Hegelian Dialectic (Problem – Reaction – Solution) stratagem they have used for centuries.

Could the Elites themselves change with the times?


Before continuing with the interview with the former CIA analyst, I want to do a slight detour. A recent article that appeared on ZeroHedge entitled How Much Longer Will The Middle-Class Politely Tolerate Its Own Destruction? renders itself highly relevant to this question and our discussion in general. It delves into how the elites have chosen to systematically destroy the middle class (which the author correctly describes as a historical "freak of nature"). The Elites, I think rather mistakenly, don't want a middle class; they want a two-class society which was their model for millennia. Problem is, however, I see this as a critical mistake on their part since what they don't seem to fathom is that by eliminating the middle class, they will deplete both the main engine/driver of economic activity if this class becomes penniless. Thus, how will they be able to continue to collect enough taxes? Unless there is something I am not getting or seeing, I strongly believe this is a monumental blunder on their part.

The book’s author was asked: What is the response of elites to their loss of trust and legitimacy? Although Gurri mentions two possible options for the Elite, he contends that the secretive bunch would likely maintain their traditional approach of working from the shadows in secrecy while clasping their grip tightly to the top of the pyramid:

Elites currently seem to be more concerned with re-establishing their distance from the public than with reforming the system or restoring their own authority. They equate legitimacy with clinging to the top of the pyramid.

I mostly agree with this assessment, as those in positions of ultimate power are seldom reluctant to give any of it up. As George Orwell once put it: “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” For them, it is more about power and control than it is about money. They lust for total control and that is exactly what they envision.

Look no further than the upcoming implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things), Smart everything, AI, and most importantly 5G. This is a global control grid they have been systematically implementing for over a decade now. Once the majority of countries around the globe have 5G, it will be possible to track anyone on the planet within a matter of minutes; there will be practically no place to hide.

Max Igan and David Icke have been warning us about the implications of the rollout of 5G and the devastating effects it will have on humanity – both on a physical level as well as on mental and psycho-cognitive (and arguably spiritual) ones. Here are but a few of their warnings:

The Naiveté of the Public


The next two questions from the interview focused on the shortcomings of the public’s own strategy to counter the corrupt systems and structures of the elite. He firstly stated:

When this new wave of information began to rise, I initially thought that I was on the side of the public. But on analyzing the statements and pronouncements of many of the new popular movements, I began to see that they had a distinctly nihilist streak. They were mired in negation towards the status quo, but rarely proposed clear alternatives to the order that they were bashing away at. [emphasis added]

I also agree with this observation to some extent. Although we do see some alternative solutions to the world’s current problems such as cryptocurrencies/blockchain technology (for a freer and more just/honest monetary system and means of transacting), there certainly a huge void in the proposal of other solutions regarding large-scale problems by the public.

We all easily complain about this and that, but what do we propose be done about them? Moreover, people are totally consumed with their 9-5 and smartphone addictions, that they seldom even think of how they can improve things locally in their own communities. If we can’t start on a local level, how will change the world on a global one?

Therefore, I think we all need to think more deeply on how we can make a difference to instill positive change around us, for without doing so we might as well remain dependent on our current overlords.

What will happen in Round 2?


Will we witness continued revolt around the world?

We certainly are seeing some deep changes taking place in the European Union. Despite Brexit taking on the allure of a Greek tragedy, we can easily see that people are fed up. Even governmental institutions such as those in Italy are starting to dissociate themselves from the elite structures of the EU. France’s Yellow Vest movement doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon either.

We appear to be at a critical juncture in human history.

The so called mass-awakening needs to be accompanied not merely by action, but a mass movement backed by real solutions to our deepest ills.

Sometimes, solutions can be much simpler than we need them to be. For instance, we can all choose to simply not participate in many of the systems [of control] the elites and their oppressive and corrupt governments and institutions impose on us. Get off Facebook and other social media; stop consuming GMO contaminated foodstuffs; grow your own food; keep fit and healthy; get rid of your credit cards; take your money out of the bank; be self-employed; don't vaccinate your children; homeschool your children; stop buying shit you don’t need; stop consuming mainstream media; form community action groups; have the courage to tell your family members and friends what is really going on; stand up for your rights and don’t be a victim; simply put, be proactive and take control of your life and don’t depend on government and others. Simple things like that can make a huge difference if the masses collectively (or even independently) do these.

We certainly have the numbers to counter the Elite, but we need to be smarter in how we go about it. The biggest mistake we can make is to walk right into their traps.

Thank you for reading this post.

In Peace & Liberty,


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The "information war" is more of a battle. The real war is waged on the philosophical level. Until people value Truth of the highest order, the misanthropes at the top will just outmaneuver the people at every turn; adjusting their deceptive practices to address public outcry with "solutions" that further solidify their own control.

Yes the infowar is merely one of several battles.

I agree with you that the real war is more on a philosophical level, as philosophy is all about seeking truth. And like you said, these "misanthrope" are absolutely relentless at outmaneuvering (to employ the term you used) or shielding the public from truth. Here are but a couple of examples from today and yesterday:

  • The FAA in the US has declared Boeing 737 MAX 8 'Safe To Fly' Despite 2nd Crash In 5 Months (click like to ZeroHedge article). That is incredible when you think of it. A slew of national airlines from around the world have grounded those planes. Even China did so - and China is usually reactive in nature rather than proactive, as they have rightly chosen to be; so that should tell you something! Gregory Mannarino also weighed in on this today. I like Greg and follow him almost on a daily basis, as he is one of the few out there that is on-the-money as to how these gears of the Deep State (i.e., most notably the Fed) are intentionally decimating (eliminating) the middle-class; for this I almost included him in my post above but at least can give him a nod here (he is, after all, a member of my HEROES OF TRUTH)


Hence, this kind of action by the FAA proves my theory in my post that governments, especially the US gov't in particular, are subservient do the gears of the Deep State. Their tentacles are everywhere - airline safety, food safety, vaccine safety, CPS, mainstream science, corrupt media, social media giants, etc., etc. , etc.) Bloody everywhere!

  • Another example lies into that very truth about the Boeing planes stated above, namely that Facebook has just completely blanket banned ZeroHedge because they are some of the few remaining outlets that seek to offer truth to an inquiring public. Facebook and the other social media giants and all there shenanigans are all this bid for complete suppression of truth, big time; these cowards are subservient to their Deep State overlords and it is growing by the day. Good news is that they are starting to wane and lose a hell of a lot of credibility with their users.

But above all, I think this war is even above a philosophical one; I would dare to assert that it is one that is on a spiritual level. Just watch any single video from SGTReport and you will get so much evidence to support this assertion. There is no doubt about it. They are truly evil, hate life, hate creation, and workshop Lucifer/Satan and other dark entities.

Thank you for participating in this very important discussion.

Absolutely. I wavered between "spiritual" and "philosophical", but chose to make the point at the second level, rather than the foundational, for the sake of keeping it overtly secular. I find this circumvents unnecessary tangents, though I see I'm dealing with one in possession of true understanding, and thus my caution was unwarranted! Thank you so much!

Just when you thought it couldn't get more nefarious on the part of Boeing...

The news this morning saw Trump ordering the grounding of all the Boeing 737 Max planes despite Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg asking Trump not to ground them even after so many countries around the world have done so.

One needs to ask: why?

Although it seems to stem from what I mentioned above in this thread, it is actually worse.

Markets expert Gregory Mannarino contends (and I agree) that this was PURPOSELY done so that shareholders of Boeing (mostly big banks) could short the stock and profit from both the fall in price and later from an eventual rise. But they needed at least a day to pull this off. How fu%#ing greedy of them!

Watch the video in which Greg explains this quite well. He's been tracking how these criminals trade for decades; so I think he's got a pretty good grasp on the situation:

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Great post my friend and thank you or the shout out! I appreciate the tone that you take with your writing .. fuelling the polarities that plague our society is (from my perspective) a dead end .. friend or foe, outside of the 0.1% we are all in this together!

In terms of your comment below .. I also believe there is a spiritual component to this. As an analogy, if we think of reality as akin to dropping a stone in the center of a pond .. at its outer ripple (I believe) we are physically expressing a deeper spiritual battle, and that isn't a conclusion I arrive at lightly or without evidence of the intent behind the interconnected system that is being assembled around us.

Verdict (for this round): In my honest assessment and opinion, I think the Elites currently have a very significant edge due to the sheer breadth of their operations as well as the depth and covertness of their machinations. We still have a long way to go in order to reach critical mass big enough to counter and expose the lion’s share of their devious operations.

Yes I agree, I also believe that there are ways out of this .. but I think we have a short (getting shorter) window of opportunity and I'll explain my reasoning behind that in my next post. Sorry that I'm not around very much at the moment, I'm flat out at work, renovating my house, writing a book and working on a big new post .. but I just wanted to pop by and give you credit for your work and say thank you for the shout out.

No worries my friend. My pleasure. Best of luck with the renovations. And by all means, please tell me the subject of your book. Anything you write I want to see!

P.S.: Sorry for replying so late!

Hey, no worries about replying late .. especially as I'm also replying late. The book has a pretty big scope so it's actually difficult to break down the subject .. in a way, that will probably take as long as writing the book! But I'll get there and you will be the first to know. I have a big two-part post coming out in the next couple of weeks so I'll be back soon. Keep up the great work my friend!

Thanks mate! I am definitely looking forward to your book (and upcoming two-part post), as you are making it ever more intriguing...

I am also in the process of writing two books, but time is scarce...