Hade.IO (Update) ICO is Live!!

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Hello Steemians and MyCryptoverse!

I made a youtube video that was highlighting an upcoming ICO called Hade. This post is just to update the information on that ICO and give a few links!

First of all, the ICO is live for the Pre-Sale and they upped their incentive to get involved. When I made the video the ICO was starting at .06cents per Hade Token. Well, during the Pre-Sale investors are getting an additional 100% bonus! This obviously ups the value of joining an ICO that is already strong.

Quick Overview

The company uses AI, machine learning, and data analysis to give investors an enormous boost in information for prospective investment. They are currently working towards an evaluation of $60 in a market that is nearly $100 billion. This means that their expected growth to $250 million should be easily attainable. Especially, now that they are entering the cryptocurrency space, which boasts a market cap of $350 billion alone.

The ICO accepts Bitcoin, ETH, and USD. This makes the ICO a little more unique and gives an extra option for investment.

Investors can utilize the Hade Token for their services, which is a holistic overview of companies in order to give investors the greatest assessment of their possible investment. If you are not interested in their utilities, then you can use the Hade Token to advertise on their platform at a really low cost.

Plus, they have initiated a bounty program for the ICO and their token, which can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2496409.0

All-in-all, this company definitely has my attention for the crypto world. I think as an investor their niche is needed and could boast really well about assessment of coins and ICOs! Seems like a no-brainer!

In a market with $350 billion in crypto, and a market for their utility of $100 billion - this token at .03 cents during the presale!!?

Uhhhhh. Yes, please!

The website:

The White Paper:

Their Youtube Channel:


Nice infos!
We will see what

Thank you, @berkaytekinsen. I really believe tha6t this company will bring a utility of great value to the crypto space. If you are into investment, then having professional information created by data analysis and machine learning for free would be amazing!!

I just hope enough people see this ICO and get behind it to help fund the company on this endeavor. However, I think they will be successful and grow because the market is just so good for what they bring.


With an addressable market of 70 million potential users, the expected use of social media, the usefulness of our program, coupled with the HADE Token Rewards program; We believe that the HADE platform can penetrate the $ 36 billion social media advertising market, creating significant usage potential for HADE Token.

HADE Rewards will create a system to deliver HADE Token to users who reach certain milestones or perform certain functions to encourage users to be social, share the content they create and play their part in making the HADE platform the best possible experience for all users.

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