India: Are Government Blockchain Projects Taking Off?

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In the past year some of the state governments of India have shown some interest in integrating blockchain into their governance systems. Telangana Government was the first to implement a working blockchain for land records in their upcoming Amravati city.

Amravati city experiment proved successful. Now the state government of Telangana is considering a wider implementation in other parts of the state.

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However, in recent times other states including Kerala have announced blockchain projects but many haven't taken off. Infact a Steemian told me they tried reach an office of one such project but couldn't get through to anyone.

Factor Daily now has a report on the status of blockchain projects in India. It is perhaps too early to state but I'd let you read the full report here and decide for yourselves.



“Another challenge is the money for these deployments. We cannot spend from our pockets to do the implementation because you need to hire developers and will have other expenses. With no financial commitments from the government departments after the PoC, carrying on with the development is difficult,” says the executive quoted above without name.

This statement is as true as it can get! Infact I'm in touch with a few people who have worked closely with state government on some IT projects. Most people within the government are hard to deal with as they lack knowledge on IT matters let alone blockchain and its use cases.

Getting the government to sign off on a project where you can implement transparency, accountability, efficiency, trustworthiness of data amongst other things isn't easy. You cannot hire low cost devs and you cannot get the top devs to work on projects at costs that doesn't justify their time when everyone knows the government has deep pockets to pay for an official's whims and fancies but not for scalable public projects.

For now I'm just keenly observing this space and recording some of the developments and information. I think it's important to make a note of such significant changes in the IT industry in India. Some of us truly believe in blockchain technology and it's potential to change business as usual.

This technology can open up so many possibilities and improve the employability of software professionals as well as create a thriving new sector within IT in India. It's already happening and there's a lot more to come.

However, without regulation in this space, adoption remains difficult. Adoption of any new tech can be seemingly hard when there are a number of forces that need to approve these things. Hopefully 2019 onwards we'll see more government blockchain projects taking shape and more systems being put on-chain.

Currently as we stand many projects seems to be still in the proof-of-concept stages and only one has seen deployment.

Feel free to share your opinion on this as well as read a previous post on similar matters, 'Can India Become One Of The Blockchain Leaders By 2023?'

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Looks good that Indian government should take steps for blockchain too @firepower

Glad to see India putting thought towards blockchain space. I know it will change the world but just wish it weren't so difficult to engage with local governments on this matter. As they say though, " good things take time ".

India can set an example. But I see more fear of block chain in people than acceptance. Half of the people don't even understand the underlying tech. The only thing they see is investment and volatility. People need more exposure to block chain to begin with.

In India it is very difficult to work with government let alone trying to make understand and integrate them with such a modern 21st century technology like block chain. It was a very out if the box and open mindedness of KCR that got us our first block chain city but it would be very hard for other cities to accept and follow that model.
Although I accept Goa to soon accept it as Mr Manohar parikkar is himself an IITian and would have better taste in technologies.

I read in another report that most of the Blockchain developers are already going outside India in search of opportunities. So, this is something that government should definitely consider serious and bring some regulation so what we can retain some of the great minds in India itself.

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In the govt sectors,everywhere you see the people who are generally inefficient and unproductive one.So what we expect from such a country,but some state are much forward though,lets see for future.Thanks for the updates.

I hope early Indian government take good and big staps on blockchain technology .
It's great blog sir,
If you don't mind please check my recent post I hope you love it .