Funding the Decentralized Truth movement, how you can help!

in informationwar •  6 months ago

As our group grows so does the need for funding, help us fight back against propaganda and the lying click-bait MSM!!!

By helping to fund us you are enabling our platform to grow and expand into a website and onto all social media platforms. Funding will be used specifically to pay for website hosting and paying our video creators/blog creators who post directly to the website. Having a website will create more back-links that rank our search results for our group higher, so that more people see our content. Right now a lot of us are doing this for free because we believe in it, but doing everything for free limits how far our message can go.

Raising money for website hosting/paying dedicated writers/podcasters/video creators/advertising will enable us to dedicate more time to the effort. We all have bills to pay and can only afford to spend so much time creating/managing the community, with a little support we can ensure we are able to concentrate more on growing the Decentralized Truth movement. Creating truthful content in an open environment is the value we are providing to the world, on a mostly censorship resistant blockchain. With the censorship going on these days there is no telling how much of this valuable information is being lost to the memory hole due to google. What we are doing here truly is a great thing as every post each of you make is more information that is permanently stored for all to be able to see.

This post will serve to be a mega post that is continuously added to, on all of the ways people can help/donate/support us through various platforms.

Some sponsorships we are still waiting on to get back to us, others require a functional website before we can apply(we are working on that). If there are any you can think of that align with our cause please comment below :)

You likely have already seen our post on how you can help support us on Steemit

Below are some affiliate links and our Patreon account(Note, we get commissions for purchases made through links below in this post).

Cryptocurrency Donation Addresses(more to follow)

  • BTC address 14t5HTzFdeQ3f4Laf2yZ2w2U4jv5nL3yJG
  • BCH address - bitcoincash:qq55a9hxeuqp3h0fzcjl3ks0q8qn8f440g8xl5ydls
  • ETH address - 0x828aAb31658b849FFf0DfC6fc2e7F789CD87f146

Thank you to all who donate/support this cause!

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Would you prefer I do the byteball airdrop before I reach rep of sixty?
-I'm on 59.84 at the moment..

If I get $20 free, ill give you 15, if I get 40, i'll give you $30..(plus some later held in the byteball deal thingy, when it's released..

Either way, I'll send?/delegate?/whatever, to informationwar..but double is better, right?

Better to hold out? - I think so personally..


When is the airdrop ending for byteball? The reason I'm asking is because it took me forever to go from a rep of 66.9 to 67. So just make sure and get your air drop before it ends.

Other than that thanks for offering your support.


I'm not sure- @stevecoins emailed them, but no reply yesterday..

I keep looking at my rep - it's creepingas fast as a 200 year old man with no legs...

I'll see if stevecoins has any reply - if no joy, maybe I'll do it this week regardless ... (I'll keep checking my rep) ..Something is better than nothing..


That is a good idea for the byteball airdrop. Thank you very much for supporting us :) Later tonight I will see if I can get a byteball account setup for the IW account. I already did it on my computer and need to figure out if I can do it again.


That is a good idea for the byteball airdrop

...which part? lol


.........current rep now @lucylin - 59.861

Keep fighting the good fight!

we should write a letter to Bloomberg informing him we are starting a new anti gun group called "informationwar".

I've go tmy byteball, and transferred it to @doomsdaychassis ( he's gonna give me steem for it.)

So just waiting for him, and then I'll send some steem to you!

.....does 'delegate' or 'donate' make a difference to your voting power, or does it count as the same?


if you delegate your steempower you get to keep it but they get all the benefits of using it. they get the vote power and all. Good thing is that you get to keep it in case you ever change your mind or if steem goes to 1000 a steem .
If you donate it , it is just gone foreever into their wallet.

Personally I like to delegate steem power out rather than donate. Just my 2 cents