Airlines Burning Thousands Of Gallons Of Fuel Flying Empty 'Ghost' Planes

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Usually, the theory goes like this: the more clients the cheaper prices are and ever fewer clients means prices go up... no wonder we are destroying Nature because if prices are low, the market must sell more to increase profit margins. That's the price tag of cheapness. There is no secret here. So in fact when we think we made a good deal, we most likely have helped doom the economy a little bit further. Eventually, it will all have come down.

In the second example, we can see the direct impact of the fear factor on the economy. When fear is too great the market resorts to doing the wrong things. Fear pushes businesses into suicide mode to keep going. This paradox is highly disturbing to say the least because it sets into motion domino effects. Not to mention that in those drastic moments, prices can be slashed and staying in business requires more corporate borrowing, during and after the crisis to remain competitive. That does not sound right, does it?

These are only two cases but which are really enlightening and tell us that the free market theory only works on paper. There lies the absolute bottom line: it is competing for the biggest part of market shares that activates what we call these "dark forces".

This is the market's dark energy ruling all life on the planet. To remove these threats, degrowing the economy gradually and declaring a debt jubilee are the only way out. Monetarism cannot prevent collusion in any way. We have analyzed this aspect for more than 10 years and threw in the towel. Our conclusions are thus extremely rational. And the "world managers" know this of course. So what do we do from there?

Everything is tainted to some degree with the same flaws, and this realization is essential to optimize our awareness, being in the reality 24/7 is necessary to realize that we all stand in front of the same giant mountain and that we have to climb it. There is no other choice. We, at Earth Custodians, do seriously question the future of money in a flat economy, when profits will start being regarded as a threat.

The dilemma is complex yet simple.

Government Agency Warns Global Oil Industry Is on the Brink of a Meltdown (FEB 2020)
We are not running out of oil, but it's becoming uneconomical to exploit it—another reason we need to move to renewables as quickly as possible.

Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying empty 'ghost' planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak MAR 6, 2020
-- Airlines are running empty “ghost” flights during the coronavirus outbreak because of European rules forcing operators to run their allocated flights or risk losing their slots.
-- Some airlines have wasted thousands of gallons of fuel flying the empty planes into and out of Europe.
-- Demand for flights has collapsed worldwide, with one airline-industry group saying the outbreak could wipe out up to $US113 billion in sales.
-- UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wrote to flight regulators demanding that the “use it or lose it” rules be suspended to stop the ghost flights.


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The airlines being forced to keep plane in the air is because of government requirements. Government is always wasting resources.

The free market has nothing to do with government. Government is force, the free market it voluntary.

If there is something to be mad about for wasting fuel, be mad at government.

exactly dude ! thanks uavs for your wise comments ! this is the crap shit those fucking statists always want to shit us in.

  1. fucking get away with those slots, fucking put everyone on temporary leave @home so they don't spread the virus, focus on cargoes runs...

that's it !

secondly this fucking muppet poster doesn't even get that the market isn't free... it's a fucking cleptocracy run by an aristocracy raping children on islands backed by fiat printed money to infinity....

this is the biggest scam ever, and now they run a depopulation agenda....

and what the fuck is the force doing? nothing !

they fucking are dreamin !

what did they do against the child rapists? fucking nothing... traitors.

that's it.

secondly this fucking muppet poster doesn't even get that the market isn't free

As long as money exists collusion of special interests is here to stay -- 4000 years of history prove it
According to the Natural Laws, the input and output must remain balanced
Because value is subjective, value can only exist if there is a monopoly on value, which is also why collusion cannot be prevented
Profit-seeking makes problems more profitable, so the market cannot and will never fix itself. Honest and conscious capitalism springs from cognitive dissonance. . and all of this makes the abolition of money absolutely rational.

Therefore money was never meant to protect freedom but power. The flaws are embedded in monetarism - this is the premise I go by.

There is a lot more to say but I don't have the time to discuss further...

however, I suggest that you read more of my blog instead

Because value is subjective, value can only exist if there is a monopoly on value, which is also why collusion cannot be prevented

this is a contradictory statement. I hope you will grow up and realize it one day...

(ex : if you have too much weed and not enough corn what has the most value?).

Profit-seeking makes problems more profitable, so the market cannot and will never fix itself.

Markets are run by merchants, merchants are human beings and wish that their children or wives sisters and families goes to other merchants find products that are suitable for selling.

otherwise they are domestic enemies or market infiltrators.

ex : if I sell curry and your sell curcumin, I hope that when I go buy your stuff, I don't get poison, and if you do, I will expose you to the market authority to get you hanged, crucified or decapitated.


money is a form of accounting, better than money is trust, or "credit". when the one having exposed many illegal merchants or criminal merchants on a floor, ex those capturing market customers to sell them into slavery, spice lacers, and fake what ever, say that this new merchants is dubious, credibility is warranted and investigation ensue...

the true currency of the floor, is trust.


however, I suggest that you read more of my blog instead

I suggest you stop your propaganda, and it's a neuropathing trained on you, I suggest, you start to focus on your thoughts... find the flows that leads you and start to watch or feel it... then feel how you feel on what you see feel... become.