Ultimate ICO List - How to keep up with them

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Is there an ultimate ICO list ?

If you are a crypto-enthusiast like myself, you're probably loosing your head over all the ICO fuzz and feel that you're failing to keep track of it all. Well, you're not alone, that seems to be the case for most new crypto-investors.

Short answer to "Is there an ICO list ?" is, as expected, no.

Gladly, there are ways around it.

It is worth remembreing that ICO launchers are trying to get your attention. They depend on community adoption. So your job is only to let them find you.

Below is a list of some of the sites you can use to keep track of ICOs, but keep in mind that if you really wanna be aware of it all, a single one is not enough.

#1 Bitcointalks

While the ICO culture is still shaping itself, currently it is pretty standard that every ICO should produce an ANN. An ANN is an oficial announcement of the ICO concept, website, terms and roadmap. Usually the ANN is done in the bitcointalk forum. There is a thread dedicated to ANNs. Most ICOs go thorough this process and the most qualified crypto-investors will be watching this board. You can sign up to be emailed when a new topic posted.

The drawback is that it is a forum. Thus, it is not organized by ICOs dates (rather announcement dates), themes or duration. Also it is quite technical for the lay investor.

#2 Token market

Token Market is a company that organizes, supports and provides guidance to token launchers using the ethereum platform. It has become quite standard, so that most significant ICOs are made through Token Market (Examples are Bancor, Civic, Status and Golem). It has every kind of RSS feeds, for both news and announcements, so that you can add it to your Feedly or other blog organizer. Also it lets you follow ICOs and get notified about any news, and it also has an exchange.

Really good way to keep up with all the "triple A" ICOs. Like it or not, most well-known teams have been using Token Market and a good portion of what's been done in Token Market comes from notable teams.

#3 Smith + Crown

My second personal favorite, Smith + Crown, made a good job coming up with an ICO list. They keep it up to date with several ICOs. Also, they let you sort it by starting date, ending date or amount raised and they make a small description available.

For some of the ICOs they create a details page with further reasoning about it

On the other hand they do not cover all ICOs (but the most significant ones are usually there); they fail to provide you with correct amounts quite often; and they fail to keep up with dates revisions (sadly it is not uncommon for companies do delay their ICOs starting dates).

#4 ICORating

ICO Rating aims at being a website that rates every ICO, so that investors can take their word on how safe an ICO is. The concept is widely known in real economics and is quite appealing. They provide us with a list of ICOs and detailed reports on them. The list is far from complete and the rating takes some time (because it is indeed a complicated process which we will be covering in future posts). But even for the non-rated ICOs they do provide a nice overview of their business model.

Definitely worth checking.

#5 Coinschedule

Coinschedule puts up a fairly short list of ICOs in table with dates and all. They have a nice blog in which you can see a lot of interviews form ICO launchers.

#6 ICOAlert

As pointed out by @heymac below (kudos and upvotes for him), ICOAlert has a mobile app that notifies you when new ICOs are announced. Even more notable, they notify you when a token gets listed on an exchange.

#7 ICO Countdown

ICO Countdown has a selection of ICOs listed with countdown clocks. Funny enough I found some here that I wasn't notified by any other source.

#8 Crypto Smile

Crypto Smile has a very short list of ICOs but a blog with very useful posts about them. I follow them closely.

#9 cyber Fund

cyber Fund has a pretty website with a list of ICOs but they fail to keep it updated, specially when the ICO is over but they do not close it on their list.

#10 ICO Tracker

ICO Tracker is still a prototype but very promising. It looks like the best visualizing tool to deal with dates and the sort.

#11 ico-list

ico-list is a fairly complete list of ICOs

#12 CoinGecko

CoinGecko has an ICO list, still in its beta, but actually quite accurate. They're also a nice way to visualize the deadlines.

I hope these resources help all avid investors out there finding their way in the ICO fever and hope you all make good profits. Please let me know whether you agree or disagree with any of the stated above. Also let me know whether there are other good resources you use and I haven't listed.

Cheers !


I'm using ICOAlert on my android phone. It's easy to use and list all the upcoming ICOs as well as newly listed ones on exchanges.

True enough ! I Forgot about it. Definitely gonna update the post.

Cool and useful post. There are a few that I'll have to look at. Thanks.

What about Locos Community?! Didn't see that in your list! ;)

Hey there @locos ! tell us a bit more about it and send us some link for analysis. I checked your profile and made sure I voted up some nice articles and started following you. Keep up the good work !

Thanks for the upvotes, follow and kind words! To explain Locos Community in few sentences: A page where people can find the information about upcoming/ongoing ICO's and ask questions, comment and discuss these. Besides that I will also expand it to up and coming crypto's which people might not now about such as Verge. Will post about Verge today.

Right on ! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. I won't include it here since this post is meant for strictly listing of ICOs, but I'll be sure to watch @locos 's growth and include it in a future more broad resources post ! cheers.

Sounds great! Thanks again

Check it out ! @locos feats our ICO Resources post !

I'm really interested in ICO alert. Wondering if they have something of a plug-in you could add to your own website.

CoinGecko has some interesting features outside of the ICO tracking tool so I got both of those bookmarked. Great article BTW.

definitely agree about the CoinGecko !

I don't think ICO Alert has a plug-in so far. Pitty. Thanks for the feedback !

Maybe you can add this site to this list https://bl4nkcode.info/ico_list its seems this site has pretty accurate for when the will ICO start and when will end and of course so many details also

I'll take a look at it ! thanks a lot

thank you

Thanks for putting together this list! Just want to add another ICO listing site: https://www.icoquest.com/

worth it ! thanks

Amazing Article!!!!
I think you have missed few other ICO listing platform. Here it is manual guide https://goo.gl/dNxTNx. Hope you like it

You can also see my latest Article practical guide on ICO https://goo.gl/6Eoxq5!!!

Here is an amazing article on ICOClap

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Thanks for the list - very useful! Here is another website that I think is worth adding - https://theicorush.com

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