Thank You Message to the Shivom Community by CEO Dr. Axel Schumacher

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In a special thank you message, Dr. Axel Schumacher, the CEO of Shivom has acknowledged the contribution made by our community members to date. Check out the video at

Please note that the crowdsale will begin May 3rd, 2018. If you didn’t get a chance to register for the Presale you can participate in the Crowdsale by signing up at:


Happy to participate on the project.. Cheers!!


This is another great project which has a huge potential. Concept is really interesting. Marketing team works really hard. They can be trusted to achieve project targets. Due to these reasons, huge community support is already here.

Tapeugah haba ngoen kah, lage tapeugah haba ngoen bate,,, hek takheun appreciate, hana cit muphom.... Takheun good post pih hana ka pupe...labdok that kah..

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There will be a lot of interesting!

Shivom will enable DNA data donors to collaborate with changemakers in biotechnology, healthcare and medical research to contribute to the development of medical technology.

Very interesting

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Shivom is creating a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain. We will offer an open marketplace for healthcare providers to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

#OMX #ProjectShivom #Blockchain #healthcare #genomics #cryptocurrency

Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

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