Part III: DIY Black Soldier Fly Larvae Compost Bin turns meat, dog turds and other uncompostables into high protien feed: Little Jar of Horrors!

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So my maggots and I have been very busy. It's pretty wild how voracious these Black Soldier Fly larvae are. Last night after I fed them I could actually hear them crunching away in their jar.


In the jar there is a couple of pieces of broccoli and a chunk of fat from a rib eye, here is what it looks like about 12 hours later


These maggots are like the very hungry caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar,

on the first day they had a half cup of oatmeal an apple slice and a carrot
on the second day they had a slice of cucumber
on the third day they had another carrot
on the fourth day they had broccoli and steak fat


Feed me Seymour, feed me!

This morning I also found all these trails all over the inside of the jar, I don't know if the maggots are slimy or if they were covered in beef fat:


After I saw all that activity from last night I decided to put them in the cabinet instead of the counter since they are afraid of the light. They ate that broccoli and meat so fast today I decided to load it up with food and to put a layer of dirt on top for them to pupate into and because the whole rig is starting to smell funky and yeasty from the moldy oatmeal, I think a layer of dirt will contain the smell a bit hopefully. They are probably twice as big as they were 5 or 6 days ago when I got them. I put in a layer of old dog food and carrots


And then dirt on top


It didn't take long for the maggots to be all over it.


That's probably the best picture I have gotten of them yet, they are not photogenic. I would like to get them outside sooner rather than later but we are predicted to have snow over the next few days so it is nowhere near warm enough.

Check out part I here about the bin I made for them.

Part II is here about the maggots arriving and getting them set up

Do you have any crazy experiments happening?

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Mmmmmmmm, looks delicious 😍😍😍😍

I haven't sampled them yet :)

Wow! Have to read this whole series from the start. Thanks soooo much!!!

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I will be posting another one soon so stay tuned ;)

Wonderful! Just peeked to see if I'd missed it. Will keep a look out.

btw, shared your post link and threatened both young adult kids to put a jar in each of their rooms so they could just dunk their leftovers from plates they're tardy to take out. Both freaked. ;)

Yayyyy!!! Thanks so much! Hopping right on over. Will send to them again. ;)

Damn... The funky odor of success!

Next thing you will have a business making mad protein!

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If the weather cooperates, somehow last night it was still below freezing. ;) I am going to post again soon, I think they are close to becoming pupae, they are starting to darken in color.

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This is great! I will also check out part two which I missed...

Lol! I am not sure I really want to hear them crunching! One of those "That could be me" situations...

lol, don't mess with a someone who has a bucket of these maggots!

Have I mentioned lately that I think you are a wonderful person and how glad I am we are friends...? 😁


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