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20120905 Interview With Jesus & Mary - Humility S5 (Resistance To Humility P2) 0.09 SBD$ curation reward 0.11 SBD$ curation reward
☼ Recurring Dreams & Premonitions In Dreams
Extract from full original video: 0.53 SBD$ W00W first upvote that I received from one of the top 20 steemit witness @pharesim (Thanks again 4 encouragement of newcomers :)*)
How To Really Change Your Law of Attraction

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20080914 General Discussion - Q&A From People In Bathurst P1 (Poor Quality)
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20090207 God's Laws - Law Of Attraction P1
Integral original video on youtube

20131115 Texas USA 2013 - Rachael - Q&A With Audience S7
Extract from original video on youtube (clip)

20090426 The Human Soul - Anger Is Your Guide S2

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Modified title:(the epic yt v=a of STEEMIT --- or --- another use{wthM2r6pBzJk=} wallpost ->^v^93(&-i(¨

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That is an article from the @divinetruth account I like
Modified steemit title: {UNWRAP}Secrets-of-the-universe-e({[SPIRIT INFLUENCE]})e^v^{Possession)^)tBOT}^{Overcloaking}^ 20100221 Gods Laws - Law Of Desire P1 ^v^{GINAb(^(BONUS faucets ethereum litecoin dogecoin }^v^Capture[MeoW]

  • First tribute to the cranberries from @olivier10101 on steemit in faucet compilation disguise*
    Enjoy :)
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