Intelligence Agency Conspiracy?

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After listening and reading about how Robert Mueller and his team were able to “crack” the case of the Soviet Government through some very complex and once thought impossible detectective work.

Maybe I am getting this wrong but somehow this team of investigators was able to successfully do the following:

  • track a withdraw from a bank in which the proceeds were used to purchase Bitcoin.
  • track some of that Bitcoin to the purchase of a VPN
  • track more of that Bitcoin to the purchase of servers in Maylasia
  • Track traffic from those servers accessing the dark web using the VPN that was purchased with that “trackable” Bitcoin purchase.
  • And ultimately use their access to the Dark Web to analyze to monitor the activity of these bad actors to determine who they were and what they were doing.

Most of the above activity is thought to be impossible, but somehow Mueller and his investigators were able to pull it off.

With such great investigators on the team and in our Intelligence Agencies that were able to successfully crack the code of Bitcoin, VPN, and Dark Web activity, It makes me wonder why they have been unable to locate all of Hillary’s emails.

Conspiracy or not? Hmmmm!

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It is said, that bitcoin is the wonder child of letter agency.

  • interesting thoughts here, so let me know if one sticks out
  1. What is jurisdiction of Mueller team?
  2. Is Mueller team openly admitting it spied on citizens and bad actors to capture "traffic"?
  3. Utilizing "dark web" is also entrapment. As one is not readily identified.

So again I ask the question, is Mueller conducting his investigation lawfully and legally?

What jurisdiction does Mueller have?

Where Muellers powers conferred by congress?

The problem is that Mueller has jurisdiction over FEDERAL LAND ie, DC. The charges brought forward is merely coincedental appeasement of on lookers.

Breaking constitutionally sound doctrine should be met with same consequences as treason.

Good observation. I've been thinking more from the angle that, like the last round of russians indicted, that this was just more fakery.

Especially now that Putin told the world about the extradition treaty where Putin would be compelled to respond or be in breach of the treaty. Mueller never took that step, presumably because they don't have a real case.

was there any evidence of any of these 'facts'

I think we are looking at a group of non-technically-capable people using technical jargon in an inappropriate way for propaganda purposes. "Bitcoin" and "spear phishing" come to mind.

Unfortunately there are globalists like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates who have come out against Bitcoin. It is clear that they benefit from their relationship to governments and fiat currency and the vampire effect on the citizens.

I hope that the Mueller team is not able to start too much negative chatter about cryptocurrency. Honestly, I don't think the normies care enough or understand enough about it to get their anger whipped up by the propaganda machine.

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