Leader Technologies proposed solution to the cabal. Do you think informationwar and familyprotection can take part in the proposal Michael McKibben shares at 18:35?

Today I wanted to share something important with my reader's. I have shared before the fiasco that is Facebook's Market Watch account. The last time I posted about it, I shared how it was up and down a lot like Bitcoin. Well I have to say that seems to have gotten a bit worse and now it is down more than it was last time. I share a screen shot of last posts screen shot below.

Screen Shot Mine!

Now to be sure I have been checking this everyday for some time now. The reason is becauseLeader v. Facebook Judicial Corruption case has convinced me that the Weaponized Social Media has stolen Leader's Patented software and the Judges are complicit (committing treason and sedition). You can read about that here! To be clear if they did steal Leader Technologies Patient than Leader should be payed period.

We all know that with the censorship we are in a real war with the deep state. We even know through the constructed comprehensive CRIMELINE the what, who, when, where and why! Trump is actually not in a good position right now. With the election coming up and the censorship of conservative views, the propaganda and programming of people on publicly funded social media and the Mockingbird controlled CIA Agents of the News Media it all looks really bad. Some of you know about Trumps executive orders concerning transnational criminal organizations declared in Executive Order 13581. Also Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking. So  it is pretty clear that the situation is heating up to mass arrest. Trump needs a Jubilee to garner support for those mass arrest.

The Jubilee

In the following video about Michael McKibben and the governments theft of his invention a solution is proposed. The entire 20:33 minuet video is packed full of claims most of which I have managed to verify and confirm. The most Ger-main to informationwar part of the video starts at 6:10 - 6:28. At 18:35 a contract is proposed and is the real reason for writing this post. If you watch the video you will get why this could be a way to get funding for informationwar.

Now having had some time to think about this, I have now come to a conclusion that Trump is likely to take leader up on there proposal using the Miller Act.  Now my informationwar warriors and #familyprotection (no need to up vote if you don't want to, but hopefully it is clear why I tagged familyprotection), I have to tell you that there is a amazing amount of information about this subject to go through. So much that all by myself I still have not managed to read or verify and confirm most of it. It would likely take me to long for us (informationwar and familyprotection) to take advantage of the clear opportunity of funding for our own endeavors.

It would not however take as long if 10-15 of our writers where to go over this with as fine a toothed comb as we can. Our writers can write post about what they find and post it as a informationwar post because this whole subject needs exposure. There are at least 100 long post for anyone! More motivating for me is the stated intent to fund with billions, a new News Infrastructure world wide, which we already are. I don't know what the chances are that informationwar could get enough funding to make our up vote on our informationwar post a house hold income for our warrior's. I for one will not ignore this possibility.

To be clear I am asking for help from my fellow warriors to investigate the claims made by Leader Technologies, with the intent of seeking the advantage in funding for informationwar if morally viable

So I have a question of my fellow #informationwar warrior's and #familyprotection? Do you think informationwar and familyprotection can take part in the proposal Michael McKibben shares at 18:35?

Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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I wanted to let you know that you have piqued my curiosity. I have saved this post for Sunday when I have more time to watch the video and share any thoughts I have. Thanks for sharing and hoping I will find something to excite me as I have almost lost all hope in any politician.

There is a lot to read in the links I provided. To tell you the truth I have only been through about half of it looking for that lie so I could move on. Not finding a lie is why I am starting to think this may be true, and why I want my fellow informationwar and moral steemians to bring there minds into it.

40 billion to rebuild the News infrastructure around the world is a lot. Even .001 percent would easily be enough for steemit!

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I personally think this is a great idea, and wish it would bear it's fruit fully. I see it as a verfiable and probative means of demonstrating the independence of President Trump, or his complicity in the very cabal that has stolen Leader Tech's patents and used them against free people.

However, IMHO, President Trump has already failed several probative tests, and I am confident he is a participant in the cabal.

Now, I've been wrong before about a great many things, and don't believe I could be infallible. I am aware that lots of folks disagree with me on a lot of things, and some of them are even reasonable (couldn't resist =p). Folks that have confidence in Trump's opposition to the deep state and bankster cabal, if aware of the theft of Leader's patents that are the drivetrain of social media today, should have no qualms about pressing forward to take advantage of this opportunity.

President Trump can sign the check with his extant authority, and It's even possible Leader and McKibben will follow through on funding an actual free press comprised of independent media journalists (us). McKibben and Leader certainly have strong motivations to do so, given how the larcenous cabal has disenfranchised them by first disenfranchising the rest of us so no one was able to be aroused against the thieves.

I have long and passionately argued that relying on saviours of any stripe is the best way to guarantee our failure to resist being further enslaved, and to fail to regain our progenitor's freedoms that have been taken from us by foul means and duplicity. I hold that it is up to us to gain our freedom from oppression by defunding it through use of extant and nascent technologies that make standard industrial manufacturing modalities obsolete, and all the social control mechanisms, from the enemedia to government itself, that rely on centralized wealth and power garnered via the standard manufacturing and social model(s), obsolete with them.

3D manufacturing, mesh networks, DIY hardware and software, cryptocurrencies, aquaponics, and more all make individuals and local communities competent to ignore industrial corporations, distant and disdainful governments, and the lying propagandists that sell us their services, and our information to the crooks.

When we don't need them, and they are more expensive and provide lesser products than those we can produce ourselves, we destroy their power over us just by ignoring them.

Let's ignore them to death when Trump proves he's part of the Bushbama cartel, and is simply participating in the Hegelian dialectic by bashing his co-conspirators in the enemedia while working hand in glove with the war profiteers and Zionist banksters to further their agenda(e).

I'm in.


I don't even know you, but feel like we are in the same world. I don't think you wrote anything in your comment I disagree with. Of course it is a show, and of course the Hegelian Dialectic. That doesn't mean we cannot create a anon journalism force. LOL

I note we have created a journalism force - the altmedia - as a natural response to propaganda and censorship. Both you and I participate in this force to counter disinformation and enable our peoples to act based on sound information, which further enables us to act in a coordinated manner to counter actual and specific threats that are effective only as we do not know they are extant and threats.

It is human nature - the drive to survive and thrive - that impels us to maintain our freedom and prosperity, and to pass it down to our posterity. Without good information that is commonly understood such coordination is impossible, and we are censored and misinformed with propaganda in an attempt to prevent our coordination.

We must first know to act, and you and I are both educated regarding such threats and acting to disseminate that education to our people. We'll always have individual perspectives on various issues, but as long as we gain pertinent factual information we are availed of the opportunity to mutually conceive and effect solutions to our common problems.

This exact and human natural social coordination is all that is necessary IMHO to resolve the continuing and growing threats to our sovereign power, and we are effecting it. I expect success despite resistance to this event, as it is more difficult to undertake coordinated society based on specific falsehoods than for it to effect based on factual information naturally sought and acted on by peoples that have survived incessant such depredations, and are inherently disposed to survive them.

Evolution has acted to remove those most prone to such depredations from our midst, and self-interest is damn strong when existential threats affect us.

Thanks for your help to protect us from lies told to harm us and our children!


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