Guess Who Is Funding The 5G Grid?

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How much people care about their wallets is a perception to keep the crowds distracted so that the devious “cyber assimilation” can be socially engineered without encountering too much resistance... the 2nd video is quite enlightening: how do you think 5G is being implemented... with FEDERAL MONEY, aka taxpayers.

Of course communication providers are not going to pay for this massive implementation. After the 2 minute mark, paraphrasing: the county is concerned about the 5G arising controversy that could delay federal funding and hopes to get an extension. BINGO... follow the money.

The deception is right in our faces, yet so many still think money will buy their freedoms. In fact, we are funding our demise if we do not use money to expose what is being done to us with it. That's the loophole of money, allowing an escape to end the deception. Every lie creates a loophole.

Every time you see a 5G monstrous tower, think about it, that we are the enablers somehow, because we fail to make the elites accountable.

In the Maxi Igan video, you will hear Musk say that the "control issue" is no longer a problem as we'll become AI... this is absolutely rubbish, because the brain interfaces will monitor human thoughts 24/7. Please help stop the insanity. Thank you!

5G - The Elephant in Your Living Room, 14mins, Max Igan, 2017

ABC7 News: LA Firefighters Halt Cell Towers on Fire Stations Due to Radiation Concerns, 3mins

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I have been concerned for some time on 5G, all the microwave bombardments we have been under for quite some time really. I did a post many months ago and one of the videos had testimony from an ex British intelligence officer who used it after WW2 as one of his interrogation weapons. He was astounded they were pushing it for normal use to the public.

I question how much the drop in sperm count is a result of cell phones in the pocket, as well as the rise in cancer. I could list a host of issues I see now that were not prevalent when I was a child, and one has to understand that technology is the largest change to our environment in this time.

It is clear that those who create the illusion of power for themselves hold no respect for those they would be lords of, and their actions are not ones of those who see value in most of us. Seems like they are getting rid of us similar to insect sterilization, only in this case we are viewed as the insects.


hello @practicalthought... thanks for dropping by... can you provide the link of this post, I'd like to share it to spread the word, next time I compile some data about this topic

we are ruled by a death cult


Hi, here it is. I was still learning more about it at the time. It was 7 months ago (how time flies).

I hope you find some of it useful. I notice the first video is no longer available (this happened with many of the videos I shared on the child trafficking taking place at the border). Lots of scrubbing takes place I discovered since beginning this blog. I need to get an external hard drive in the coming months as I have begun downloading videos a little bit to preserve the evidence, but my computer can only hold so much.

we are ruled by a death cult

It does seem that way, and as I have uncovered more I no longer rush to judgement on those who say humans are not the top of the food chain here. So much only adds up if those at the top aren't quite like us.


that's a long post, I will go over it tomorrow when I have more time. It looks well researched.

as for the "removed video", if you recall its title, maybe is it still on YT, mirrored/uploaded by an another user. I'd check out.

I am working on a 40min doc/presentation about child/under age sex abuse worldwide, it will be soon ready for viewing.

You have an interesting blog and do well. I was earning more but since the 2nd fork upgrade, my earnings dropped, I cannot figure why but it seems more about politics than anything else.

You are right to download as much as possible, censorship is a reality.

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