Indian Government Committee Submits Report On Crypto + Official Draft Bill Banning Cryptocurrencies!

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The real fight against the dinosaurs in the government begins now. Here's the long report with the draft bill on the crypto ban in India included in it.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 9.04.54 PM.png

Tomorrow we have the next set of proceedings in the supreme court. I'm making a quick post now to share this document. It's long and will take some time to go through it completely. But, I expect it to be challenged in the court 101% now that it's here.

Unbelievable that in today's day and age our so-called progressive government actually proves itself to be regressive by putting together a committee that takes all the time in the world only to come up with a blanket ban recommendation.

The document can be found here and was made public today!

Like a tweet read today, 'we launched a rocket and dropped a bomb on our citizens.'

Let us not panic. Crypto isn't banned, we've discussed this already and it's not a law yet.

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One simply cannot block the millions of addresses that can be created

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@firepower I think we will lose crypto space. They finally decided to ban cryptocurrency. What can we do? Nothing. I can't see any hope.

This is a recommendation and it has been made into law yet. Let's see what happens at the supreme court today.

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