Budbo - Global Cannabis Blockchain Solution - Not To Be Missed Token Crowd-Sale!!

in ico •  10 months ago

This is not your average ICO, this is a sure thing! Budbo already is a well proven, thriving platform, with more than 75000 mobile users, and over 3000 dispensaries, growers, and manufacturers. The focus of the Token Sale is to rebuild Budbo in blockchain’s image - adding a much-needed security and transparency within the cannabis industry.

The Budbo application using blockchain will create almost limitless possibilities for growth and social interaction, ranging from product matches and direct organic advertising to instant payments and more efficient supply chain and inventory management.

budboblockchain (1).png

Access the Whitepaper in Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and French.

BUBO Token Distribution
Tiers begin when the previous tier is sold out.

January 29, 2018, or until token tier sells out
$0.20 (USD) per token
Limited to 20,000,000 tokens

$0.25 (USD) per token
Limited to 15,000,000 tokens
Tier 2 February 05, 2018 - February 12, 2018, or until token tier sells out

$0.28 (USD) per token
Limited to 25,000,000 tokens
Tier 3 February 12, 2018 -February 19, 2018, or until token tier sells out

$0.30 (USD) per token
Limited to 30,000,000 tokens
Tier 4 February 19, 2018 - February 26, 2018, or until token tier sells out

$0.33 (USD) per token
Limited to 40,000,000 tokens
Tier 5 February 26, 2018 - March 05, 2018 or until token tier sells out

$0.35 (USD) per token
Limited to 40,000,000 tokens
Tier 5 February 26, 2018 - March 05, 2018, or until token tier sells out

You can purchase the BUBO tokens with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, PotCoin, and USD
(the minimum purchase with USD is steep...)


'Grow For Freedom - Cannabis Alliance '

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sounds like an interesting use of blockchain


Thank you, I think their mobile app already is very nice and with the added blockchain, it can go far...

Coins mentioned in post:

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You know if some new people comment on my post and I like the comment I go and check out there blog today it's you @cryptoclick and I must say it was a good choice from me to check out your blog.
This is some great info you are sharing I didn't know Budbo before I came on your blog .
This is some interesting project I am into cannabis for the last 26 years and to see more platforms like this one makes me very happy.

There is a other project called CannaSos if you like check it out.
I have done an article about them a few days back if you want to read it here is the link: https://steemit.com/crypto-news/@danyelk/your-crypto-news-on-steemit-january-23-2018

Have a nice day and I am looking forward to see more good info like this one from you. I follow you now.



It is a great pleasure to find such a nice, kind comment, thank you!

As to CannaSos, no clue why I haven't heard about them, they are a major platform already,
so their PRC tokens will be used right after the completion of the crowdsale too.
(yes I've read, the PerksCoins tokens are being used in the platform already...)

What I can say, I think it will be interesting to participate in both of those ICOs and follow with the developments from the inside :-)


Your welcome :)
Yes for sure we have to keep an eye on these projects the cannabis industry is a very big one and I am sure all the cannabis coins will go very well. I have a lot of Dopecoin and Hempcoin bought them a long time a ago.
Have a nice day and steem on :)


I have Cannabiscoin and Cannation, and waiting to sell both and add for the new cannabis projects.


I did not bought me Cannabiscoin because my brother has them. If ever I buy a coin he is not buying it and same for me in the end we will have a bigger variety of coins ;-)
I think you should keep 50% of the Cannabiscoins I am sure they will go very well in the future Cannation I don't know have to check it.


OK, thanks so much, your advice is highly appreciated.
I will hold on to Cannabiscoins and get rid of Cannation, their website and developments do not look promising at all.

You are lucky with your brother, I am running with my coins all by myself. No one in my family or real-life friends to digest with my investing choices and decisions.


Your welcome and I am sure the Cannabiscoin will make you happy :)

Yes my bro is cool he made some bad buys and stopped cryptos for like 3 time but I always got him back in and now he is very happy and full in.

Your family and friends will soon be confronted with blockchain technology like everybody in this world because in 10 years it's overall and you will have have the advantage because you have jumped early on the boat.
Have a nice Sunday and talk to ya soon :)


Yes, I believe that too, and I hope it will happen sooner. Look, if FB ads LTC to their methods of payment, Amazon comes with their own coin currency, and Telegram launches TON, the crypto world will Rock and ROLLLLLL ;-)

Have a great Sunday too! I am so happy I found your blog and left that lucky for me, comment there.

Awesome! I will definitely check it out! thanks for the tip! This sounds very interesting. I saw it as soon as you posted but had no bandwidth to comment or upvote. I have not invested in any cannabis related stocks or coins, this might be cool. I am going to do some research and maybe buy some coins. thanks :)


Kindly please share with me your findings.
This is their current site:
and this is their current app:

I think their vision is beautiful, but from vision to implementation is a long road.
Still, I trust that the risks is only minimal, for they have a working product and plenty of happy clients.

75,000 Users and Growing
Budbo is a revolutionary suite of products already transforming the cannabis industry. In November 2016 we designed a mobile application from the perfect perspective: the medical cannabis patient. With a “Tinder-like” functionality, users and patients discovered the ease of being able to quickly swipe through and discover thousands of locally available cannabis products. The application had such an impact on the industry we were featured on Complex News and ranked the number one 4/20 application by Herb.co.

Our business suite of products includes an analytical dashboard that gives dispensaries, manufacturers, and growers unprecedented access to consumer data, allowing them to make smart and informed business decisions


@grateful-charts, Thanks to @danyelk, I just learned today about one more LOL
Will be cool if you can look with your professional eye on both of those platforms and compare:

I learned to add the url to images in source ;-)

This ICO is so easy to enter. As a Canadian, I can even send them an Interac eTransfer,
and people can use PayPal too, the minimum investment with fiat payment is $50.
Never seen that yet with any ICO...

Oh, and just take a look at their platform, they opened it in 2014 and use those PerksCoin as a loyality incentive for members, and they already have 317,000 registered members.

Altogether, I still think that I like Budbo more, it has that special blockchain feel...


I just finished reading up on both Budbo's site and Pct. I like Budbo more aswell, they seem to have better marketing and whitepaper. The application looks cool and I like that they already have a running business. I think both are ones to keep an eye on. I might make a move on Budbo, I am in a few high risk ico's i shouldnt have got into. lol, when I free up some capital in those I will do another round of ico bets. Keep up the good work and love the tips on all these cool coins! I am going to come back to steemit this week after letting my bandwidth charge, this time I will proof read before posting. Have a great rest of your weekend.


I hope your high risks ICOs are not the lending ones... I know, some people have made piles of money, some lost piles too, they are all just a game, but if someone knows how to play, that's great. I do not, I lost with them, so I keep away now. Of course, I am not talking about such lending platforms like LEND.

As to freeing up some capital, is like I just said in another comment, in my case, there are so many good places to put in my money and still so very few to take it out.

Cheers to a more profitable future!
BTW, did you get a chance to read my last post with the new, 'most promising' ICO ;-)


interesting. I do have a question, maybe you can help:
How is this different from Potcoin, do you know?


I appreciate your question big time :-)
You can purchase the BUBO tokens with Potcoin, which is a decentralized payment solution, a coin.
Budbo Tokens are the digital utilities that will power and incentivize the Budbo whole ecosystem and provide access to Budbo platform.

Imagine, if you will, the entire cannabis industry as
a decentralized autonomous organization. Where
a patient’s identification and medication regimen
are encrypted and safely stored within the ledger
of a blockchain. Where a smart contract enables
the safe transfer of goods through verifiable proof
of pick up, bill of lading, and proof of delivery.
Medical testing of cannabis potency is verified
and immutable as the product is moved from lab
to dispensary. The community at large is a selfgoverning
group of activists, patients, physicians,
developers, artists and enthusiasts all working
towards the common goal of improving the
cannabis industry through contributing votes, time,
engineering and knowledge to the decentralized
applications and network of Budbo.
This can be our future. We can make it a reality.

Please check this: https://info.budbo.com/
and you can download their app :


thank you for the links, will dig deeper tonight


Was a pleasure :-)

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well its now becoming the data backbone of the canabis systym,,,i'd like like to know abou this


I think this is the biggest project of this kind yet.
If you do not want to study the whole whitepaper, this is a nice one-pager:


Thank you Boss lady


WOW, why boss?? What did I do??

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Terrific information about a new ICO, not sure I'm gonna get it because as I said for now on I'm only focusing on ICOs offering free coins before focusing on those that don't offer. But thanks for the sharing, it makes me remind Cannabiscoin, what's the difference between those 2 ? Still I think that's good there are many types of projects linked with this, I guess it's better than those darknet markets where you have to protect yourself from the root and go on Tor, buy things with Bitcoin...(I'm gonna make a darknet-related post very soon, I'm gathering all the information for a terrific post :D). That's good that many projects are focused on that. The more countries legalize it, the less dirty money will be made from it to be laundered in banks by politicians.

@echowhale team swimming by with your upvotes