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Welcome - This is the first post for the IBT Survival Island Steem Community.

To celebrate this milestone for Steem and to give our gave Dev's and testers a place to share their experiences we have created this official @ibt-survival Steem Community.

By using the #hive-11086 tag (in theory) we can easily maintain a collection of feedback posts and read about peoples experiences and track bugs etc as we continue to release regular demos.

Hopefully this is the first of many good things to come for new Steem releases, including SMT's which are paramount for our PC game.

On behalf of myself and LordRoach I look forward to exploring Steem Communities together @lordnigel.



Looks like the hive tag still has to be first to show up in the community as this post isn't in there.

For sake of completion here's a Steempeak link to the community and you can actually search communities on Steempeak which is how I found it ;D

Gosh..eck...my problem is posting as the Admin, I don't get the chance to add a tag. It's automatic and therefore I can't tell it to make it the first tag :(

For example, If I was to create a new post logged in as Ibt-survival and then put the tag in, it would throw me an error message saying along the lines "this post has automatically been tagged with hive#.....". So it's not like I have choice, if this makes more sense.

The only way I could be sure to post it with #hive-11086 is to add no other tags (No tags at all since I'm not allowed to enter it - If I tried to enter it as the only and first tag I would get an error message saying "this post has automatically been tagged with #hive...please remove your manual entry").. I guess I could do that first (post with no tags at all), then edit it with others, this would be the only way I could make sure #hive-11086 is the first tag

Nope doesn't work - I guess I will try again with Steempeak later tonight.

I don't see it under "Communities" on SteemPeak.

But WOOT WOOT !!!! IBT Gaming posts incoming !!

arggh...how do I do this, I really need to read the white paper haha

I went to steemit instead and sorted communities by "New" to find it.
And the hive number has three 1's not two as you wrote in the post :D
Np mistakes happen

Oh interesting, will need to advise steemit inc. on the bug.
-given the tag is entered automatically and what I wrote is the same as the automatic entry (I can't change it from two 1's to three 1's, am I right in thinking your screen dump above is showing a description bug? (their description has 1 too many 1's)..or do I need more coffee :)

oh it seems it didn't save my description the first time and then added an extra 1??? - trying to update again.

Yep, I think that fixed it...how weird?

It should appear now as IBT-Survival vs. @hive-111086 whatever that is?? haha

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