Paper: A Smart Media Token

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One of the best ads I've seen in awhile. Reminded me of a thought I once had about.. paper. Old school papyrus. What if we can create perfect pieces of paper? Unlimited pages of anything in a single slab at near-zero cost, much like the smartphones we have today.

The reMarkable tablet here seems like it's the kind of consumer product that could be a full-fledged industry of its own if it becomes a tokenised movement, fuelling an ecosystem of Paper users, developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. What if everybody from all walks of life starts sharing their work and thoughts on it, using the device like it's a natural interface? It's also likely to attract lively and dedicated contributors.

What can Steem do for Paper?

Sometimes I like to think of Steem as a protocol for incentivising the use of applications and interfaces. Free is really not good enough anymore. With that, Steem and a Smart Media Token could attract and sustain thriving communities for the Paper economy given the right designs. Make everything better, faster, and cheaper.

What can Paper tokens do?

  • Initialise a Paper community with distributed stakeholdership in the venture.
  • Medium of exchange (including network services and access to Paper devices).
  • Funnel and fuel community activities (using and improving the Paper ecosystem).
  • Subsidy (via built-in features and applications).
  • Generate network effects.
  • Host content.

Paper is just the beginning.

The Paper SMT could prove to be a pivotal project that provides a replicable framework for bootstrapping communities and economies out of any devices. Steem is a protocol that rewards virtually any kinds of contributions, but so far we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what that means through standard interfaces like Steemit. Now, imagine what'll happen if there's an ecosystem of Steem-powered devices and applications designed to empower the different ways we all express ourselves?

We're already seeing hints of such an ecosystem through projects like @dtube, @utopian-io, @sndbox, and @curie. These communities could in time, produce their own natural interfaces for the ecosystem. All we need now are weapons of mass collaboration to facilitate this movement.

For that, we have Paper: The Future of Smart Media.

Steem & Smart Media Tokens


What do you think about the idea?


Oh wow, so many thoughts running through my mind reading your article and watching the video 😅
When they showed that desk "is this what your desk looks like? Then you are a paper person".
Me thinking: Wow.. that desk is pretty neat!
I guess I'm a super paper person...

And watching the ink particle go up towards the screen... me thinking: Wow.. that is a superneat etch a sketch!

I love the idea though and I really love where the future is going. A lot of people talk about how social media and smart phones estrange people from eachother. I actually think that we are going in a direction of sharing and caring a lot more for eachother. Especially with a token system, where people actually get rewarded for sharing and caring. I can't wait to see how the future of SMT will enroll.

Me still thinking: Should I get a ReMarkable...?

I'm actually gonna find out how the tech can be scaled up. As for the device in the video, I think it's probably best to wait for the second generation. You should do a review on it :) If the company behind it gets inspired by Steem / SMTs, great!

Do you have any idea when the second generation will come? It would be great to review it and I think my followers would love it. Perhaps it could inspire both the company and my non-Steemit followers to learn more and get into Steemit :)

No idea when. This version is still new so i guess in a year or two.. perhaps you can try contacting them for some arrangement :)

Yeah, I think I might do that! :)

I sent them an email! Looking forward to hearing from them. I'll let you know if I get a Paper ;)

Wow! This is a game changer. I want one now. That is a great ad, and they really thought this project out. I like the fact that you can rest your hand on the screen and it won't affect the page and it even has the sound of a pencil writing on paper. It also looks like ink on paper, which is much easier on the eyes. This is going to be huge...

This is incredible! I'm glad I found your profile, because I'm usually really happy after I've left from one of your posts. I remember how excited I was when I got my first tablet because of how much freedom it provided me for sketching and creative flow. This is way better. I never wanted to have to drop the big dollars for a pad that had a display on it (I only used pads that hooked into computers.... not real tablets.) I really like how it is straightforward. No bells and whistles. Just you and the paper. And the fact that it actually uses a form of ink is mind boggling. It kind of reminds me of an etch a sketch.. It's like an etch a sketch2.0. The paper sound is kinda neat too. Thanks for sharing!

As far as I can tell they do not support third party development (apps) so there don't seem to be a way to integrate anything like that.

If I were to bet I would say they will eventually open it up though, at least in a very limited way. They could even be enticed directly by a reputable blockchain company to integrate it officially. The tech doesn't get super great reviews as it's first gen, but perhaps we'll see something more interesting in software as they improve the hardware.

Also damn you for getting me interested in another expensive gadget!

I'd personally want to gather people who can do R&D and everything about this product lol just make everything about it better and cheaper..

Right on, I like the vibe

This is right up my alley.

I spent the last 20 years in an industry centered around paper. It really is still the glue that holds business together. Even though our industry moved passed it, people still use it. They simply cannot let go.

I love the idea of a Paper a way to give incentive. I am like you, I foresee the STEEM blockchain as the basis for so many wonderful idea. Almost any contribution could be rewarded like you said.

An open repository of idea that people doodle or sketch out on a device like that which are then put on the blockchain. Perhaps we have an idea token to go along with it.....reward ideas people have.....anyone can dip into the pool and take an idea and run with it.

There are unlimited possibilities for this blockchain. It is simply amazing.

Great idea @kevinwong. I am going to have to look into that device more also.

Hah, which industry is this? Paper industry?

No. It started out as the copier industry which went digital in the late 1990s which then turned it into document management then managed print services then workflow applications.

Nevertheless, our equipment was fed paper so our prospects as an industry were tied to people started using less paper, we saw our industry start to diminish.

Interesting string of events there. I think we're seeing more and more instances like these nowadays. Just plain new things coming up all the time that can potential change entire industries..

That's true. It's happening so fast that if one is not careful, he might be left behind.

Same question is this a paper indusry ?

You have seen and spoken well. Most times people find it difficult advancing and adapting with change.

This post is very informative and in no time the seemingly impossible will be possible.

Looking at all these tech, I'm only left wondering:
Man, the things they're making nowadays...

Like what Tesla did to air pollution with electric automobiles, reMarkable's done to deforestation with Paper.
This definitely seems to be going in the right direction. Funny to see how our future is slowly getting more dependent on electricity than fossil fuels.
Wonder what the next source of power could be?

Walked right into that one, didn't I?

Thanks a lot @kavinwong. What a beautiful share indeed. You made my day. An innovation and most beautiful thing I have seen just before go to bed. It's 02:40 AM here.
I must second your viewpoint on it:
he Paper SMT could prove to be a pivotal project that provides a replicable framework for bootstrapping communities and economies out of any devices.

And This is so amazing idea, I must ask the people to debate on it and come up with some solid proposals:
what'll happen if there's an ecosystem of Steem-powered devices and applications designed to empower the different ways we all express ourselves?

Thanks a lot for every time giving this community some innovation and an out of the box thing. All the best and Stay Blessed @kevinwong. Will wait for your next blog!

Glad that it made your day :) if you spotted any other tech that seems like an upgraded version of a natural interface, please post about it!

This is amazing. Just imagine if it is widely used in schools. No more additional exercise book left over every year by the children. That will definitely save tons of wastage.

No more manual filing. Everything is transferred wireless. I can have an office with only a laptop and probably no use for a printer. This means no cupboard then no need for an office. i can work in Mabul island. LOL

My son will love it for his sketches. It also looks robust and responsive.

Taking this opportunity to say thanks for up-voting me on my page @kevinwong.

This is a cool device and a cool idea. Pushing the envelope for use cases for SMTs is important. This is what will ultimately happen anyway. A tokenized world.

With the rise of 5g, blockchain, and important developements in AI all around the same time tokens will become ubiquitous. Right now is the time to be pushing these ideas.

One question did stick out to me though. I'll have to look into this device and see what the OCR is capable of on it. I can imagine writing on it all day with the pen and then if the OCR is good, it could be transferred to a standard ascii txt document (or markdown, I write hand written markdown in notebooks all the time) on the pc. Then I push it to a github repo for safe keeping.


Image Source

OCR has made alot of improvements over the last few years but it is sometimes still sketchy.

Thanks for the post

Keep Steeming!

OCR is just a matter of time, faster than speech recognition. All it needs is to just understand language and context to self-correct. Even if that doesn't mature well enough, I think the small mistakes are okay for manual edits :)

This is beautiful. An cctually, really beautiful idea. As a writer myself, this totally hits home.

I will be following this very closely. And a possible nexus with steemit seems only natural!

Thank you for sharing.

I really hope this happens. It is already somewhat happening with projects being created around steemit, but seperate selfsufishent companies putting their trust in steemit sourced tokens would be awesome. Steemit could act as the blockchain wallstreet middleman so companies who dont want or can go through the efforts of stepping into blockchain tech themselves, can make deals with steemit who do it for them. Steemit has to dominate first and rid the bitcoindependency in my assumption so companies have the feeling of blowing up upon joining.

The potential is there


It's a souped up magic board!!

Seriously, I never enjoyed the writing experience on tablets as they are too slippery, really not "paper-like."
Im excited to see this very cool tech come to life...

I think Steem is definitely a great protocol for incentive's and the use of applications, @kevinwong I love what you said here "Free is not good enough anymore" mind blow, never thought of it that way but its so true now especially for us steemers. reMarkable looks great love that it will save tress and reflects natural light instead of using pixels.

imagine what'll happen if there's an ecosystem of Steem-powered devices and applications designed to empower the different ways we all express ourselves?

That would be definitely ground-breaking and with steemit, any thing is possible. Thank you for sharing

Looking at all this I can't but wonder what awaits us next? It is already happening with creations around steemit. . As a writer myself, I love to see creativity grow on Steemit. "The Paper SMT could prove to be a pivotal project that provides a replicable framework....." This looks like a good promise :)
BTW the "The New World Blogge" on your profile made me think of my favorite anime Death Note ha ha ha ha. Nice to meet you dear @kevinwong
Much love @mariaentela

This commercial looks well done. I like how they filmed it. After this video I really want to test this tablet because i am also paper person)

Wow what a remarkable piece of technology. I agree with you @kevinwong this is the kind of tech even with its simple outlook these has revolution written all over it . Apart from steemit supporting and integrating innovative devices like these into its ecosystem, creating paper smt tokens, building applications around it to give it a richer user experience . They would be saving the planet from the needless felling of trees to satisfy the growing demands of traditional paper consumption.

Bless you fam,

I am in awe... this is truely remarkable. A pure revolution in technology. I muat say i want one hahaha. With some SBD i should be able to order one to Nigeria.

This is just remarkable.... just like the company and the product.


The very appearance of the paper SMT provides more opportunities and that this in general will have a great positive impact on our ecosystem there is no doubt. In my opinion, we should not stand still, yes, we now have the Steem protocol, there is the strength of the SP for better interaction, but we need to move forward and the emergence of innovative applications promises development and success for the Steemit as a whole! Thank you @kevinwong

We are all paper people “ReMarkable”
You are right, it’s an amazing idea. The advertisement is great, great info, great presentation, great idea!
Now you made my gift idea much easier since my wife’s birthday is coming.
Thank you so much for this post!

Oh wow. This is very interesting for comic creators. Most drawing tablets work great and are fun to use, but they don't feel like paper. It looks like they are utilizing the e-ink technology that you talked about in a prior steemit article. I have a Cintiq right now which is cadillac of portable drawing tablets, and it can last maybe 2 hours unplugged and is pretty heavy. This product appears to be TRULY portable in that it can last days without needing a charge. If the Steemit community focused its collective brain power on this, it could become the end-all drawing tablet.

What a great idea. It’s almost hard to belive this product is just arriving. It has so much use for everyday life. At the end we all are paper people. I loved the commercial

Just like my friend, I end up with you. Steemit needs such a recipe for shuan. In fact, it's a great idea, we can make an unlimited commercial with just a piece of paper. You can replace costly ads in the future.

The Paper SMT could prove to be a pivotal project that provides a replicable framework for bootstrapping communities and economies out of any devices.

I have a feeling this will grow to be one of the best SMT on the steem blockchain.

It already sound promising and looks like a good utility.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I'll read more about it and hope to hear more about it too.

Happy Steeming

Man!!! So cool. I just bought a surface and I love it but that looks like a needed tool for me now too... Beautiful

Best to wait out til gen 2 or 3 of the tablet. Still the first one.. bound to be not-that-good..

Ugh thats a really good point. They did so well on their ad lol

You're right. I definitely want to join in and support this article because I see it more most person. Do not cut our trees anymore. You do not have to be old head. we must use technology and not harm the environment. for the green nature. For a green world. I invite everyone to this project. Thank you @kevinwong

That is AMAZING technology! I haven't seen anything like that!
You are right....It could change the whole game!
I totally agree with what you said: "Steem and a Smart Media Token could attract and sustain thriving communities for the Paper economy given the right designs."
I am going to research the reMarkable tablet.
Thank you for your "reMarkable" post!
Have a wonderful day!

Aw kevin why you have to show me cool things lol. I so want this tablet. Ugh ...... orders*

I have loved writing on papers as much as i like to type however, i always wanted someone to fill the gap between the two. cant really get rid of the NOSTALGIA of writing with hands but cant compromise on the speed either. I just love the product. Thank you @kevinwong for introducing it to me. This certainly is one revolutionary concept. Much love.

The ad is great. I hope paper turns into something big. There's a reason a majority of people still use paper notebooks, but they are lost to the world if they are damaged. If a company loses a notebook it could be years of knowledge capture that vanishes. Interactive foldable pieces of paper...the possibilities are endless!

Wow. That reMarkable tablet is really awesome. Especially for drawing which is my interest. Going to have to research that now. This post was deep. A true believer @kevinwong, thanks for sharing!

Remarkable price too. It's not too bad but at 599.00$ I thought for such a simple and efficient product it would be half that cost. Still cool though.

It's still first gen stuff. Just wait out for later versions. better and cheaper ;)

True, it'll get better and better

This is amazing amazing amazing!!! Great name for it reMarkable! Super love the idea of having paperless, as this means we will stop chopping down more trees and can save the ecosystem. Hopefully I will get a hold of this one day soon! Thanks for sharing this amazing product once again.

If we are talking about standard paper then I have a question. How many resources we should spend to obtain a sufficient quantity of paper? How much of the forest leaves to create a one pack? Perhaps now there is technology of paper production from waste or other unnatural materials. I think it's great.

Wow!! This is cool, really cool!

I have an odd obsession with writing on paper(I guess I just found out I'm a "paper person") and this seems like it could solve it. I'm surprised I've never heard of it before.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

I am lost. This is brilliant. I need one of these. Now!

Wow this idea is amazing! Thank you for bringing it up! Just love papers so much and maybe Im not smart enough to mark down things with my smart phone...

If the beginning is so interesting just think about the journey we will be off too ;)

My highlight of the day for now buddy..... crawling back on my chair now lol

What happened??

We just banned paper from office and burned all printers as evil

It's a very nice write buddy, I love to read it. True, now many good artists are making comics, news and stories using steemit as a place to write and use their smartphonenya. No longer using the paper they used to wear. This is great, so it can save more paper friends.

"Weapons of mass collaboration" I love that....... perfect!

Remarkable, that's the perfect word for this. This is totally the future, rather than carry books on books a lot can be done on this. I believe it will be able to hold a lot of content, no more tears on a rainy day cause of notes getting wet.
Super nice
Thanks for sharing this @kevinwong

The steem blockchain really has potential. With the starting of amazing projects like, people can now contribute to the development of open source projects and get rewarded for their efforts. Very soon, I believe we are going to experience ground breaking technologies that will make use of the steem blockchain, not just because of its mass adoption but for its effectiveness as well.
I'm glad I read this post of yours @kevinwong

Hello Mr kevinwong, I'm very interested in this post and the Paper So I want to translate this post into Chinese. So more people will know about the Paper. So I wonder if you would allow me to translate this post and use the picture in it? I will add this link of the post and your id in my translated work if I get your permission. Then maybe more people will follow you.

Interesting, but how would you achieve this "incentivising writing" with cryptocurrency you mean, you would pay people to write??

Aren't we getting paid to write now (comment)? :D

Lol yea.

It is very interesting what you are saying for the future Kevin. But looking at the present I was fascinated by the presentation of reMarkable. It is very interesting for me because my livelihood today revolves around my iPad and the Pencil. I draw a lot with these tools but they have two drawbacks:

  1. The consumption of battery
  2. The reflection of the sun

Still the electronic paper does not have the power with the color but I am sure that a solution will come soon. I am with my money waiting for this to happen.

Absolutely, I'm going to wait out for the 3rd or 4th generation of this thing before plopping some money on it :D, I've tried the current one. It's quite good for sketching but still has some drawbacks of having awkward bugs and design choices!

A very wonderful post sir. That would be a very great initiative and the blockchain is yet to witness a revolution. Thank you sir for sharing

This tech is awesome. I'm definitely one of the paper people!
It's truly remarkable product you can even draw scatches there, so good!

The steem blockchain has giving everyone an upper hand to be creative. Am so happy , this platform has taken away the veil that has shielded lots of things from happening. If its not steem its nothing else. Thank yoh @kevinwong.

I want to buy this thing after a while. I think it will be very convenient for me to use.
I like how they made the video about the product, very well made!

The paper analogy kind of got me lost :) I'm not sure if there a joke somewhere or not :D

No joke hahah..

Everything in crypto is moving so fast that it is so hard to follow. It seems that all these developments will have (hopefully) a much bigger impact than one could ever imagine. Can't wait to see what the (near) future brings :)

all the best for steem holders

Oh, very interesting and good work my friend! Well done!

Thank you for posting

nice post it good pls keep it up @majot following you looking forward for more of your post

very interesting indeed!

Very intriguing and compelling information. Be sure to follow me for cryptocurrency tips, updates and information! :)

Thank you for sharing the ads. I agree, it is one of the best I've seen so far.
Though, I haven't seen it on the market near my area.

kevinwong (75) · 6 hours ago
Best to wait out til gen 2 or 3 of the tablet. Still the first one.. bound to be not-that-good..

This is good advice too. By the time 2nd or 3rd gen arrives. I probably have enough SBD to buy one and probably our 1SBD = USD1000.

Thank you again for all the supports you have given eversince I joined 3 weeks ago.

I probably have enough SBD to buy one and probably our 1SBD = USD1000.

I pray that happens pretty soon.

Me too.😁

Steem surely makes everything faster and easier. Thanks for this articcle

Your generosity in supporting @SPL through upvoting @tuck-fheman is greatly appreciated

Really awesome brotha.. Exciting times!

Wow, the device achieves results amazingly similar to real paper writing... I want it!

As the technology progresses, the paper has been destroyed over time because it has been replaced with smartphones. smartphon is a mainstay for future papers.

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nice article

Woow Awesome, it's just what I need, thank you very much for sharing! I FOLLOW YOU!!!

Your idea is the way to sucsess

How much do these cost?

Interesting and elegant piece,beautiful idea here with great potential

interesting post..
I am getting more insight and knowledge ..

i really liked your post!

but most of all i really like your profile picture, it's so mysterious and beautiful at the same time. @kevinwong

Reminded me of this


I hope you enjoy. Thank you for sharing Im more inspired now because of this idea.

thanks for informations, I think it is very useful

Well wrote good post my friend

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Yeah, we are using paper everywhere and paper is the need of the era, I really like your idea of paper token, it will be a great addition to paper world :) i realy like your post :) i'm glad to meet you :) hopping a positive response from you :) God Bless you :)

Nice information for me, thank you.

This is so nice

Nice information, thanks for posting this with this info.

nice information

Just watched this video and YES. I would love something like this. I need something easier on my eyes and it's cool they created the marker too. Really great share. Thanks for this one!

ohh Woow!! Great Ideas thanks for the update, I always for forward for these post of yours. Learning, building and writing thank You again Sir

Thank you for posting

This is so great! You got the great point here......