Paul Ryan, He and the others like him on Both sides of their constructed political antics sicken me. At the very least he should be quiet about things he knows Nothing about.

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Got a response on this meme, that would have been mimicked by myself probably just two short years ago. So this is not meant to be judgmental in any way, shape or form. I asked for God to show me the truth because I was constantly hearing both sides of this argument. Boy did He ever!

This was the response,

$22,000 a year single mother and doesn't qualify for a grant? NOT buying that....
I put myself through college as a single mother. Worked and went to school full time. No excuses, too many programs out there.
Free tuition, free daycare, free medical, with rent and cash assistance.

My response,

I hear where you are coming from and I used to take that stance solely until I found out how the DNC actively sent people like Margaret Sanger from Planned Parenthood to prey upon these people and attempt to brainwash them. In that sense, they have been horribly Victimized. I realize many conservatives don't like that word, but it doesn't change the vile actions nonetheless. They are however; Not stuck in their circumstance and don't need to succumb to victimhood. They are Stronger than that, but the deceiver is constantly trying to trick them and bring them down.

You are Correct in my opinion in the belief that all need to work their way out of whatever situation as best they can. I believe many Are and have demonstrated they Are trying. The problem is posed in the breakdown of the Black Family by these Cabal tactics in which these mothers receive more money if a male is not residing in the home. Without getting into the devastation this causes for the children and sticking solely to the financial aspect, this leaves the mother very little prospects for child care in after school hours or weekends in which she would be required to leave the child unsupervised if family is not there to help out, which does indeed happen in many cases. I say this from a research stand point that many day care centers and programs for children are compromised. Most parents do Not find this out until it is too late and Their child has become a victim. Spent over a year reporting on case after case, not just in home environments for child care, but also centers that were supposedly "safe and certified." Easier said than done.

I also say it from an experience stand point of what I watched either single mothers, or those from a lower socioeconomic area of gang infested locals try to make a better way for themselves and their children. So much is against them.

As you are likely aware, many child programs set up and Posing to protect the children are compromised. Not saying Every worker is, but many in administrative positions are and sadly have placed these children in harms way in some cases over and over again. Just as in this case.

This is an example and is one of the most wrenching, heartbreaking stories of how the child protective agencies are not All they are cracked up to be.

It may seem like way back in history, but wicked people do Not just cease to exist. As you know wickedness is rampant everywhere, the MSM news just won't report, they refuse to poke around. The McMartin Preschool case was verified. You hear next to nothing about this. That was a wake up call few heeded. No one was charged, yet victim witness stories matched others from around the world.

Obama did nothing for the inner cities of Chicago as he promised and when you take a look at places like Detroit, Michigan and other cities caught up in the stronghold of Democrat leadership there is a great deal of suffering. You can only give what you have, and these people don't always have a way out. With the pedophilia being rampant, I would make the same choice many of these mothers make to work while the kids are at school but be home for them to keep them out of the clutches of predators in the child sex trafficking industries, drugs and gangs. A daunting task in which I consider these mothers who fight this battle daily. . .nothing short of heroic! God bless those who try.

Now those mothers out there who may have given up, I can't help but try to put myself in their shoes. Can't begin to imagine working an uphill battle against such vast and vicious evil as the drug and weapons running. Take for example the opioid crisis. This all started with the Kings and Queens of old making vast profits on the poppy trade and trafficking through their puppets these opiates were distributed throughout the populace among all socioeconomic backgrounds. As they are addictive these people are actively preyed upon, threatened and blackmailed for these drugs they become dependent upon. Such a wicked trade as you know.

Bush among others furthered this industry as his family and Wall Street reaped the benefits of profits as that war in Afghanistan was fought over the poppy trade and maintaining control. The CIA is a is nothing but a bloated clown agency of self importance that actively preys upon the world with their orchestrators wars and evil funded through their own drug and weapons trade. Think Obama and Holder's Fast and Furious. It's all admitted, but sadly much of the general public doesn't pick up on it because they are all so busy feeding into the system whether out of necessity or belief that they must. We have all given in to their readily available distractions to the point I too shied away from taking the time to be informed. I wish I were not so easily brainwashed, but I was very susceptible and still can be if I don't trust God and ask Him to show me the way through their corruption. It is very tricky as satan is the ultimate deceiver and a master mind at getting humans to second guess their Creator.

My whole point is these people have far more than a conservative or Republican view and choice of a liberal or Democrat view they are up against. These orchestrators have been on both sides of this political construct they Actively use against us. They pit US against one another. I too used to just see it as people not working or trying hard enough. I wasn't aware of the diabolical plot against them.

God is and has chosen this period in time to wake people like me and others up to see What they are about and how they are preying upon these people. The cabal are the haters not just of people of different race and creeds, but the human race. Thank God He has sent people like Candace Owens to show them how they are fooling and tricking them into believing they are victims when they are Stronger than that. We now have Blexit and #WalkAway.

By the same token of encouraging people to leave the Democrat Plantation as Owens refers to it, many of us who are conservative are encouraging people, though we must vote Republican for the time being because many still reside with Patriots, we also have compromised government leadership in the Republican party.

I used to like Paul Ryan. I respected him when he came on the scene. He has proven himself to be a sell out these last two years. He has actively gone against the Patriots and what the best interest of We the People is.

What I don't like is him feeling that he is entitled to reign in on a single mother who is in an environment and situation where she doesn't have the same opportunity as some. Not just about race or color. . .his family from what I can tell has long been involved in politics. Ryan was part of a club called MUN, Model United Nations. Now you know how corrupt that UN is if people actively research their history. They are part of the Globalist system and wish for ushering in a One World Government; therefore, the enemy of We the People.

Ryan went to college based on the social security survivor benefits when his father died from a heart attack, but Ryan felt it was brought on by his years of heavy drinking. There's not much that I can say about that, of course it's Not beneficial to be without a father, Ryan did not need to worry about children or filing for grants which he might not be able to use because the welfare of his kids would need to and should come first.

He as also a member of a fraternity. Fraternities are notorious for connections. Point being he had leaps and bounds of opportunities over any young, single mother out there or even many of us who may not have been mothers in college, but we got Zero breaks as we watched many around us get them simply based on color or knowing the right people.

Fraternities also notorious for being linked to Free Masonry, so another red flag to me as these organizations pose as do gooders, while really only doing good for themselves and ultimately bringing a great deal of harm to others.

He was working on Capitol Hill right after graduating college. Now he did have some part time jobs, so not saying he hasn't worked, at the same time, no comparison to this mother's circumstance and others out there similar portrayed in the meme.

His wife, who comes from a family also involved in politics, so connections there too to Very influential people, received quite a large trust fund when her mother died. Once again, not discounting the loss and realization that money isn't everything, but I would imagine it sure makes things a heck of a lot easier and provides Far more options than those of us without it. As we have to scramble to keep things afloat when emergencies arise all while hearing about the entitlement of others, their holdings and various luxuries.

Also his wife is a democrat. All of these people posing and pretending they are not affected by the beliefs of their spouse are not being truthful and we all Know it!

She's also a lobbyist who represented such industries as pharmaceutical companies among others. Just that alone is a red flag.

To sum it all up, we have Paul Ryan, someone who is clearly entitled at this point in his life with more means than all working, middle class America making a blanket statement on one of our own. . .We the People, a single mother at that who is Not sitting on her rear and is doing her best to provide for her family in a flawed system that She didn't create. Rather it was created by leaders who hold the same belief system as his wife and even he himself. Once again, an Elitist looking down his nose and passing judgement on whom they have demonstrated they consider the populace that helps fund him. . .mere peons.

He and the others like him on Both sides of their constructed political antics sicken me. At the very least he should be quiet about things he knows Nothing about.

He Also appears to have something to hide. You see, he is not coming back. Part of those resigning or not seeking another term. This has been a huge Tell for those who are part of the corruption. Not sure what they have on him, but it is Clear by his actions and lack of character. . . he IS Compromised!

My apologies this is lengthy. This is why much of their evil stays hidden. It's always involved and far reaching. God has decided a light will be shone upon it. Dark No More. His people, Silent No More!

Praying for this mother and all out there like her. Praying for Blexit and WalkAway movement!

Here is an article about WalkAway, Brandon Straka and why he was compelled to Walk Away from the Democrat Party himself. Praying that someday we will do Away with the two party system. No longer Divided but be United!

Here is an article on Blexit

I hope to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Godspeed Fellow Patriots!


Remember this is the leadership of the Democrat party, not blaming the people who have been brainwashed by them.

Sick Way Democrats Have Twisted The Minds of The Black Community


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