Last week to claim your DTube account for free !

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Last week to claim your DTube account for free !

Hi fellow Dtubers/Steemians,

Since DTube last update and the launch of the new DTube blockchain, DTube is offering all Steem users to create a DTube Chain account for free until September 1st, 2019. Already more than 10 000 accounts have been registered.

If you have been away over the summer, check out our hot news!

Why creating a DTube account ?

Creating a DTube Chain account should be your day's priority, and here are the reasons why:

  • Double your earnings -With a DTube account you can start earning DTube Coins (DTC) by interacting on DTube, along with your Steem account
  • Safeguard your Steem username -Creating your DTube account now allows you to own the same username on the DTube Chain as on Steem. After the claiming period, reservations will be opened to anyone in and outside the Steem community
  • Participate to the first ever DTC token sale -By September 6th, you will be offered to be among the first investors to benefit from the 1st round of DTC token sale, with the highest bonus!
  • Benefit from the DTC airdrop -DTube will conduct a DTC airdrop to all DTube account holders in Q4, 2019.
  • It's free (for now) -Still for 11 days from now, creating an account is free and bears no restrictions. After September 1st, account creation will be opened to anyone and short usernames will be paying
  • Play with your test tokens -By creating an account now, you will receive 100 DTC test tokens to start playing the curation game and promoting your video creations

How to claim your DTube account

An easy 3-step process

Thanksfully, claiming your DTube account is FREE and SUPER EASY:
Go to and click the "Claim account" then follow the 3 steps carefully.

What if it didn't work ?

If you don't see the popup above, follow this procedure:
1- Clear your browser cache
2- While on DTube, log out your steem account and refresh the page. Then log again to Steem, the pop-up should appear

  • The process on a smartphone might not work well (we are working on an update). If you don't see the pop-up, please try it on a desktop computer.
  • If you are using Steem Keychain it might also not work smoothly. If so, try connecting directly using the Sign In button on DTube
  • If it hasn't worked or if you see an error message, please refresh the page and verify if your account has been created before doing the process again.

For support from the team and the community, please ask for help on our Discord channel, go to the About Page or comment this post.

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Already claimed my DTube account!

So excited for the upcoming DTC ICO and what I hope to be a new era of user-empowered, privacy-respecting, censorship-free content creation.

Go Steem and DTube!

I've tried what I could, but I don't get the notification to create a DTube account when I login via Steem either, plus I can't even seem to be able to join the Discord server... I'm not sure what's going on in either instance!

I already had an account for my @massivevibration profil. When I try to log in on dTube it tells me that my posting key is incorrect. No “claim now” pop up shows up...I am confused

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That must be because you already claimed the account and you got a private and public key for it some time ago.... I had the same problem but searched for the pair of keys that I had stored in a local file in my pc and with it I could sign in without problems.

Thanks for this info 🙌

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Same problem here, i dont see claim now and when i use posting key it's incorrect???
@dtube i cleared cache and refresh the window but still for i can't log into dtube.

Literally nothing is working for me, on different browsers.

dtube is broken to the core... nothing works my account is not found error this error that...

Saya masih belum bisa mengklaim akun dtube. Saya sudah mencobanya.

I tried to create a dtube account and it didn't get confirmed no matter how many times I tried.

Can someone help me out please, I already made a Dtube account via my steemit account two years ago, but when I logged back into my account it said I needed to
reclaim my Dtube account before I lose it, when I proceed to do step 3 with "to put my steemit username in ‘My Channel’ -> About -> Edit for your channel to properly display your old videos" I had a mishap while working on step 3 and now I lost all my old content on my old channel, and now I can't find my videos I uploaded two years ago so does anyone know how to reclaim lost content because this is a serious glitch in steemit/dtube?

For an easier explanation, here is link to an easier version of what I was talking about called “Why is my channel not showing up?”:

I've never been able to claim my account

Guys.. claim your account before the date..

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Congratulations @dtube! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You received more than 10000 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 15000 upvotes.

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If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

Very good

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I have to tell it to my friend.

Here is my channel, focused on mathematics. ( i give link to latest math video):

New video tomorrow.

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Nice.. the double reward is a good benefit

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Thanks for the info bro! I got mine just now wew good thing i open my steemit acct. 😁

Wow thanks for information!

I have claimed mine! One of the most important condenser/Dapp in the Steem blockchain every steemian should claim theirs already! 😍

Today I claimed my account on dtube. Thanks for this post.

Free dtube token. Good to know.

Get on it!
DTube is an epic place to be.

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thanks for helping us

Got to claim an account ASAP

I am waiting for it...

Amazing stuff! I'm glad Dtube is growing healthily.

Why isn't it free forever?

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So the dtc we've been accumulating since claiming an account a while ago counts for real?

No, those are just testnet. We will start earning real dtc after a week, I guess.

Ah... but the account I claimed is still really mine?

GodSpeed ! @dtube 💙

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How will I know if I've claimed my acct? I did all 3 processes but I think when I clicked on the claim button after step 3 it didn't five any confirmation. The page kinda expired on me. 😅 @dtube

Kinda weird, do I need to login both via steemconnect and dtube?

Hello night mode. 😂

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So I guess this means I've claimed it already eh? Can anybody check to confirm? @dtube

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Thank you for posting this information 😁👍🏽
And thank you for your gift .😁

hi... I saw your post yesterday...and i actually registered in Steemit to be able to claim your dtube offer.... so thank you very much :) now i have to learn more about everything that surrounds me hahaha cause everything is sooo new to new dtube account makes me happy :)

Thanks for the post.

Hello, team D.TUBE . . Good initiative for create account in D Tube page... ! I am a new user in the Steem and D Tube pages. . . !

dtube takes too long to load says chrome, perhaps it is busy?

Good post

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Won't let me in! Damned frustrating

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So people will have to start paying to make a Dtube account soon? Dtube isnt one of the most polished platforms on the net, and while i like the idea of Dtube and steem i really can't see people paying for an account.. Unless im missing something here :P

SO, Friends, claim your account and enjoy the best decentralized platform.

I better check- thanks

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