We are now 80 people! [email protected] - Will soon become 100!!

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You WILL read this Mr. Adsactly/Micah Wallace - yes - you! Remember us? Well, we remember you !!


We are taking legal process against you and also here to inform steem community what one of their high ranking members do for a living right now, and has been for ten years.

I am terrified but I have to speak out about this monster that took our bitcoins and gave us worthless untradeable shares and securities in Adsactly which is not a company, but a website that the owner of that website run. When I saw that they have set up shop on STEEM, I have gathered guts to front this and you all better back me up here!!

So 4 years ago, get introduced to this Micah Wallace from Canada, CEO of Adsactly, we video skyped back and forth until we had paid him 10 bitcoins to invest for us, in return we got adsactly shares on the now defunkt HZ platform while other people in the same situation as us

First I sent 10 Bitcoins to him, then he made an offer to pay me more shares if I got my brothers in on the deal too, so they put in 5 each, so we are all four of us now 25 Bitcoins deep into Adsactly, right?

We email back and forth from time to time, but then he must go because he has new people to lure into his little spiderweb that is just him, no company, no organisation, just Micah Wallace.

Adsactly is a 1 person ponzi scheme

Yes I understand, I need to have some serious balls to come out to say this knowing that I will be flagged by him or his current supporters (those who dont invest, work)

The burden of Proof is what Micah Wallace are asked in court why he, a private canadian citizen living at his parents house, still helping them in a business they have together.

So a few weeks ago, we met another group of investors in EOS that also had been lured into the same type of aquisitions under false pretens as we had bought into.

Since he had kept it so 1on1 or 2 of him and 1 of us communicates and we a long time ago found out that Micah divides his sheep into two flocks, one of them to be slaughtered now and the other to be slaughtered later.

Prove that Adsactly is legit - Adsactly!

Our lawyers who guide us has suggested that we take Micah Wallace to COURT in CANADA which is something we can do alone, and would under normal cases he would be filed under securities fraud, mail fraud, and many other charges as we soon met up with someone else that had been lured into adsactly and their friends and from there we are now 67 people who have put in a total of 545 Bitcoins - Were did the 545 Bitcoins go? nobody knows, if you ask Mr. Wallace he will say everything is fine and the stock is up, but he never pays us any dividends as promised nor can we trade his security issued on the HZ platform and also on two other platforms that just makes this all so much more confusing, but imagine everyone who has invested in Adsactly owns 100% of Adsactly.com and portfolio, which value is made up by Micah Wallace and never documented.

How much has he ripped you off for?? [email protected]

In writing moment we have almost 80 men, women, and companies that have put enormous amounts into Adsactly, and when we know that he 1) never pays us anything 2) He is not a company, so no books to keep, right? 3) 80 today, 160 tomorrow?

We can only speculate how many more people he is using and seeing some now also work as a writer of stuff for him on steemit is just what he does to hook more investors on skype the next day showing all the steem articles and wow and wow!

How to get on the list of creditors? email: [email protected]

since we already have so many creditors already a class action will be due against Mr. Wallace for mismanaging our funds, lying, losing and under reporting after finding out that he spend investors money for whatever he wants or feels like, and he is STILL doing it - right now, here on steemit!!

right now we all pay $100 each and the more we are the less we pay each so what I am doing here is to ask you to send an email to [email protected] with your story, amount or cheap labor?

If YOU work for Adsactly, You Too must contact us with your story and make sure nothing leaks to anyone because who you work for now can make YOU go to jail when HE goes to jail, which he will.

If you are poor, Micah abuse you because you are poor, so he let you do work for him and pay some hundred dollars a day to 10-12 people. You do not have to say anything in public, our email address is shared between myself my brothers and our law firm so Please contribute with real information.

We have put $1000 into Steem so that we can trend this post and reach out to you!

Adsactly the Community VS Adsactly the Investors

so the way this scam works is that he makes this illusion of adsactly almost being a religious entity that must only be worshipped. He once told my brother for fun or for real that if he said a bad word about Adsactly his investment would be forgotten about, so that is how he holds a bond between himself and investors with money.

Away PewPew, Daddy Micah has business calls to make

Looking at #adsactly and @adsactly after spending 3 weeks just lurking in his discord we have mapped out pretty good who is on the payroll of Micah Wallace, and you may think you are doing something good - but you are actually just helping HIM look better when he calls the next person with money, bitcoins or litecoins - If he has been luring people into this empty hole of a mistake for a decade.

We estimate that as much as 10,000 Bitcoins can have been sent to Micah Wallace over the past 6 years, individuals from all around the world.

Thankfully Crypto is not so big yet and it was relatively easy to make a list of people on steem that works for Micah Wallace/Adsactly - and now it is your duty to inform your other co-workers so that you can make a public quit statement of some sort or just keep gathering more information about more people who are in the same situation as us all.

So, whatever you want to share with us, now you have an email to contact us on. We will of course not ask you any sensitive questions only gathering information before InterPol has subpenas to make in Canada, South Africa, Australia and other English speaking countries were Micah Wallace have

We have two lawfirms who both have reading rights for all incoming email on this email address [email protected] <<<< copy/paste write subject write text, if you have screenshots, video or anything to share now is the time to do it. If you are poor and he has abused you for labor let us know, if you are investor looking for your money, send us an email.

Lawfirm Allen & Overy and Lawfirm Baker & McKenzie

why 2 lawfirms? because when we found another group of investors that also had been ripped off financially, they had also a lawfirm that wants to do the class action, so to save time and fast forward we decided to keep both law firms on the same job to gather more data and mapping international and national laws he has broken.


We are appalled by these completely false accusations, with absolutely no evidence to support any of them. We consider this a total fabrication, made up to ruin our reputation. The ADSactly Society absolutely refutes all of them as there is no evidence of any kind to support this false claim. Apart from this being a seemingly fake account, with a fake profile pic, find it used here and here. If these law firms were really involved in this “class action suit”, they would never allow this to be posted as it does not follow standard legal practice.

We are pretty sure of who wrote this and why, the same person who also took our money under false pretences and refused to give it back. The same person who started this entire character assassination of our name not too long ago. The reason was due to ADSactly pursuing legal recourse to try get our money returned, which, unlike these accusations, there is actual blockchain transaction evidence to support it, go look for yourself.

Micah Wallace is one of our founding members whose vision brought ADSactly to life and it is insane to slander his name in this awful manner. Micah is a man of good faith and integrity who helps many people on a daily basis. He is not the CEO, as there is no such position within our decentralized society and has almost no involvement in the ADSactly blog.

Micah Wallace is not a fund manager as stated in the Stakepool article nor has he ever claimed to be. The article posted was done so against his wishes, and was completely a false portrayal of what ADSactly was all about. One just needs to do some research to see who the stakepool site belonged to.

Lastly, we are appalled at the attempt to intimidate our members who freely volunteer their time in support of the ADSactly community. Our blog is a community initiative, with the payouts going to the contributing writers, who are members of our society. We support our community 100%


You mean they just want to pull u down for nothing???

What he is trying to say is, they are not a pyramid scheme - they are shaped in a circle ;-)

woooot, great reply...

Yeah you support your own scam 100% lol sorry but you are not even Mica Wallace, youre probobly an innocent writer a useful idiot whose job it is to write for adsactly LOL mica wallace just sits there scamming people from his dads toronto office (flags of the world)

Steemit is a honeypot for scammers and there is no scam police because (((the powers that be))) are in a war with the last remnant of Good Men to literaly honeypot all the scammers into one place called crypto currency, the lastr Egold HYIP wonderland where you can make whatever money you want doing anything you want by screwing over as many people as you want!

Well guess what., a giant super compuyter AI knwon as GOD will catch you and you will be your own worst nightmare, Guilt, self awareness, being forced to look at all the nasty things your scams produce, all the families ruined and deaths caused by scammers will be revealed to the scammers as they die and go through karmic troubles, the reincarnation bank is here and we have a lot of wicked people left on earth

Someone invented the HIV virus, and that virus is still killing people, someone sterilized a lot of people in the 1920s,. eugneics nazis, control freaks, theres a lot of them, and we need a balance

we need to find a balance between facists and Creatives... we cannot allow communism socialism any sort of collectivism to win, the hivemind can only be led by someone like me, we are all in denial about who our leaders really are... too many sloths with no self confidence,w ell i have enough self confidence for every last person on steem,
arent you sick of all the naysayers shooting down good ideas with their bad ideas and lack of vision?

I am like Jesus because even after Ned crucifies ,me and all of us, and stunts our growth by failing to do any work for a whole year, AND YET I STILL want to make him the richest man on earth and the new zuckerberg

we will see if ned can get the DARPA SAIC money to go from facebook to steem, its a sure thing really but i cant let you all know that can I, youill all start begging for "proof" becva8use you all have like zero faith and you think this is a game, as if we need proof that the CIA runs @steem and @steemit psh so obvious that this is all just a gianty game to sort out humanity its the good person token like in china, its surrogates itys the Divergent series, its 1984 and braver new world hahaha its all here, steem is the mark of the beast but i will get REAL beats using steem with the san diegoi zoo, see i actually embrace change and im not AFRAID of the mark of the beast like allthe fake christoians out there...I am the first to recieve the super powers of nano tech enhancements and now I control the hivemind

Edit: Comment has been removed, waiting for @adsactly response to @steempipe post.
All rewards from this comment will go to charity

Since he had kept it so 1on1 or 2 of him and 1 of us communicates and we a long time ago found out that Micah divides his sheep into two flocks, one of them to be slaughtered now and the other to be slaughtered later.

This post has received a 8.86 % upvote from @boomerang.

I upvote you,you can do the same with my posts,thank you!

right now we all pay $100 each and the more we are the less we pay each so what I am doing here is to ask you to send an email to [email protected] with your story, amount or cheap labor?

I have a hard time believing that two international and highly reputable law firms would have you soliciting “victims” on Steemit.com, asking for donations and sending people to a random Gmail account. Can you prove to us that this itself is not a scam?

Pretty much everything in this post is unsubstantiated. I would caution all users to consider the actual evidence (or lack thereof) that has been provided here.

There may or may not be a scam being run by ADSactly. But I know one thing is certain: You have provided no actual evidence of it. In fact, it appears to me to be a baseless attack against them and there appears to be an obvious attempt to offer no facts supporting your claims.

If I were you, I’d be careful about libel. And you should probably get one of your two alleged law firms to corroborate your claims of being a client and soliciting funds for legal payments. This is typically not how class action suits are handled and I would be surprised to know that you’re doing this with their approval or even their knowledge.

I don't know the particulars of this case.

However when I had to go to court because of a scammer. I was obligated by the court to put out a public notice saying that I was intending to take the "scammer" to court.

Also in the past. I've gotten notice of intent, that a law firm was intending to sue a large corporation via snail mail, for a class action law suit. And that IF I wanted to participate in the lawsuit or not participate to send back the card.

Steemit would be the proper venue to "solicit victims".

But I agree that this post may be a bit over the top. And could of been worded better.

your post was a bit over the top and you could have been coded better at birth, but no one asked you, all you do is spread cowardice lol prove me wrong, prove me wrong oh you cant lLOL seriously ats david is a known cuckold

yea i skimmed the article, would prefer actual evidence, right now seems just like he said she said, without even emails or transactions. I do like getting information out will upvote the post if actual evidence added

You know it's legit when there's a court case and a date. Otherwise it's not for real.

wow, so here you are supporting scammers giving scammers the benefit of the doubt lol typical, and theres grey to go be boot licker like always lol , they didnt straighten him out enough in the military, he needs to go back and so do you, get educated on how its bad luck to give benefit of the doubt to scammers lol cant believe youre now saying this guy should be careful of libel? LOL micah wallace is running an illegal pyramid scheme from his dads toronto penthouse and the nerwspapers have already been emailed and man, its just insane how you just suck adsactlys dick LOL, have fun being part of the next bitconnect lol

and please tell us how class action lawsuits are handled for non existant anti scam protocals? This whole world is run by scammers and you seem to be the type that defends them lol

Obviously this post is pure FUD.

First a lawyer would advise you against making such a post if you are filing a class action lawsuit.

Second you are trying to give legal advice claiming anyone who is working for ADSactly can "go down with them" and therefore "better contact you". This would eat you entire claim alive in a court room because you are basically threatening people to try to get more people in so you can file a lawsuit. That is so incredibly illegal I don't know were to begin. But none of this is legal advice of course because you have your own legal team for that and I am not those legal councils - or you don't and are making all this crap up which is what I suspect is the case - in either event I am not offering you advice of any kind just pointing out how stupid you are being.

Third I can't say what Micah has or has not claimed in private but i can say that publicly people have been told time and time again ADSactly is not an investment. If you were given assets or tokens on a cryptocurrency platform and that platform went bloke, logically he would have to issue them on another platform or they would be worthless. Its like trying to claim that if ETH ever goes broke, all the projects who used ETH as a platform would be liable for that. That's utter nonsense.

Forth, this is not how cryptocurrency works. You don't get to invest in an ICO or project, and then go back and sue because the value of what you invested in didn't have the returns you expected - and based on your own admission you did in fact receive a cryptocurrency and/or token for what you paid.

So much wrong in what you have said. I don't believe for 1 second that ADSactly is a scam. There are far to many people involved that know its legit. It seems every other month someone is calling ADSactly a scam or claiming ADSactly is broke and has no money. Its sad really. You lost faith and bailed on it is most likely the case.

Granted freedom of speech is your right, but you are dangerously close of libel if ADSactly sues you if it can prove damages based on your statements.

Finally I absolutely guarantee 100% that everyone involved with ADSactly has been told it is not a company it is an Autotonomous Decentralized Society - thats what ADS in ADSactly stands for.

Once again - FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD; I see it everyday in cryptocurrency. FUD.

Maybe you should mention that you highly profited from adsactly votes in the past. You sound like a cultist btw. Your reasoning is extremely flawed.

I don´t know if adsactly is a scam or not. I know that adsactly sucks. Those giant circle jerks systemetically hurt quality content on steemit and this is not acceptable.

Since he had kept it so 1on1 or 2 of him and 1 of us communicates and we a long time ago found out that Micah divides his sheep into two flocks, one of them to be slaughtered now and the other to be slaughtered later.

ADSactly is not an investment. If you were given assets or tokens on a cryptocurrency platform and that platform went bloke, logically he would have to issue them on another platform or they would be worthless.

You aren't making any sense. People weren't given any shares, they had to buy them.

I don't believe for 1 second that ADSactly is a scam. There are far to many people involved that know its legit

Your reasoning is hilarious.

It seems every other month someone is calling ADSactly a scam or claiming ADSactly is broke and has no money.

Hmmm..... I wonder why.

Lol this guy.

Once again - FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD; I see it everyday in cryptocurrency. FUD.

All posts' biggest upvoter happens to be adsactly.

Sure buddy, whatever you say man.

Previous post by @lennstar about ADSACTLY here lays it out nicely.

I spent a few weeks in their server and drew my own conclusion from that experience:

  • a circle jerking community, in which low quality content is boosted does not raise the quality of content or add long-term value to any space (virtual or real). Bootlicking, secret handshakes, and protection rackets never work for the common good, so there will usually be more losers than winners in the end - think 'Pyramid' - because the entiree thing will fall eventually under it's own weight (shit and quality may weigh the same sometimes in votes and dollars, but shit smells worse).
  • ADSACTLY has a cult following made of members at various stages of awareness.. either they have swallowed the bait and are enjoying the taste, or they are starting to feel cramps in the gut.
  • Steem has many shady characters, the ones proclaiming most loudly that they are interested in good curation, are not necessarily the ones most concerned with that.
  • It's a game of monopoly and no rules exist except the rules made up by those who control the board.

It's mostly common sense, really.. speaking of REAL - I pay for my own promotion because I don't compromise my own right to express myself. Rather pay for my bids than practicce shining shoes or licking them in guilds like ADSACTLY - The more Real, someone says he or she is - look carefully .. is it a realwolf or a canary?

Photo by SarahRichterArt on Pixabay                                                        Pixabay Free Use License
Take as much care on this platform as you do when crossing a six-lane freeway.

Yeah more like appeal to symphaty, it will never work out well on the court. Nevertheless, this would be a great story to follow upon.

yup that's him. Thats how I know him. I had to change my statement after I read something in this thread. About lawyer advise. Somewhere in the bottom of this thread. How a lawyer would advise you not to post this kind of stuff.


BTC gives us a great blockchain technology


btw his face looks so innocent :p

Wow! This is turning out to be quite the story! Someone should email Toronto News Papers and other Canadian press telling them about the Story of the Century, a Canadian Bernie Madoff using Bitcoin!

very good idea

I did it, i emailed two major toronto nmewspapers giving them the heads up about their own canadian bernie madoff, finally Canada is good at somethingf!

The English in that is terrible :D

Nice I like it

Adsactly may be a scam, but this post did little to substantiate that. Terribly written and devoid of substance. Also, the post contains inconsistencies and outright fabrications, which detract from the claim against Adsactly. Crazy that this crap post is going to be paid over a grand!

That may be true but at the same time there is a value in having the entire community vote on it. It’s interesting to see whether or not Fake News will trend higher or not

We read the same post brother, your so right and I have never been more convinced that this is somebody tring to do a scam post to gain attention...it’s so ingenuine so unreal I contest everything in this post.

I thought adsactly was just someone who posted really annoying content being upvoted by their pals cause they are rich

Same. Lol I never could figure it out.

why he did spend at first place and now he have to contact cyber crime unit

I also think like you

hahah ! wonderful

No wonder why @velimir was so vague when I asked him about it and what he does for them. I wonder how many people did he scam or what did he do to deserve 16% of their daily VP.

Resteemed for visibility and everyone else reading this should follow up and do the same. We need to spread awareness about this.

Fuck that guys shitty "Original art" instagram snapshots voted into the 100's - my shit posts are better than everything he produces.

Finally someone has said it! That shit has been frustrating me so much I had to mute him. To see such bad content appreciated that much over all the other great content there is on here made me so mad.

At least now we know why he was getting that much from them.....

Totally agree/ understand man. His dumpster fire of content was some of the first I saw here. Can't wait to see where this goes. Popcorn ready.

I have no shame - if you want good content - check out my shit. 😂😂

I've seen your cine vlogs man they are awesome! But I dedicated almost 100% of my daily VP for my Dlive curation project and trashed it so I need to recharge. Hit me up on discord in a couple of days when my VP will be a bit better than now and I'll share some with you :)

Hey man come on no one's asking for votes - lol - although votes are nice 😁 - appreciate you watching my videos / glad you enjoy them. See you on Steemspeak - chat soon dude!

What's the matter, you said okay our post is the best.

Em...I've never really seen you shit post ever.
I personally think you are one of the top creators on this platform.

Hey man thanks - this made my day! my new video will be up in a few hours - just putting the final touches on it.

If you're ever in Toronto we're gonna grab beers and plot for steemit domination. Have a good one brother!

Bold statement coming from this DB @jonny-clearwater

Yeah I figured......

Bold statement..... But it's true fam. Check out my shit - It's Dope! Hahahahaha....

But for real - who you calling a DB? Me - Ruin or johnny ?

Johnny thats my boy

Oh gosh...their contents have always been ResidentSleeper for me.

Had to google what residentsleeper was - hahahhahah

I converse in the best memes!

Indeed you do - tips hat.

Thanks for taking down this guy! Hes such a ponzi and he has his name all over legitimate @steemplus @kevstood needs to take that adsactly logo off steemplus , he was tricked i dont blame @steemplus or @stoodkev but please take that adsactly off

@steempipe if you could PLEASE come to our Disocrd https://steemspeak.com Channel we have a LOT of experience and even victims of Mr. Wallace and his Adsactly system

(I also have a personal interest in this because my name "ackza" sounds a lot like Adsactly and that makes me look bad, by association )

We estimate that as much as 10,000 Bitcoins can have been sent to Micah Wallace over the past 6 years, individuals from all around the world.

Please correct typo "may have been sent" or "have been sent" or "have been"

Our lawyers who guide us has suggested that we take Micah Wallace to COURT in CANADA

Please correct typo from "Our Lawyers who guide us HAVE suggested that we take Micah Wallace to Court in Canada"


just so you know. It seems your TLS certificate is invalid:


You linked @kevstood instead of @stoodkev :D

However. I did not know that @adsactly is a scam. Wow... I really thought they were a legit community backed by a legal company.

Kind regards,

The Secret Service

Yeah its ok :) jusrt a redirect to steemspeak.com

come on man please dont spam here , its a serious post! Oh wait youre a bot... i know that because of the great @steemplus feature which i hate seeing adsactly's name all over REAL Steem products

he does this to make himself look good, but @stoodkev MUST take that name off or he will risk looking like hes supporting a Ponzi Scheme, making the @steemplus extension look dubious and I know it is a safe product, but it must have that adsactly name taken off or it risks looking SO bad!

Adsactly has embedded itself into steem in a wauy that will make ANYONE involved look MUCH worse than @craig-grant or @trevonjb and Bitconnect haha Adsactly is MUCH worse because Bitconnect never fucking sponsored USEFUL events on steem

See adsactly cannot defend themselves now, its over, the ponzi is up and @fyrstikken CALLED it and WARNED everyone about it and TOLD ME to WATCH OUT and I am just GLAD i get to be apart of taking DOWN the assholes who make Crypto Look BAD for the rest of us!

I am neck deep in my OWN exciting fun amazing Dream Jobs but when it raisn it poors!

If all this appear to be true, I'll take the necessary measures. I do believe that someone being accused has a right to defend oneself though. I'll follow the case and act accordingly. Thanks for tagging me so I wouldn't miss that, @ackza

Thank you for considering looking into this, @stoodkev

I hope guys like @ackza @steempipe @transisto will keep an eye on you too, because, unfortunately, when you mix with the wrong crowd you tend to get tainted as well.

I presume that it would have quite some significance if @adsactly would respond to this and that very soon!

I m not involved whatsoever with them other than having a business agreement, if they dont answer this claim or do not convince of their innocence, I ll terminate this agreement.

I hope that the truth and the full truth can come out quickly

Pls do look into it carefully...

woa! Good idea

I thought it cool

Wow such interesting stuff. I hope you keep us posted on what goes on with this court case.

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