Starting a Vlog anyone want to be interviewed? Any good suggessionts gonna be via @watwrongwitunews

in informationwar •  5 months ago

Yo yo people I am planning to start a vlog and plan to do a lot of interviews. I already have some really great guests lined up including the person I most respect on political economy and someone at the forefront of current events--even if your corrupt news refuses to give their herculean labors the coverage it merits.

I'd love to have as many interviews as I can so 1. I dont have to prepare or do any research or any real work other than ask people questions and pry at their ideas subject to their expressed values 2. get to use the famous and later day famous one's names to get the search algorithms to bring people and bots eyeballs to me and my brand of pseudo intellectual babble 3. hopefully trick some of these people to promote me to their networks.

The status quo tries to make everyone think they are insignificant and small so they learn apathy and accept tyranny. I think everyone even Don Quixote might have interesting ideas, perhaps not in the manifest but at least as a latent consequence of some overly academic scienticism. I'm down to interview anyone, but people with interesting stuff to say--especially if something not well represented currently in the public sphere or confrontational of my ideas to the front of the line. Comment here or message me if I can get some of your time and you have a web cam and are willing to figure out how to stream with me for a few minutes at some indefinite time in the future.

This will hopefully be a serious exercise in my narcissism and over inflated sense of self importance, and would be dope if I can get some fiat dollars and maybe some sort of celebrity off to go straight to my head.

Thanks facebook people. Hope to start soon, will try to test out my system soon and get a website built and since I never really do stuff until I set a date, I'll shoot to be ready to do stuff by July 5th, but probably won't really start working on it until July 4th due to the learned procrastination that higher education conditioned me to embrace as a resistance to their inhuman system.

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@fatkat - it was a serendipity finding your channel under the informationwar tags. I am still going through your past posts, seems like I should have started following you earlier. Ill be looking out for your Vlogs!!

I am still pretty new here and have a series going on Geoengineering. If you get chance, please check out and give me some feedback-

  1. How NEXRAD/Weather RADAR manipulates weather

  2. Chemtrails

  3. Global News Synopsis| Week 25


Cool I'll try to check out your posts in the next few days. Feel free to hit me up "TheFatKat" on discord, if you would like to be a guest once i start doing interviews let me know. Hope things have been going well!!


Sounds very good. Geoengineering is my forte and would defo love to share some info on my research.


sounds good, hoping to make the intro/outro video this week, then practice mixing and having guests (of videos I delete just to get the system down) then build website and then at some point in august start having guests with webcams. Would love to hear what you have to say. Always feel free to hit me up directly "TheFatKat" on discord

If you're willing to go down a rabbit hole, you can help me expose Rachel Maddow. Please see the video of my interview on Hard Bastard. It's all summarized here.


cool, looks pretty cool, feel free to hit me up "thefatkat" on discord, I'll try to hit you up here or wherever once i am doing interviews if you would like to be a guest

It's a good idea. Getting into the skilled space of interviewing for my channel has been tough so I have done sparingly. I'm pretty sure Abelard Lindsay from Natural Stacks was like "what show did I just agree to be on"lol.

Anyway, I enjoy your content, even though we don't blog about the same issues.


c'est la vie, thanks, let me know if you'd like to be a guest once i start doing interviews. If you ever have important content or anything feel free to hit me up directly as "thefatkat" on discord