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RE: InformationWar - Contributing Writers/Supporters: Roll Call Pt 8

Trying to do my part regularly every week for about 3 months now.

I am in touch the last 2 days with @truthforce looking to run a contest with your support, so I am not sure how many people actually run this one account LOL, but I know several key members def. look at the replies and posts and comments.

I want to run a 10 SBD contest GAW ideally with the help of this account, and it was to give back the extra 10 SBD I was awarded with the help of @wakeupnd recently, figured rather than just return the overage, it made sense to spread the word, run another contest and multiply the effect and reading this well written template --- it confirms what I already was feeling.


Pls. LMK back in a reply (see my replies to @truthforce on this today/y-day, etc) and we can do it!


Yes, please do :)

This is @tf writing.

They can use informationwar as one of the tags and then if you want to have them use a special tag so it is easier to browse through entries, or just have them post a link to their entry on a blog post you make works well too. Just let one of us know when you post the contest up and we will make sure to upvote/resteem and to share to everyone on our discord chat(almost 200 people!) :)

The people who share access to this account are @stevescoins @truthforce @openparadigm @wakeupnd @richq11

And I added ya to the list above, thanks!

Sweet on all counts, I have put this post in my records to check back. Likely I will w/b and give a day's notice so everyone is ready.

I like to do that sometimes since everyone is busy.

Thanks again guys.