India: Supreme Court's 'Tarik Pe Tarik'—Matter Adjourned For Tomorrow!

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I've been waiting to update everyone on the matter involving Cryptocurrency exchanges of India vs RBI however after pushing forward the hearing to 2PM and then to 3.30PM the Supreme Court has now adjourned the matter for tomorrow. However it seems as though the lengthy arguments from both sides haven't concluded today.

Having said that I'm not very sure if the court will give a final verdict tomorrow. But it's a bit of a suspense for now. Meanwhile let's lighten the mood a little bit, shall we? It seems like we've got the perfect video the describe the on-going situation!

Tarik pe tarik if you were wondering means date after date or pushing forward of dates.

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What else can you expect.

Hahahaha! That video is very appropriate @firepower. We have been getting dates and no concrete decision has been taken by Supreme Court till date. Even though I do not think we will get anything in our favor but still I am hopeful. I am damn sure they will push it to a further date! But you never know, we might get a pleasant surprise or disappointment. Fingers Crossed!

Hahaha 😆 Perfect video. Very aptly cited!
But we can still hope for the best

Agni Pariksha hai, Sita ghar aayegi ya fir Vanwas jayegi.

Zindagi khatm ho jaati hai, insan khatm ho jaata hai. Yahan tak ki vakil aur judge bhi khatm ho jata hai par me lord, ye tarikh khatm nahi hoti hai.

LOL! This fits perfectly. Almost forgot how Sunny Deol's antics behind the camera used to hold us in thrall.

On a serious note though..... although I am hoping for the best but I am not holding out for the good news. I would absolutely love to see the decision going in the favor of the market, but I also understand that there are bigger forces at play here that wont make it easy for us.

Good thing is that I have always trusted in the anti-fragility of the crypto market and not just Bitcoin. The harder we are pushed back, the harder we get up....

still waiting :(

Court and hospitals anytime this problems

Can we expect positive news tomorrow.

In india tarik pe tarik is common for most of the pending cases and I still doubt about tomorrow. They might come out with another date because I don't think they have intention to regulate crypto.
Anyways hope for the best friends. 🙏🙏

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As a crypto lover today's date was very disappointing...At my work place I checked Twitter more than 50 time in hope to see any positive tweet. Our legislation system is slow but we have believe on slogan of supreme Court. यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः॥ ( At the end truth will have victory)

You take real topic in here. It`s true. Not just in india, it happen toooo many country

Hahaha ,Sir, what is the hope of getting date tomorrow, plese tell me ..!

What do you think??
Is there a postive way out for the crypto in india?

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@firepower ya, it's happening same situation "Tarik pe tarik" that filmy dilog is the best word at this moment at Court Cryptocurrency exchanges of India vs RBI

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