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Money must earn new money

One of the richest people in the world, the legendary American investor Warren Buffett (Forbes estimates his fortune at $78 billion) said: "Never invest in a business you cannot understand".


In the last few years, we have often heard about hedge funds. One of the reasons is an attractive return on investment. You can earn in a growing market and in a falling one too.
There are about 9 thousand hedge funds in the world, with a total assets of 3 trillion dollars. However, becoming a member of such a Fund is not so easy. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission limits the number of investors in such funds.Most of the investors should be "accredited", this status can be obtained by making an equity contribution of $ 1 million. The investor must prove his right to dispose of this amount, without prejudice to his family.
Investing in the best of the funds is very profitable, but as we see, access to such funds is closed to ordinary investors.
The situation has changed with the growth of the cryptocurrency market and the emergence of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund №1 in the World

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Countinghouse is an investment group that aims to make profits for its clients through investment products.

The history of the Foundation begins in 2008. 3 successful traders United and formed a private partnership, which later became a Fund. During their joint work, innovative methods have been developed, as well as modified algorithms for working with cryptocurrency, which allowed to make a profit of 600% per year.

Due to the mathematical approach to risk management, investors are insured against possible losses. Mathematical algorithms have been developed in connection with the ever-changing market conditions. The company uses a direct hedging strategy and places several trades at once to protect itself and investors from possible market changes. The work of the Fund is carried out through brokers. The company predicts an annual return of about 600%.

Thanks to a decentralized system, the Fund is free from intermediaries, and investors can invest any amount of money.

The project team consists of experienced professionals, experts led by Tim Dawson and Mike Pomery.


The ICO dates: April 3, 2018 - June 12, 2018
Token Name - CHT
Hard Cap – 50 000 000 СНТ
Tokens with ERC 20 standard can be purchased worldwide.

Do not miss your chance to become part of the world's first cryptocurrency hedge Fund. Invest for your future and profit from the volatile market! It is expected that the cost of a token will increase by 1000% of the price of ICO. I already joined! Now it's your turn!


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You can make a fortune on cryptocurrency if you invest properly.

An interesting idea, I will follow the development of the project.

This is one way to make real money. Only for those who have a desire. I'm involved.

I am sure that the team will take the project to the highest level


I am sure that the
Team will take the project to
The highest level

                 - aroma92

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This is a great chance for every investor to become part of the project.

I have invested in the project, I hope for its early implementation