So this is my first post with the new Resource Credit system. / Censorship to me is digital violence.

I have noticed in discord chats, comments and various places on the internet that a kind of panic fear about the new Resource Credit system has kind of taken hold. Let me say that steemit has had operational problems before. In truth this has never really bothered me as I have experience with experiments, which steemit is. Having that experience it is not hard for me to have faith in the process and frankly our witnesses track record with these problems is excellent.

So I have faith that eventually these problems will be dealt with. In fact I think letting your RC regenerate to near full is probably a good idea. I also think that people are going to have to learn how to use RC effectively over time. My plan is to post and than find 10 of my followers post to up vote and comment on, then see where my RC is at and how long it takes to regenerate. 

So as far as I am concerned, I will trust our witnesses to take us where they said.

Wait and see where we wind up and than join in on the discussion too adjust the system if need be. If no adjustment is needed the condition once again testifies in favor of our witnesses. If adjustment is needed and our witnesses can and do make those adjustments our faith is verified and confirmed. It is only if we are so far away from the intended goal that we cannot operate or steemit shuts down that there is a problem that cannot be fixed.

I don't see a shut down of steemit and the value of steem seems to be fine.

Now let me share the logical reason for my position on this. So far the logical conditions we have experienced here on steemit has been positive. Honesty requires that I say there has been a few fly's in the ointment, but those fly's and the relatively quick removal of most of those fly's is the reason for my faith in our witnesses. The main logical condition that assuages the fear is the fact that it serves not the witnesses at all for them to fail. There failure would mean my failure and there success will mean my success. So our vested interest are one and the same. I see no logical condition that negates the reason about the logic here.

If  you do please share in comments. 

There is one last new condition I wanted to talk about with my reader's. WEKU is a new social media site that pays its content creators in WEKU! You can check them out here and yes it is my referral link. There are some things about this new Social Media Site that people should know.

  1. There token does not have market value yet.
  2. The platform is old steemit.
  3. The value is not even close to what steem is and won't be for some time.
  4. It is a investment in time in the same way it was for steemit when it first came out, with the exception that now we know the system works and has value. 
  5. Page 14 of WEKU White paper expresses a way to censor post using a AI bot.

Excerpt from page 14 of WEKU White paper


2)Intelligent content filtering 
Decentralization does not imply complete and unrestricted freedom of expression. Some of the remarks are very harmful (such as pornography, drugs, racism and violence) and could even need to be removed immediately. The platform AI system uses thematic semantic judgment to filter this content and at the same time the WeKu platform will let readers report questionable content for review and removal if deemed to not meet the WeKu platform terms of service.

Source WEKU White paper

Censorship to me is digital violence.

This is because everything that we see in the digital world is a part of that world. When a person expresses themselves in the digital world that expression becomes part of the environment. If we could do the same in the real world it would be the same as deleting a cliffs edge. You don't see or sense the cliffs edge because they have deleted or censored the data. So when you reach the cliffs edge it is still there and you suffer the consequences of falling off of the cliff because of the censorship of the real world data. I don't follow people who use words to try and force others to do anything. 

In order for me to make such a decision however I must see how the person expresses themselves. Censorship means I don't have the data to make a informed decision about who to follow. Thus the Censorship creates a condition of illusion. Whatever harm is being avoided creates the conditions for harms against everyone. Those who censor others are guilty of harming everyone's ability to know the true digital environment and to me is the worst form of fraud. Thus if you are the operator agent of a organization that censors people, you are guilty of deliberately making peoples digital environment a unsafe illusion. If you created a illusion in the real world where a person could not see the cliff and they fell, in many places of the real world you would be held libel for the consequences. 

I see no logical reason why this truth in the real world should not apply to the digital world. 

Do you?

All photos are from Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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Not sure if I've ever heard of the term "digital violence" before. It's an excellent descriptor of the situation your article details. May have to borrow it some time. Lol. Interesting, well-articulated article, @aconsciousness.

The info on that new platform is also appreciated.

Any and all data, information word jargon or however you wish to describe it that is from this blog always is reusable in any fashion that you or anyone else will be responsible for. Digital Violence seemed appropriate to me. The thing that I noticed is the people spouting censorship as a value don't want to pay for it themselves. They want our necessity for correct information to make informed decision, but don't want to pay for it. I say no to that bull.

Your welcome to that information!

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