How to add Ethereum based ICO Tokens in Metamask

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Most of The ICO tokens are based on ERC20 token standard. You can add your tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

Open MetaMask and click on TOKENS and then on + button.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 12.10.58 PM.png

Write token address, symbol and decimal of precision shared by ICO team and click on ADD.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 12.11.19 PM.png

And you have tokens in your MetaMask Wallet 😎

Happy Investing!
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I am seeing a message when opening the "tokens" tab that says "There was a problem loading your token balances" There is also no "+" sign on the tokens tab. Any ideas?

@baybreezin "There was a problem loading your token balances" is shown few times. Maybe click again on metamask. "+" sign is replaced by "Add Token"

I have a similar problem adding 0x project tokens in Metamask. I put the token address, 'ZRX' symbol, and tried with different numbers for decimals of precision. It always ends up with 'no tokens added' message.
Any solution?

No, I have not tried with 0x. Ask 0x team about it. If it's ERC based token, it should work.

Metamask isn't allowing me to send the ZRX to another address. It's listed, however, it won't allow me to send anything but the ETH in my wallet... smh . Any idea how to do this?

If i type wrong decimal, can i edit or delete?

It's just from representation I guess. You can check actual tokens at

I could not view the tokens on Metamask. I thought I would transfer 1 token, but actually misread 'decimals of precision' and changed it to 1 from 8. I am worried, I screwed up! A big screwup. It's showing I own 1 token when I have 10s of thousands.

@superstar2018 Did you check actual token at - Put your public address and check.

Thanks, @devender for reaching out to help!
I got in touch with Metamask support, and they sorted it out.

@superstar2018 I am glad to hear that :)

so, is it possible to edit the incorrect decimals of precision that I entered before. I put 3 instead of 18 and now metamask shows a really big umber of tokens. I know when I check at the number of tokens is right but the metamask representation is wrong. Can I delete the added token and add it again or edit the decimals of precision?

I don't see any option to delete

no in metamask seem to only be able to hide

yeah I did the opposite I put 3 decimals of precision instead of 18 and now I have 20million tokens when I have 200 at eth address. Any way to rectify this or do I just cash in the 20mil : )

Beginner question here... I understand how to add tokens... but what if there is going to be an airdrop and they need your wallet address? Would you just use the public key of one of your Metamask wallets?

While I am not exactly sure if that wallet that goes with metamask can actually hold tokens, the public key - if it can hold tokens - would be the address you want to be using.

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