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There are many ICO prevailing in today's crypto world. To trust the best and invest over the same is quite difficult. There are various types of Tokens which proves ICO to be the most successful along with various contract duration plans in the modern evolution world.
These may include:

  1. Equity Tokens - Tokens which proves themselves as the foremost promising ICO for Ethereum.
  2. Security Tokens - These Tokens proves themselves as a broad classification for quite tradable quality.
  3. Utility Tokens - Utility Tokens also known as app coins or app tokens offers users full access to their product and services.

The most successful ICOs of 2017
Listed below are some ICO projects that were counted to be most successful throughout 2017.

Filecoin — $257M
Filecoin is a blockchain-based decentralized data storage network. It is a project that allows the Blockchain participants to provide their servers and share their storage. If you let someone to store their data on your server or your computer, you get Filecoins and receive a reward. This project raised $257M — split into a $52M presale and $205.8M in the second round — from August 10 to September 10. The creators of this project did not sell the tokens by themselves, but agreements on future tokens whose owners were guaranteed to receive tokens in the future. During the first hour of the ICO, $135M was raised. The funds were raised in dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash.
Tezos — $232M
Tezos is a Blockchain platform of smart contracts. The Tezos project was operating on a new blockhain, and it possesses the capability to update its code which enables it to be adaptive to any innovations in the future. The project raised $232M in July. Despite this, their status as the biggest ICO didn’t last for long. The platform started with a record ICO, but ended with lawsuits and disagreements. There were many disagreements within the team that caused collective lawsuit with charges of fraud and demand to return the funds.
EOS — $700M
EOS is an infrastructure for decentralized applications to be built and tested in a public environment. The project will allow people to make numerous transactions per second, thus making the Blockchain projects more effective. It is confirmed that this project raised $700M for the ICO. Their crowdsale is still going on and the token sale continues until the middle of 2018. There is a lot of interest in their concept and it is already a successful ICO. Their ICO ran on the Ethereum blockchain but it was named as a competitor of the Ethereum.
Bancor — $153M
The Bancor project was inspired by the vision of John Maynard Keynes of one world currency. It is a project whose ICO was sold out very quickly. The network allows users to create liquid smart tokens that calculate their own price and enable their conversion into other tokens. For example, if you want you can purchase a Bancor token that is 50% Bitcoin and 50% Ethereum. The project raised $153M and it will be interesting to see how the money will be spent.
Status — $108M
Status is a mobile Ethereum OS launched to turn your smartphone or mobile device into a light node on the Ethereum network. There, users can buy, sell, send, receive, or store Ether directly from smartphones in an easy way. Users can also send smart contract to friends or coworkers vie the mobile app. Despite some technical problems that the project had, Status raised $108M in 2017.
At the end what we conclude is, investing in ICO is profitable if the one who is investing has perfect knowledge about it. Bitcoin or crypto currency is the new money. It has the potential to be even bigger than the Internet. Maybe one of the greatest inventions in mankind history.
And apart from making profit on the coin. It also gains attraction in the market as well, we also get profit from the services the company provides in the travel industry. But remember not to put money which you can’t afford to lose. As it is risky to invest all your money. Precautions are need to be taken. Well, precautions are required in every case.
Those who are the early adopters of crypto currency WILL BE THE NEXT BIG WINNERS IN THIS WORLD! And there are already big winners which really did take action super early.

There are many places online, many websites to study what bitcoin is all about.

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Hi maipak, do you have any particular thoughts on these ICOs though?


Hi Ledger, Thank you for reading my Post! ICOs play a vital role to raise fund for deserving blockchain Projects however very few delivers its, due to the nature of its system we need a separate decentralize system to monitor and manage ICOs !

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