IFC S1-R33 - Catch Up Round - Kindness

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IFC S1-R33 - Catch Up Round - Kindness

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The #IFC has brought us a challenge this time, you guys sure do not make it easy.
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There are just too many acts of kindness to mention them all. We see a kind act the rescue of a kitten from a drain. A dog being taken in by a new owner. A child sharing his toy with another. Someone stopping their car to let someone pass by. We see kindness is holding the door for another. Helping someone with a heavy load. Sometimes just listening is an act of kindness. A kind word of encouragement. Cooking a dinner, joining a game, entertaining others. All these things are done for the benefit of another. In most of these cases a thank you is not needed. The reward comes from the giving of oneself. Time words tips tricks, assisting talking listening for the benefit of another. The majority of the time. Time is all we need to give.


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So now we know all about kindness, yes? I think there is a bit more to it. The things we only hear about for a brief moment in the media and then it get swept by a trump tweet and for the next 3 weeks meme's about his hair. Those on Steemit, who better the lives of others, They invest their time in Steemit and generate funds to achieve these goals. Many of you reading might have sent a vote that helped a community somewhere. A perfect example where I would say every penny counts or every vote counted no matter what the value was of the individual. A group Kindness. Kindness, we see can be in many forms, the best form is when it's your kindness. At some time in all of our lives, we need another for one reason or another. Even if it is just to learn to ride a bike.

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That about cover's kindness, or does it, could there still be more kindness out there? Maybe not or maybe so. Is there that kindness we never see or very few of us know when those deeds are done. Little things that get done for you for me for all of us at some point which we never see. The neighbour who picks up your trash when the wind blows it over. Who holds your dog for you when it escapes until you get home. The person in Steemit who says go look at this person. or promotes your post by advertising it in another chatroom. Kindness is the act of doing something for another, should they know about this kindness or not is non-material. Kindness is in the giving. A thank you is receiving. They are two opposite sides to the one thing, and only one side is needed for it to be.

My entry to the IFC S1-R33 - Catch Up Round - Kindness

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Well said jan. Some really good points there and you seem to be behind the scenes in a lot of places helping people which is awesome. Unfortunately I just voted right before you posted this, so I couldn't vote for you either way, but good luck anyways! :)

That's cool, I want to get comfortable, I am selfish really, It is I see the best way of doing it is to help others, we are a community, and the interactions I hope grows both of us. If not for the IFC my own growth would be stumped and much slower.
I enjoy these contests, they kept me writing, gave me the topics to think about and an opportunity to open my mind. You helped me see my own thoughts clearer. You may not have known you were doing it. But I seen it happening before it did :). You are appreciated. You work behind the scenes too.

The things we only hear about for a brief moment in the media and then it get swept by a trump tweet and for the next 3 weeks meme's about his hair.

This is unfortunately true. It is great to see you take on this challenge and remind people exactly what kindness is. We certainly do need more of it in this world.

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