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RE: Capitalism and Mental Health

So, you love murder, then. The problem is the condition of humanity. But you think you can cure humans. You live in a fantasy world. People do bad things. But in the Nature Nurture Debate in psychology, you believe that a perfect world would stop these big problems. But some people do bad things. You don't stop that, completely. Would you rather that we all lived in the same sized boxes, the same sized houses? Should all humans make the same amount of money all of the time? Should we all get Universal Basic Income (UBI) as Andrew Yang suggests?


Love murder? What are you talking about? Where did you get this? Can you be at least coherent?

And what same sized houses? You head is full of capitalist propaganda that nothing else can fit as an idea inside. All humans make the same amount of money all of the time? That’s not a humane idea because it implies that you hava to have an employer. UBI? Who would pay off UBI?

Be serious.

Listen, I am an old man and don’t have much more on this planet. I also have a Bachelor degree in Law and was a witness of the destruction of Law by a capitalist corruption. You are obviously a kid who would have to live in this World much longer. You have to stop listening to propaganda and start learning as soon as possible, or your life won’t be a rose garden at all. Learning = Survival.

Hey old man, are you against private property rights? Do you want the right to do anything you want in your car, house, store, land, property, etc? Do you want to be taxed more or less? Do you like taxes? Do you like regulations? Do you want more regulations or less regulations? How do you survive? Can you live without money? Would you rather make less money? Would you rather make more money? Do you really hate money? Do you hate freedom? Do you want other people to violate your private property rights?

Listen, all of your questions are out of line, because you are in the strong grip of a capitalist propaganda which tell you that anti-capitalists are against private property. Again, you don’t understand that private property is not the problem. Problem is the abuse of the means of production. So, I am not against private property, EXCEPT over the means of production. Robots should work for all mankind and not only for Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Is that clear?

Do you want more regulations or less regulations?

I want the state to die. Anarchy is a final aim.

Can you live without money?

How do you define money? If you think money is dollar, then I do not care about it. I don’t hate fiat, but I want it gone. Blockchain is a solution, and only decentralized cryptocurrencies are a viable money.

Do you hate freedom?

What are you talking about? All this time I am explaining to you a liberation from capitalist exploitation. Didin’t you read any of my answers?