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Danny Williams has been fighting for years to simply have his father acknowledge him.

He, to my knowledge, first made public appearances trying to get Bill to take the DNA test to confirm or deny what is suspected. (He tells stories about receiving 'anonymous' birthday gifts dropped off as a child).

Well, Danny stepped up again and publicly called out Bill Clinton for making a statement about all the abandoned children, with the simple message that Bill has abandoned his own child and that makes his words somewhat hollow.

Let's start a quick conversation:
What could be supposed as the reason why Bill would reject acknowledgement of a love child?

  • Politics: an illegitimate love child makes for bad optics on a politician?
  • Marriage: a child with a prostitute while married can put some strain on a relationship?
  • Race?
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I don't think that has been proven. This allegation has been around for a while. Why couldn't he demand a paternity test in a court of law?


You are correct in that it has not been PROVEN.

I'm not a law nerd, but I think it's one of those where the mom (a prostitute who was not well off to start) would have had to sue to prove paternity in order to get child support.

I'm not sure that Danny could compel Bill to go through the test as an adult.


I believe it's his son. The mother's testimony and body language were very believable. We all already know what a cad he always was and surely still is. A day of reckoning is coming whether it is here on this earth or when judgement comes!

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Why couldn't he demand a paternity test in a court of law?


In limited legal knowledge; his mother could have sued for the test in order to get child support.

He, as an adult, would need to convince a court to force the test, but I don't know exactly what would be required for that. Probably something like a stake in an inheritance or something...