Warning - This ain't a movie review - Part 2

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Hello Steemians,
I hope you all are doing great and me too. I feel great because I finished the second episode of the "This aint a movie review"... Please enjoy

Previously on Warning - This ain't a movie review - Part 1

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"Man, That was a good movie. Right?" My roomie asked me as we are walking down the road to the room. The Room was about 1/2Kms away from the Tambaram (E) Bus stand and It was almost 3 in the morning. There was no traffic so the Bus from Satyam dropped us at the bus stand In 40minutes or so.

"Yes, It was. Man!!! That was a scary movie". I replied, feeling little unsettling with the eerie silence. I knew there was supposed to be street dogs barking around but not a single one.

"Good thing we got the Bus, Naa?" I asked just to fill the silence with something else other than the movie which we saw.

"Hmm". Was the response.

Really that is all you can say, You had been yapping non-stop from the room till theater and Now "Hmm" is the only thing you can say. I wanted to ask but It was Ok, I did get to watch a movie... Half the distance covered and just about 200mts to cover. I saw the lights on the road heading towards us, Someone was riding a motorcycle and I wouldn't be surprised if that was to be some headless dude. I just wanted to get to the room and take a nap. Had to get up early. And there we were. Standing in front of the metal gates of out apartments. The building was bathing in the dull yellow color of the street light. we were on the fourth floor and the light was still on.

"Looks like he is still awake" I informed him, While he was waiting for the elevator in the lobby. He didn't respond. In fact, I too felt very tired after wasting the whole day and doing nothing. We got back to the room only to find the note on the Table "Going to my friends home will be back by Wednesday".

"Well, Looks like he has other important things to attend than an empty apartment." I joked and he smiled. "You seems to be awfully quiet, you feeling ok?" I inquired.

"I guess, I am too tired" finally he admitted.

"Yeah, Me too. Just get some sleep, Good Night"

"Good Night, Dude... Sleep well".

I went to my room and locked it. Quickly changed into the shorts and went to bed. Few minutes passed and I was still struggling with the sleep. I was feeling very uneasy. I tried sleeping but all I could hear is the clicking sound the wall clock made. All the stories about the haunting and the folklore are now coming to my mind. Ahhhhh f$%k it, Maybe a quick shower will help with the tension was the only solution came to my mind. I slowly got up and opened the door. The light in the hall was still on

My heart almost stopped at the sudden and sharp scream from the hall.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" I screamed too. "The f%&k you doing?"

Standing there was my roommate with the water jar near the dispenser with a scared look on his face. "I was thirsty so I came for water. Man!!! You f%&king scared me. Why are you not asleep?"

"I was feeling thirsty so came out to get water". I lied.

"Here, Have some" he extended his arm to hand over the water jar.

" Thanks, Bro". As I lifted the water jar to gulp down water the entire room was suddenly surrounded by darkness. Pitch Black.

"What is happening?" Again he screamed this time with high pitch voice.
That is when I felt it.

[To be Continued]


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Well stick around to find out more on what happened. Thank you all for supporting me and encouraging me to write more.



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oh dear. dont go for such movies again

Hahaha, @sayee ji. That is the only thing that I know how to do it right. If I started avoiding it because I am scared, I don't know what I will do?

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Thanks for your time man.. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the next episode. :-)

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