Part IV: DIY Black Soldier Fly Larvae Compost Bin turns meat, dog turds and other uncompostables into high protien feed: pupae

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I mostly left the maggots alone for a couple of days and they totally rearranged things. A few times when I checked them all the items on the top of the soil were undulating. All the things that I had buried under the potting soil.


It took them like a day to push the carrots up and I noticed that the dog food was on top as well, this picture is three days later:


This is what they looked like six days ago:


Three days after that they are starting to turn a little darker


This is what they look like yesterday


and here are some shots from today, note how they are getting bigger and darker



Today there is a nice layer of mold growing on all the dog food they pushed to the top. It lets me know that there is plenty of moisture in there so that's good, I will put some more potting soil on top later.


Getting darker means they are getting close to pupating. I checked the forecast and it is is supposed to be cool for the foreseeable future so they might spend another week inside. It's not forecast to freeze so they would probably be fine but they would not be very active at such cold temps.

This is part IV in a series about rearing black soldier fly larvae which have many uses, read the previous parts!

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FABULOUS, @funbobby51!!! HUGE Congratzzz again. They've grown so BIGGGG!!!! ;)

Did some more online research yesterday. Have to now check if the live larvae are available for sale here in Jamaica and if not, if they allow importation.

Check pet stores that sell reptiles. They are sold under several trade names as lizard food, the ones I bought were called "reptiworms" but down in Jamaica they might be native, they are native to the American south and love warm weather. You may just be able to set up the bin in part 1 of the series and they will show up on their own when you put food in.

Wow! That would be great! Thanks so much for your tips.

Looking forward to your next update, including if weather allows you to put them outside.

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